How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

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Hello everyone recently there is a good number of good news, and self-driving enthusiasts are of course most concerned about this issue of fuel prices, today in order to bring you more and more comprehensive information, invited the car reviewer, the editor of the magazine "Auto Self-Driving" bobo, together to talk about the price of oil, oil, fuel, etc. and self-driving travel between those subtle relationships.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

01-Choosing a car

Today: What is one of the prerequisites for a self-drive tour? At least have a car, right? According to my observation, as of now, the vehicles running in the self-driving road trip, or fuel cars are the majority, and account for a fairly high proportion.

Flower: That's right, so in addition to free travel, the adjustment of gas prices can be said to be the same as a shot in the arm for the little ones who love to drive.

Today: I first want to ask the first question - many car enthusiasts say that gas prices are too high, we do not want to drive out to play, ask bobo, in the process of balancing the needs of daily commuting and self-drive, if for fuel cars, how to choose the model and displacement?

bobo: about self-drive tour selection, with a car is actually a clich├ęd topic. I do not know if you have paid attention to a while ago is a policy, within 300,000 yuan, displacement in 2.0 and below the car, purchase tax reduction, should be preferential to 50%. Whether it's for self-drive or for everyday use, which means it's definitely more cost-effective to choose this type of car recently, it is said that this policy will be until the end of 2022. So people who have the need to buy or replace a car can first focus on this. We just said a car is a prerequisite, so first get a suitable car, and then say this car can take us to where the driving tour. I still recommend SUV's, both to balance the daily commute and to meet the needs of self-driving tours.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

Today: Maybe in your opinion SUVs are the one that can do both?

bobo: Yes, that's right. Of course, we also need to combine the driving tour to the place. If you often like to go to the northwest, Tibetan areas, or will encounter some rain and snow, the road conditions are more complex, then it is recommended to choose an SUV with four-wheel drive function, so that it will be more comfortable. If your radius of activity in the eastern region, or often go to some city, the countryside, then in fact, two-wheel drive is also enough to be able to self driving tour.

Flower: So it still depends on the specific car environment, and an SUV with four-wheel drive can certainly give you a lot of protection for your self-drive tour.

Today: Then this comes back, from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive, fuel consumption will go up again, in the case of gas prices are so high, is not another heartache?

bobo: Yes that's right. The same SUV four-wheel drive will definitely be more fuel-efficient than two-wheel drive, but now in addition to hardcore off-road vehicles, ordinary SUV models it has the four-wheel drive function, in good road conditions, in the time when you do not need four-wheel drive, it is actually two-wheel drive state, in order to achieve the purpose of saving fuel; only when you need to get out of trouble, including when encountering snow and ice, will need to have the intervention of the four-wheel drive system. So, if it's the same car, when choosing a 4WD model and a 2WD model, if your budget is attainable, then try to buy a 4WD model, in fact, there is no need to worry about the fuel consumption, because the fuel consumption of 2WD and 4WD of the same car is about the same, but more than one 4WD function, it will still be more secure.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

02- Planning

Today: This is to balance you in the end is more of a daily driver? Or do you prefer to go out on self-driving trips? Make a trade-off for yourself, there is no way for others to choose for you exactly which car is better. Of course, not that every car can be a car to fight the world, everything to help you do. I've heard that many people's families may be buying a second car when they plan to have one car specifically for getting around the city and another car for the whole family to go out and have fun, so they can differentiate their car purchases. So I want to ask Sparkle, see the price of gas miso rise, has not affected your travel plans?

Flower: It will definitely still affect the ah. Gas prices are very expensive, before a tank of gas may be 300 ~ 400 yuan, now the four hundred yuan to add to the tank of 2 / 3 ah. I think the cost of gas is still a big expense. As for whether it will affect the driving trip, it depends on your travel purposes. If it is a daily commute, because driving in the city is actually quite fuel-efficient, only to solve the problem of commuting, I will try to choose other modes of transport, such as more environmentally friendly public transport or cycling, unless it is more convenient to go to their own car or really no other means of transport. On the way to self-drive we are no way, no matter which car is chosen to drive, the problem of rising fuel prices is not escaped.

Today: So you always have to drive during a self-drive tour, but some people may have gone out for half a year and rested for half a year, but now they will probably be a little more restrained, there will be a little bit of a difference, right?

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

Flower: In the process of self-drive tour many people will also calculate, in fact, self-drive tour than with a group tour will cost a little higher, but self-drive tour and very enjoyable. For me, because more freedom, more can meet a variety of multi-faceted needs, whether it is a family trip or call friends, no matter where to go to the public or niche, may be through the self-drive way to better meet the multi-level, multi-dimensional needs. Therefore, it is possible that the factor of fuel prices may not be so important compared to the entire demand for self-drive tours.

