How do I rent an apartment in a travel home? Will I get ripped off? Do you throw away your bedding and cooking utensils when you leave or do you take them with you?

Straight to the point, no more nonsense, because there are a lot of words, this is a sister to my answer, retired, what is the best way to travel? Many of my friends are also ready to start their retirement life in the way of travel, asking me how to rent an apartment? What do I have to pay attention to when renting an apartment? Should I buy bedding and cooking utensils now or bring them with me? The following is the text.

Determine which location you want to live in is the most important! Don't run around thinking it's good here and there when you get to the place

You are the first time to live in the city, or many times are good, from the city where you live (or home, or is now living in the city), before going to the next place, must first open the map on the Internet, and then open a variety of real estate sites, cell phones on the APP, but I recommend or use the computer, see the picture big, do not take the computer to go to the Internet cafe (find a smoke-free Internet cafe), I use the same city 58, Anjuke, shell to find a room The first thing you need to do is to use a computer to look at the pictures. I am ready to go to Qingdao before looking for a room, for example, I first open the map, look at Qingdao divided into several districts, in fact, local people like the Shinnan District, Laoshan District, for people living in the two districts are also the best, because of the sea (in addition is Huangdao), such as my choice of Shinnan, Shinnan is considered an old district, close to the sea expensive, near the north of the city cheap (many cities are this pattern, such as Haikou near the sea Wanlv Park expensive, but the same is Long Hua District to the south near Qiongshan is cheap), good neighborhood expensive, old neighborhood cheap. Then choose the location, for example, I look at the city of South District, next to the Vientiane City, China Resources Vientiane City is expensive, but not far from it, the old neighborhood is cheap.

How do I rent an apartment in a travel home? Will I get ripped off? Do you throw away your bedding and cooking utensils when you leave or do you take them with you?

Determine the location of this is an important step, and then in this location to find, do not see the heart of the hunt, see here or there, in fact, for the people living in residence does not matter to live far and near, because after all, you have arrived at the city to live in residence, than you now look at the map to close it, and the city traffic in all directions, are not far, to that city, do not this district to see, that district to see, then you can not find a month. Then you can not find a month. After determining the area and location, for example, I am in Qingdao, looking for the city of Shinnan, near the Wanxiang City, close to Aeon, not far from the May Fourth Square, not far from the subway station, the bus and more, a little to the north is the old district, snacks, restaurants, supermarkets, just right, and then search for properties.

How do I find a property? Individuals? Agency? Short-term rental apartments? Senior living?

  • Step 1, open various websites and look for properties

Open a variety of housing sites, such as the Anjuke I mentioned above, shells and so on, Anjuke on the community evaluation and Q & A, although many of the community evaluation is the agents copy each other, but you see a few more, especially the photos they took, but also a general understanding, such as how many buildings ah, community photos ah, activity room ah, near the supermarket ah, bus stops ah, how much property fees ah, density ah, greening rate ah, and so on, and then filtered out about 3 neighborhoods, against the map, search next to supermarkets, banks, bus stops, high-speed train stations, airports, etc., a location map in mind, and then narrow the map and look at the whole.

And then open 58 City or shell (some people say 58 City has inaccurate information, this has, if you open, the page prompts "beware of fraud", then no matter how beautiful the picture do not contact, there is the same district a room to rent 1800, he rented 8000, the house is also particularly beautiful, also do not look, I have been in (58 rent, also did not encounter any problems). In Qingdao, for example, I searched on the 58 City Nan District Wanxiangcheng or directly search the City Nan District (listings are more new neighborhoods or rental housing more neighborhoods), look at the pictures, watch the video (most of them have video), than the price, probably have an expectation in mind, if beyond expectations, you can go to the next point to find, for the sojourners not much worse, to determine good, decide who you find to rent?

How do I rent an apartment in a travel home? Will I get ripped off? Do you throw away your bedding and cooking utensils when you leave or do you take them with you?

  • Step 2, who do you rent from? Individual? An agency? Or apartment short term rental? Or a retirement apartment?

