How much is a trip to Vietnam?

When living in Beihai, find a local travel agency to do the sticker visa, fast (did not choose the visa on arrival, because not too familiar, and it happens that the travel agency looks very skilled often do this look, like a vegetable market selling food, so they were given to them, sure enough, the visa is very good to do, probably less than 10 days, cost not 500 yuan (the following units are RMB).
The visa is valid for 30 days, I am expected to play more than 20 days in Vietnam, the actual stay is about less than 15 days, the route is along the eastern coast of Vietnam, roughly from the Mang Jai into, to Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Dalat and other places, and then from Ho Chi Minh fly back to the country, the following city in order to say, list my accommodation in Vietnam to eat attractions transportation costs.

Accommodation in Mangkhut, bus fare to Hanoi

Because I live in Beihai, from Dongxing into Mango Street, by the way to play a little Mango Street.

  • Accommodation, meals and transportation costs in Mangjie

Mango Street is very small, you do not need to book accommodation in advance, the street has the kind of French-style buildings, there are open private hotels, just go in and ask (using English or translation software), I stayed in Kalon, the appearance of the villagers look like self-built houses, but the color is extremely colorful a place, more than 120 yuan bargaining (and Dongxing almost). I ate 2 meals, a day trip to Mango Street, many tourists, a variety of restaurants on the street, I ate a very special appearance of a small store, locally called barbecue sandwiches, bread is baguette, somewhat similar to the kind of SUBWAY, you can order all kinds of barbecue, and then stuffed into the baguette, 12 yuan, another cup of lemon juice, a total of 22 yuan, sitting under the veranda, than I later ate in Ho Chi Minh City feel good, probably because of the atmosphere I think it's better than the one I ate later in Ho Chi Minh City, probably because of the atmosphere, dinner is rice noodles, similar to Hainan side, beef, with a lot of green onions, and chili sauce on the table, 10 yuan.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?

Early the next morning, take a long-distance bus to Hanoi at the Mang Khae bus station. Mango Street is a big main road, after leaving the city to the west to Xian An, one to Lang Son, one is to Hanoi. Mango Street bus station on the main road in Mango Street, you can take a taxi out of the port, in fact, walk over the line, while looking at the street scene, after the Kalon Bridge to Kalon Square is a small station, if you do not speak, or even if you speak, you think this is a county bus station in Hainan, many motorcycle boys, wearing helmets, chewing betel nut, women wearing cone-shaped hats picking a stretcher selling red hair Dan and cigarettes, the bus station is very small, two-story The building, inside to buy tickets also, outside can also beckon to get on the car, but I am not familiar with, on the inside to buy tickets, about 90 yuan, the car directly to the driver to buy money may be cheaper, I saw the car out of Mango Street left around eight, an hour to get on the Avenue, pick up a lot of what money are collected, not only to collect the Vietnamese dong, to the dollar best.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?

From Muang Street to Hanoi about 9-10 hours, the driver kept talking on the phone, with goods loaded, sometimes the roadside is a rest stop, plastic chairs, selling drinks, fruits, cigarettes and beer, and then the driver got off, the passengers also followed, the toilet is very dirty, backpackers are also many, some on the floor, into the countryside, the first An rest area is relatively large, also does not look like the state, in short, is a convention The resting place of the car to and from the resting place, all the way to stop, you do not look at the text on the car (also posted a variety of notices, prohibit this prohibit that), just look out the window, the fields, the countryside, you will think it is in Guangxi, or western Guangdong, or Hainan in the countryside minibus, I was 10 o'clock in the morning in the car, it seems to be almost 8 o'clock in the evening, found the sign of Hanoi, into Hanoi.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?

In total, the cost of transportation, food and accommodation to Vietnam's Mango Street: $120+$22+$10+$90, which equals to about $300.

How much does Hanoi cost?

