Horror As Chef Found To Be Serving Pet Food At Indian Restaurant

Horror As Chef Found To Be Serving Pet Food At Indian Restaurant

If you’ve got your lunch in front of you, then I suggest you move it as far away as possible before you read any further into this article.

You good to go? Excellent, because what you’re about to read will likely put you off trying out new dishes, or eating out for a very long time.

It turns out a chef at an Indian restaurant in Perth, Australia, was feeding his customers pet food.

Have you tasted, or smelt pet food? It’s gross, it makes me wonder how my cat can eat the stuff. But she likes it so I won’t question her logic.

I do know one thing though, pet food isn’t for humans… unless we’re in a post-apocalyptic future.Maybe this was the intention of the chef at Cafe Marica, to prepare us for our impending doom? Highly doubtful though, plus I doubt it’d hold up in a court of law.

The restaurant, which is located in the Canning Vale area, was fined for breaching food regulations. It was also discovered they had 15kg of pet meat on the premises.

Since being exposed, Cafe Marica’s owner, Kopikaran Krishnasamy, along with his company Kalaiamutham Pty Ltd, have been ordered to cough up nearly $14,000 (AUS) in fines and court costs for breaching food regulations, reports Perth Now.

Australian law dictates it’s against the law to allow pet meat, unless it’s in an enclosed package, to be handled within premises where food is sold.

In a statement to the press, City of Gosnells Chief Executive Officer, Ian Cowie, said health officers discovered 15kg of meat believed to be mutton, stored in clear plastic bags labelled ‘Pet Meat – Not for Human Consumption’.

Horror As Chef Found To Be Serving Pet Food At Indian Restaurant

It was also discovered Mr Krishnasamy was processing the meat at the time of inspection. Grim.

Cowie states:

The breach related to the fact pet meat was found at premises where food was prepared and sold for human consumption.

Some of the meat was being processed by Mr Krishnasamy, however the City had no evidence the pet meat was for consumption by customers.

In response to his restaurant’s scandal, Krishnasamy released a statement via Cafe Marica’s Facebook page, which read:

It has come to our attention the authorities have released information about our meat as unsafe for human consumption.

We would like to assure you the situation has been rectified and we have immediately discontinued with the purchase from the meat supplier.

We believe our mistake was trusting our supplier blindly and going ahead with the purchase back in February 2018 when there was an inspection. Since then we have immediately discontinued purchases from the supplier and have stepped up our hygiene practices.

We are truly grateful that no one has consumed the meat and that the inspection officers have helped us save our customers from an unpleasant experience.

We at Cafe Marica hold ourselves at high professional standards as we strive to provide customers with quality food at an affordable price.

Horror As Chef Found To Be Serving Pet Food At Indian Restaurant

According to the restaurant’s spokesman, the meat happened to be in the kitchen because the chef couldn’t read the English label properly.

You know, I think a bad review on Yelp is the last thing they need to worry about right now.