How do people live in a place known as the "cold pole" of the earth, 71°C below zero?

There was once a saying that the winter in the north depends on heating, the winter in the south depends on a positive atmosphere, which is a joke, but also reflects the helplessness of people to the cold.

But whether in the north or south, the temperature is cold again there is a bottom line, will not exceed people's tolerance, and there is such a place, the annual average temperature of minus 16 ℃, most of the year is about minus 40 ℃, the coldest time as low as minus 71 ℃. This is the famous Oymyakon.

How do people live in a place known as the "cold pole" of the earth, 71°C below zero?

Oymyakon is located in Eastern Siberia, on the permafrost zone, known as the cold pole of the Northern Hemisphere.

What is the concept of minus 71 ℃, this temperature, the vast majority of tools and machinery will fail, if people in the outdoors and no protective measures, the cold air in a few seconds can destroy the human epidermal tissue, causing frostbite, where you can also clearly hear the sound of exhaled gas into ice slag. Only a few minutes, you can freeze people into ice, known as the real life of the forbidden zone, but here are generations of people living in a group of people.

They are called Yakuts, living together in a small village with a population of just over 600 people, and this small, unassuming village has many things that ordinary people cannot understand.

How do people live in a place known as the "cold pole" of the earth, 71°C below zero?

In the long-term low-temperature state, the Yakuts have developed a bronze skin and iron bones, in their view, above minus 48 degrees Celsius, are normal temperature, all work and action will not be affected, in this temperature, kindergarten children will continue to go to school as usual, only below this temperature, will be temporarily suspended, and elementary school suspension of higher standards, below minus 54 degrees Celsius to do.

Unusually cold, but also make their houses more special, first to smash the ice with tools, the process is exceptionally difficult, and the action must be fast, otherwise the ice will immediately recover, if it is the first time here, it is possible that the speed of smashing is not as fast as the ice recovery.

The only advantage of smashing the ice and then burying the stake deep in the ground is that there is no need to reinforce it, the cold is the best fixing agent.

How do people live in a place known as the "cold pole" of the earth, 71°C below zero?

The house must be more than one meter above the ground, otherwise the warmth of the house will soften the ice of the foundation and lead to a cave-in accident.

Their house construction is more peculiar, very thick, simply a small wall, the windows will be arranged at least 5 layers, these houses placed in other places, do not know also thought it was a bunker.

For the local residents, the biggest problem is still the water problem, the tap pipe is as thick as the oil pipeline, with multiple layers of insulation in the middle, but it is also easy to freeze, so their tap pipe is also set up along the way with automatic heating stations to ensure the passage of water.

In Oymyakon, it takes several times the normal time to do anything, and it takes at least 5 days to dig a cemetery, which is just too much work.

How do people live in a place known as the "cold pole" of the earth, 71°C below zero?

Glass bottles are non-existent here, no matter how strong they are, they will crack here, so here is the magic of buying milk directly by the heap, holding a big chunk of cold milk to go home and put it in a pot to melt when you get back and you can drink it.

Here, in addition to people, almost no other living thing to see, the food is also the same, the fish caught in the ice hole, just take out when still alive and kicking, the next second to become frozen fish.

The rarest or vegetables and fruits, only a small number of easy to store can be delivered, and all frozen vegetables, so that the price will be more expensive.

How do people live in a place known as the "cold pole" of the earth, 71°C below zero?

Of course, this place is very scary, but not what people can come, the only way to get here is only one road, that is the famous Russian Road of Death, a long stretch in the middle is deserted no man's land.

Driving a car through here is like dancing on the tip of a knife, where you can't slam on the brakes, you can't jerk the direction, and you can't turn off the engine, even at night when you're resting, the vehicle must always be running, and once it turns off, it only takes a few minutes for the vehicle to ignite, in which case there is no rescue, no tools to ward off the cold, and no possibility of seeing the sun the next day.

And except for the special Russian off-road vehicles and jeeps, no other vehicles can run here, and it is difficult to even start them.

How do people live in a place known as the "cold pole" of the earth, 71°C below zero?

It is such an extremely cruel place, but the people here get very happy, they are warm and hospitable, always remain positive, so early in the Soviet era, here is the famous longevity of the home

It is worth mentioning that with global warming, the temperature in Oymyakon reached an unprecedented 30 degrees Celsius on one day in 2010, which made the locals half-dead hot, which was really interesting.

Can you accept such a temperature?

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