  • Hanoi Accommodation Costs

I stayed at the 36th Street, where there are many places to play, many places to eat, and local characteristics, I did not stay in a backpacker hotel (very cheap, about 50 a bed), I looked for a hotel, close to Jianhu also, is off-season, called what Holiday Inn (not that Holiday), the appearance of the yellow French-style buildings, in the small streets, at night to feel very remote, but a good look during the day, next to a shopping mall, not far from there is a There is a shopping mall next to it, and a food market not far away, and the nearby attractions can be reached on foot. Single room less than 150 yuan, I looked at the feeling is very good, in Hanoi to stay for 3 days accommodation 450 yuan.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?

  • Hanoi Tour Costs

It's kind of like Guangzhou in the 90s. First of all, the places that do not need tickets, the famous Hanoi Railway, a train track through the middle of the residential area, you do not need to rush, you can buy a drink to sit there and wait for the train to come slowly; thirty-six line street because the streets nearby are with a hung, so called thirty-six line street, I think it is probably equivalent to 365 lines, the meaning of all the lines, there have been hundreds of years of history, you wander here such and such I also went to the vegetable market, and I shopped in Hainan, the same vegetable market, anyway, what they say I do not understand. From the outside after the tour, this neighborhood can be used to walk, all the way slowly stroll, all the way slowly eat, buy things, look at the street scene, look at the Vietnamese and French mixed beauty, look at the motorcycle, motorcycle will talk to you, to pull you to play, of course you do not understand, but can understand what he means.

Hanoi can play basically in the 36 lines around the street, Ba Dinh Square, St. Joseph's Church, Ho Chi Minh's former residence, the Temple of Literature (is our Temple of Literature, all Chinese characters, "the four words of the World Teacher's Table" is handwritten by Kang Xi, where the ticket, about 10 yuan); Vietnam Military Museum (can see, the ticket 15 yuan, I forget) The Royal City of Son Long (a monument, ticket 10 yuan). This attraction entrance fee is about 150 yuan in total.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?

  • Cost of eating in Hanoi

I am a person, are simple meals, in Hanoi have to eat, thirty-six row street has a night market, usually eat spring rolls during the day, Vietnamese-style baguette (and Mang Street that same, simple and delicious), Vietnamese river noodles, roughly 15-20 yuan a meal, such as barbecue rice noodles 20 yuan, point Obama package 35 yuan, including spring rolls, barbecue rice noodles, Hanoi beer; baguette sandwich (barbecue meat) only 10 yuan! Have some Vietnamese coffee in the evening. To be honest, in Vietnam to eat things really save, eat, Hanoi a day full count 80 yuan (not counting you eat a big meal). Hanoi 3 days, the cost of food is about less than 300 yuan.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?

  • Hanoi Transportation Costs

Hanoi's traffic to rentals, human tricycle-based, cabs as little as possible, you can choose Uber, where the cab driver is not very standardized, detour more money, human tricycle before you move the body up, be sure to talk about the price (with cell phones bright to his price), to a place up to 20 yuan on the line, transportation costs up to 60 yuan a day. Of course, it is best to rent a motorcycle in the local area, the procedures for renting a motorcycle is simpler than in the country, show your passport deposit, generally Hanoi is 30 a day, Ho Chi Minh 50 a day, Nha Trang is 60 yuan a day. Hanoi transportation costs 3 days, about 200 yuan.

In total, the cost of Hanoi is 450+150+300+200 RMB, which is about 1100 RMB.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?

The cost of Da Nang?

  • Transportation cost from Hanoi to Da Nang

There are trains and planes from Hanoi to Da Nang. I didn't experience the domestic airlines in Vietnam, so I took the plane, which was cheap and the service was good, 500 RMB I think. The train was about half the price.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?