Individuals: In order to save on brokerage fees, in 58 same city, for example, search for 1 bedroom, first search for "personal rental" information, filter out, personal rental it, to see a prompt next to: has been authenticated by real name, has uploaded the house book. In general, if you are living in a residence, you can find the right one in the personal rental information, of course, not as much as the agency listings, but living in a residence is not to buy a house, live for a year and a half to leave, do not be too picky, it is easy to find from the personal rental, look good one, first call about, they will add you WeChat, this step, 1 or 2 days before you leave to do this thing, about 3 or 5, after arriving at the destination to stay. Then look at the house, which is also an excellent opportunity for you to understand the community, after looking, feel good about the community, their own property to go around, the property are the houses in this district for rent (commissioned by the owner, the agency fee is a little cheaper than the agency, now generally charge 50% of the first month's rent, you can talk, the property can talk even more), leave a phone number to be used later. If it is really personal information in these if you can not find, you will find an agent.

Agent: the agent should not be too much at first, most landlords put out listings, are entrusted to several agents, some are ready to see the house, probably the key in the agent, some are to be now about the landlord, in addition, do not rush in the agent to set directly on the spot, the agent are hoping for a quick deal, the scene PUA you, there is no rush, you say look again, and then do a comparison with the individual listings you are looking for.

Remember!!! When looking at the house must start video recording houses from the door, because you will forget, look at the house more will be mixed up, the photos do not work, you look back again, will miss a lot of things (such as orientation, there is no screen, the bathroom has no windows, the living room dining table sand TV what kind of, etc.), record when you want to talk, such as here is the door, a few stairs, come in is a living room or entry garden and so on it, so that the later look at the When (or when discussing with your partner) than describing memories or looking at photos to be much more effective.

Short-term rental apartments or retirement apartments: open WeChat, Baidu, short term rental, search short term rental apartments or retirement apartments (I do not recommend renting retirement apartments, unless you really can not find in this city, go), the vast majority of the city's apartments are for rent, some are in the hands of the B&B, theirs is more expensive, some are a building unified rental, this information does not need to find an agent, in Baidu, WeChat can be searched. The first thing you need to do is search for a city, short term rental apartment (senior citizen apartment), and the information or public article or public number or small program will pop up. The advantage of a B&B, short term rental apartment or senior living apartment is that there is no agency fee, and they generally provide cooking utensils and other things, some provide bedding, some don't, I don't want to provide it, I buy it myself. Then you call directly, door to door to see, short term apartments are available for long term rent, but more expensive, this way is the easiest, rent fast, but not as much as the community has a sense of life, I think sojourn this way, whether it is a month or three months, you can become the people of this place, is the true meaning of sojourn.

Accommodation before you find a house: a person living in a car is okay, if it is a couple of people, live in the neighborhood where you want to find a house, there are many B&Bs, hotels or hostels, B&Bs are now many are also open in the neighborhood, or in the apartment, you look at the house back to the place where you live, you can by the way familiar with the surrounding, look at the house walk over on it. Generally speaking, the B&B can be booked for a day, and then after staying, if you think it is okay, you can talk in person, will save 15-20% (because the platform charges, but not before this, because you do not place an order, the two sides can not add WeChat), hotels and inns can also be negotiated, you will first book a day, remember to live in the vicinity of the community looking for a house.

  • Step 3, the selection of relatively satisfactory, this step is very important

Remember the rule, don't find a house that you're as happy with as you are at home! Relative satisfaction is good. In fact, it is the home is not necessarily satisfied, only to live in the habit, it is comfortable, just like a car, the owner is very comfortable in it, but buy a used car but feel that everywhere is not clean. In my experience, screening houses in three points: 1, the best new houses, new houses do not have to clean; 2, choose close to the market, convenient public transport, such as Qingdao, I chose the Wanxiangcheng north of the district, although old, but life is really convenient; 3, if it is wet in winter, it is best to choose the south or southwest facing, at least the sun can sun things, mosquitoes must have screens; 4, do not fantasize that you that want a new house (new house if in the old district must be expensive, if the new city life is not convenient), and want the old district cheap price and convenient life, that is absolutely impossible, not at all possible, so be sensible, if the old house is good to clean, choose the old house, if the new city public transport developed, near walking there are big shopping malls, then the new city. After settling down, it is important to sign a contract and move into the matters involved.