03-Using a car

Today: also right, self-drive tour is relatively spend more money a way to play, since the choice of this way to play, may rise these fuel costs you have ignored. However, the vast majority of people driving may still solve the daily commute in the city, for such frequent drivers, high gas prices may still feel a bit unbearable. For the matter of fact, let's just speak from the perspective of self-driving today. I also want to ask bobo, many people may have ignored a problem when buying a car, just think about whether the car, the car brand is good, but once the car is bought, it involves day after day, year after year, the problem of fuel consumption, so called the oil tiger between the U.S. car and the alleged fuel-efficient king of the Japanese car, what is the difference between the feeling of using up?

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

bobo: the actual before everyone said "American cars may be relatively more fuel-efficient, Japanese cars are very fuel-efficient" and so on, this mainly depends on the specific model, because whether it is American cars or Japanese cars, their brands into the Chinese market for so many years, they have been in order to adapt to the Chinese market in making some changes. Let's take an example with American cars: GM, Ford, Chrysler, they may be in the United States with a V6 engine, 3.6 or 4.5 starting engine, then the same model, it will not use this large displacement engine after coming to the Chinese market, the American cars sold in the Chinese market also use small displacement turbocharged engine, the mainstream engine displacement is 2.0T, and then coupled with the AT transmission. Then Japanese cars are relatively smaller displacement, either naturally aspirated or turbocharged, in fact, in an equivalent price range, or in a model of the same class, the fuel consumption gap between American cars and Japanese cars is not so big.

If a Japanese car, such as Toyota Rong Fang this series, dual-engine hybrid models without plugging in, the fuel consumption in the city may be more than 5, 6 or so on the more fuel-efficient, if you compare the 2.0T engine like the U.S. system may be to 10, 11 or even 12 oil, but if you look at the highway, the turbocharged engine may play its advantage at this time But if you look at it on the highway, the turbocharged engine may be able to give its advantage at this time. If you look at it comprehensively, it is mainly combined with your car scenario, and the fuel consumption may not be as big as we think.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

Today: That the price of the turbocharged car itself will be a little higher, and the maintenance costs and other aspects will be higher, some people may calculate this account.

bobo: Yes, before a Volkswagen SUV it surprisingly requires customers to add 98 # gasoline, so that, regardless of the late cost or the early cost will be higher, but combined with the recent purchase policy, if the 2.0 T German cars or American cars, and a 2.5L Japanese cars to compare, there is a benefit is that the 2.0 T within 300,000 cars can Enjoy the purchase tax reduction by half of this concession, but 2.5L car because of the displacement of the relationship is temporarily not able to enjoy the purchase tax benefits.

Today: I think by now it should be a matter of arithmetic, whether you want to spend the money on buying a car, or spend it on the use of gasoline in economic models, depending on how often you use the car, you may need to calculate a sum of this account. But if you're not bad off, all of these issues can be ignored. Have you done the math if we're going to start going on self-driving trips now? Let's say going on a driving tour to a place, what is the budget for this journey? To keep the cost of the self-drive tour within how much money this route to feel satisfied? If the cost is too high, then do not go?

Hana: I have really counted and made plans before. In fact, it is the same plan in advance, can make your whole trip are more secure. For example, I probably traveled to and from the loop or running round trip, or about how many kilometers? According to your own car's fuel consumption, you can probably figure out how much fuel you need to use and how much it will probably cost. And so on. Then on this basis if you want to adjust, you can budget some flexible costs, if the cost to control more compact, you have to strictly follow their own plans. For example, if the road is far away or the route is temporarily changed, other costs may have to be adjusted slightly. So that the travel process will not have major problems, in order to ensure the integrity of the entire line, experience, perfection.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

04-Fuel saving

Today: Yes, that's what we always say about not fighting the unprepared battle. Although some people like to "go on a trip", or "black where to rest" play, but the cost should probably be calculated. Ask bobo again, we have in the process of self-drive tour what fuel saving talk. I've just said that I'm choosing a fuel-efficient car, but once the car is in hand, what are the fuel-saving experiences?

bobo: fuel consumption is different from person to person, sometimes the same car to go the same section of the road, I may drive and you drive or change a person to drive, fuel consumption is very different. For example: emergency braking, emergency stop and go, the impact of these on fuel consumption is very large. So you want to drive the car to save fuel, first of all, you should avoid emergency braking and other operations, in fact, do not have to be too deliberate, now there are many cars above the ECO mode, when driving if the driving style is more Buddhist, there will be ECO lights on the dashboard, this time to tell you that fuel consumption is still relatively low; some cars may need manual intervention, when you press the ECO button, the vehicle's throttle tuning will become corresponding Some cars may need manual intervention, when you press the ECO button, the vehicle's throttle tuning will become correspondingly sluggish, and the response speed will become sluggish.