  • Accommodation in Da Nang

Da Nang is a small seaside town, there are two places to live, one is Hai Chau, you can understand it as the main city (next to Parkson, Champa Sculpture Museum (I wrote about the Hui Min Village in Sanya before, Cham is from here in the past), the airport, schools, markets, all kinds of parts are on this side); the other is across Da Nang Bay (Da Nang got its name from this, the bay is thin and long, like a slightly open Da Nang son, so the name ) across the MyChi peninsula, living on the MyChi beach side, towards the Camellia peninsula, the five hills are close. I chose to live in the Meixi beach, staying for a day, 200 yuan, the price in Haizhou city is similar, in fact, are very close, very convenient.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?

  • Cost of playing in Da Nang

The famous Ba Na Mountain ($200, I think), My Khe Beach, Da Nang Cathedral, Son Tra Peninsula, Hai Van Pass (a beautiful place), Hoi An Ancient City, etc. The entrance fee is roughly $300, I think. Museums do not cost money, the Cham Museum, including the Ho Chi Minh 5th War Zone Museum do not cost money.

The cost of payment to and from these sites: $200.

In total, $500 + $200 + $300 + $200, about $1,200, I think.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?

Cost of Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, 㺯Nai, Dalat?

  • Transportation costs

Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh to and from Nha Trang, Dalat traffic, by bus, the cost is a little forgettable, should not exceed 500 yuan count.

  • Accommodation Costs

Ho Chi Minh City, there is a Pham Lao Five, the legendary hero, civil and military, it is the era of our Yuan Dynasty, had done the captain of such an official position, he was born in this street, later became the backpackers like the original taste of Vietnam, the old street Pham Lao Five Street, generally speaking, live here convenient, convenient to eat, shopping is also convenient, next to a small Vietnamese restaurants, pizza stores, coffee shops, nail salons, small supermarkets. Breakfast store, Ho Chi Minh City hotel is more expensive, looking for a boutique hotel is considered 300 yuan bar (actually with swimming also), Nha Trang is a small resort 200 yuan (with pool), each stay 2 days, a total of 4 days, about 1000 yuan.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?

  • Tour Fee

French Governor's Office in Vietnam (entrance fee $15), Saigon Central Post Office (you can buy postcards), Vietnam War Museum ($15), Pham Lao 5 Street, Vietnam History Museum (entrance fee $15?). I forget), several cathedrals, such as Sacred Heart Church, etc. The entrance fee is 200 RMB, I think.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?

Nha Trang beach, diving (you can play, and Sanya price is similar to it, more than 300 yuan 15 minutes), Bonaga Champa Pagoda, five-finger rock, water puppet theater (60 yuan, right), mud bath seems to be more than 100 yuan, right. And Dalat, the overall calculation of more than 1000 yuan.

The sand dunes, the beach, the fairy stream in Menai. Rent a car to go, a day with fun and food with car rental, 600-800 yuan it.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, 㺯Nai, Dalat Overall tour cost: 200+1000+800=2000 RMB.

  • Catering costs

Probably think there is a budget left over, in Ho Chi Minh City is more generous, ate a barbecue, about 60 yuan almost; find a very good appearance of the Western restaurant, small expensive, spent a person 100 yuan; Fan Lao Wu snack category and Hanoi is similar, here there are also Cantonese morning tea store, is considered expensive things, because and domestic a price, there is no need to eat, or spring rolls, river noodles, rice noodles, barbecue meat, baguette, coffee simple meal It. Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Dalat play 5 days, eat then a day 150 yuan, a total of 1000 yuan it.

How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?How much is a trip to Vietnam?

In total, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang 㺯 Nai Dalat $500 + $1000 + $2000 + $1000, about less than $5000

The return trip from Ho Chi Minh City to fly Nanning, about 1300 yuan, the overall calculation, playing less than 15 days, spending less than 11000 yuan in Vietnam, there are a few years, the cost of some can not remember, my regret that time is not to take the Vietnam train, to appreciate the flavor of Vietnam, take a long-distance bus, take a long-distance train, take a domestic plane in Vietnam. Now Vietnam is fully open to international tourism, that is, to Vietnam without nucleic acid test certificate, which means that travel to Vietnam will be easier and more convenient.

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