How do I rent an apartment in a travel home? Will I get ripped off? Do you throw away your bedding and cooking utensils when you leave or do you take them with you?

Contract and payment method, access card, electricity, water, property, bedding, cooking utensils, etc.

After settling, to talk about the price, in fact, talk about the price of this step, after looking at the house will ask, the minimum can talk about how much, the agent will say a price, but the landlord is generally depending on whether you want to live long term, or short term, the price will fluctuate, you can inquire in the property, look on the Internet to see how much the same neighborhood house rent, self-balancing a concept. In my experience, now either Qingdao, Shaoxing, Chengdu, Guiyang, Haikou, Sanya or anywhere in the country, a room of 1500 can be rented, very good to say no, there are even cheaper. Traveling to live this way, you have to think of it this way, it is much more cost-effective than staying in a hotel, and can cook, and home like. Then talk about the payment method, in general, there is a deposit of one, there is also a deposit of three, and a deposit of six months and a year have, this and the requirements of the landlord, but also with the new and old degree of the house, I suggest that the travel it, at least live three months, otherwise the province will not have any impression, for example, in Shandong, the east live in Qingdao, can radiate Jiao Dong, the west live in Jinan, can radiate Lu West, so half a year to play A province; if it is very round very small province, such as Guizhou, you will live in Guiyang for three months or at most six months is enough, because the provincial capital Guiyang in the middle of the province, you go to the east and west north and south distance are about the same; if it is Inner Mongolia, I think at least a year, the east and west live in each section, three months and six months of the house is good to rent.

The contract is a system contract, there is an agent to let the agent write, if it is signed with the landlord personally, who out of the contract can, this thing are available online, remember, write clear rental month and year is and expiration date (let the landlord let out a few days, because you have to pack), look at the house book, a copy of the house book to be attached to the contract, the deposit and rent paid separately, such as a deposit of three, a total of 6,000 yuan, the deposit of 1,500 transferred by WeChat, indicating that a certain area of a household rental deposit (the landlord to write on the receipt, written on the back of the contract is also OK), rent additionally transferred 4,500 yuan, the landlord to write on the receipt, WeChat transfer can be used as proof.

These can be paid in Alipay's citizen center, if it is a new house, cable TV broadband these best to let the landlord to do, you pay money on Alipay by household number on the line, for example, I rented a house in Sanya, a new house, let the landlord to do cable TV and broadband, I pay monthly on the phone, together with the property to do an access card. Now some of the community is a combination lock, some or key, with a key involves the lock to change the problem, it depends on you personally, I have never changed, one is the community is safer, in addition there is nothing to steal, who does not pry the door in, a check a right, the landlord is certainly not possible, or is the last tenant, and usually go out wallet card are carried on the body, the house only household goods, if you want to change, you can find someone to change the locks. If you want to change, you can find someone to change the lock pistons on the line. The key is I prepared two sets, for fear of losing, a set of hand, a set in the community to find a place where no one is sure to see no one moving and will not clean, wrapped and stored in a bag, so that one day I forget to take the key out.

How do I rent an apartment in a travel home? Will I get ripped off? Do you throw away your bedding and cooking utensils when you leave or do you take them with you?

I was asked most frequently about bedding and cooking utensils, and here are some answers to focus on.

This experience I am slowly accumulating, at first I especially like to rent short term apartment, and long term hotel (some hotels posted outside the long term room), but I do not like to use the inside of the bedding, cooking utensils are okay, burn a little are clean. Later, I rented the community, are buying their own, so these bedding cooking utensils bought how to do, when you leave with or not? This is divided into three cases.

1, self-driving national sojourn of the easiest, the package of bedding and cooking utensils are kept, put on when you go, put on the car, drive to the next place.

2、What if I don't drive? There are 2 ways, the first, for example, I live in Nanning for a period of time, and then want to go to Hainan, I am first to Hainan to find a good house, and then rent a car from Hainan to drive back to Nanning, loaded with things and then drive across the sea to the new house, move in directly to move in, nothing to buy. The second, will not drive, then you send from Nanning to Hainan, I used to use Debonair, you can postpone sending, for example, you check out on the 10th in Nanning, and then go to Hainan to find a house, about 16 can find, then you let Debonair 10 to receive, 13 or 14 sent, find the house, things also arrived, the difference is not 1, 2 days.

3. Don't want it. Everywhere now buy, this is suitable for a person traveling alone, not many things and not expensive, I threw a lot of chopping boards, knives, pots and pans, and pillows and what not, but as the things bought more and more good, more and more cooking utensils, are not willing to throw, it will use the above way.

How do I rent an apartment in a travel home? Will I get ripped off? Do you throw away your bedding and cooking utensils when you leave or do you take them with you?

How do I pack my room before moving in?

If you rent a new room, it is important to get rid of the smell, after the contract is set, the window ah all open, the door is also open, cabinet doors and what not are open, home know which odor removal to buy formaldehyde;.

The old house, to clean and then move in, must not landlord to find someone to clean (cleaning is not clean, is the surface of the wipe over, useless), to clean their own, hygiene details are most important. In my experience, the refrigerator tape removed (many people do not remove the refrigerator tape, which is full of mold are blackened), and then wipe the gap once, if the gum East is too dirty, for a new one;.

Refrigerator compartment to be taken out together, wash once, wipe once inside, range hood filters, this do not wash, do not wash clean, buy one, also send oil bowl, to watch the size, the new with comfortable.

Under the sofa, some houses for rent before, will find someone to clean it again, how to say, is to hit the eye to see quite bright, but the details are not, remove the sofa, sweep the bottom, disinfectant water dilution wipe again.

Screen, remove and rinse clean and then hang up; air conditioning filter removed and cleaned and then hang up; curtains removed, washed once and then hang up'

Mattresses, whether thick or thin, taken down and placed in the sun, and bedpans wiped over with disinfectant water.

Bathroom toilet, sink, spray bath are wiped clean with decontamination powder rinse clean; buy some mite spray, de-mist spray, spray some places where you should spray.

Then leave the room for 1 or 2 days and then live in it.

How do I rent an apartment in a travel home? Will I get ripped off? Do you throw away your bedding and cooking utensils when you leave or do you take them with you?

Well, let's start the life of living in a strange city

After cleaning, full of comfort, change into casual casual clothes, easy to go to the supermarket, shopping market, carrying bags, with a door card click to open the door, out of the door, you are like the people of this neighborhood, like the people of the city, every day to shop in the supermarket, buy some food, take the bus, shopping city, city shopping, and began to go to the periphery to travel, one morning with a bag, out of the door, at this time and security guards are familiar with The security guard asked, travel to ah, yes, and then go out, to play a few days in other cities, and then come back, and then set out to play a few days, and so you play around almost, check out, the landlord will ask you, also rent it, not rent, go away.

How do I rent an apartment in a travel home? Will I get ripped off? Do you throw away your bedding and cooking utensils when you leave or do you take them with you?

Note: Landlords now rarely give tenants a hard time and don't dare to withhold deposits unless you are particularly sloppy and make the house look like a shack. Travel to rent a house to live and live at home, must be cleaned every once in a while, I cook, will wipe clean the stove, the bathroom once a week, the floor is also, in Sanya to rent a house, a year, people are to sell, the buyer thought the house has not lived (of course, I rented a new house). Life meet a, good get together, landlord and you, you and the landlord are the same.

Sojourn is a good way to get to know unfamiliar places, it will be more charming than traveling over again, you live like a local, in Sichuan is Sichuan people, in Tibet is Tibetan, in Fujian is Fujian people, but this way of sojourn is more time-consuming, especially the first sojourn out is indeed a bit apprehensive, but the more you go will have more experience, the above is my experience to share, I think, should be very clear, there is no understanding Ask me again. The original is not easy, hand to forward a little, I can be happy all day.

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