In the highway driving, try not to speed too fast, each different models have the optimal matching speed range, the larger the displacement of the car matching the speed range will be higher, if the car displacement is 1.5L or 1.3L, without turbocharger, the speed is relatively slow, probably in the 60 km, 80 km, 90 km of this range will be the most fuel efficient. So when driving is the first thing to do is to comply with the speed limit of traffic regulations, and then match a reasonable speed. Because of the driving tour, you will certainly bring a lot of luggage, you must reduce the car useless, irrelevant things, because the quality of the body equipment will directly affect the car fuel consumption, if you bring some things that are not used or often do not use the luggage in the car, will certainly also increase your fuel consumption.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?


Today: Yes, do not drive fast to catch up, do trip planning must leave a little time to spare, do not get stuck to their daily itinerary so dead. So, when gas prices have not come down to the psychological price, will there be pressure on the cost of long-distance driving trips? Or if you want to save money in the process of driving, why must you drive a gasoline car? Nowadays, there are so many new energy vehicles, why not choose a hybrid car or an electric car?

bobo: In fact, new energy vehicles, including hybrid cars and pure trams, I can see more and more new energy vehicles on the road to join the driving army, and even once in the non-paved wear road off-road line, also encountered the figure of new energy vehicles.

Today: Two days ago, I heard a car enthusiast say that enough charging posts have been laid on the Sichuan-Tibet route now, and I wonder if there are any friends who have been to this route recently or have paid attention to it? The laying of charging piles may give people a confidence to purchase new energy vehicles or pure electric vehicles. Without these services, who would drive an electric car on the more remote roads? I believe many people are still a bit worried about driving electric cars during their self-drive tours.

Flower: In fact, I have been torn, indeed, because some time ago the price of gas is too expensive, and my vehicle also has a certain number of years, but also consider that you can replace the car, on the want to replace a new energy car. But it does occur to me that if I drive within the city there is not much of a problem, but if I drive out on a driving tour, I'm not sure about the security of the charging station along the way. So, I may need to wait and see. In addition, the car's power consumption, driving on the road and the usual city driving is not quite the same, halfway to the power is dead, or is very fast power loss, this time and what to do? These aspects I may be more worried.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

06- Technology

Today: Yes, again, this aspect of power consumption estimation is far beyond my experience. I know of a car that is called a new energy car, but it actually still requires refueling, and the car converts the oil into electricity and then drives it as a tram?

bobo: The model you are talking about is called an "extended program new energy vehicle", its engine is not directly driving the wheels, the engine exists to generate electricity, and then stored in the battery, and then use the battery power to drive the vehicle. There are not many of these cars, domestic brands and foreign brands, but they are not considered mainstream in the field of new energy vehicles. The range of an EV depends on the size of the fuel tank. The bigger the fuel tank is, the longer the engine can work, and the longer the range will be. But I actually don't recommend that you go shopping for this kind of car, mainly pure electric new energy vehicles and plug-in hybrid new energy vehicles, which are currently the mainstream, right?

Today: This kind of programmed electric vehicle still has to be refueled from beginning to end, and the cost of using the car is increasing as usual when the price of oil has risen, which does not completely solve the problem of controlling the cost of using the car.

bobo: Yes, it just alleviates the fuel consumption problem. The reason why traditional fuel cars are fuel efficient is that they are more fuel efficient in the start-up phase, and after converting kinetic energy into electrical energy and storing it, it can solve the fuel consumption in the start-up moment, which will play a certain role in fuel saving, but it can't be like a pure electric car that completely changes a track and a mode.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?


Today: I believe it is a transition, maybe some better technology or operation will come out soon. I've also heard a car enthusiast tell me that he didn't buy a car anyway, and gas prices are so expensive, so he rented a shared car for a few days. So bobo, do you think it's a reliable way to rent a shared car if you want to go out for a week's drive?

bobo: I would generally probably consider a traditional rental car if I were to land and drive myself. Then shared rental cars can be rented hourly, more flexible, but also long term rental, but the specific depends on the level of service providers. Quite a few shared cars, whether they are fuel cars or new energy cars, it's a state of negligent maintenance, some cars first not to mention the neatness and cleanliness of the car, and even some cars lack accessories, including brake pads, brake discs are not replaced in a timely manner, tires may also be excessively worn ...... If you are a white person, I do not It is recommended that you go on a driving tour with such a car, or that you drive for too long on unfamiliar roads; if you want to use such a car, you must look at the condition of the car, because there is no one to keep an eye on it for you. Be sure to carefully check yourself including tire pressure, brake pad residuals, car fluid location, etc., also for the safety of driving and to avoid unnecessary property.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

Today: Yes, yes, yes. On the surface to save the money to buy a car, save the money to refuel and charge, the result may bring a series of more trouble, I think this kind of self-driving tour with a car or caution.

We all know the structure of a bicycle, it's relatively simple, so if you ride it and look at it, you'll know what kind of problems there are. I don't know about shared cars, but if you find something wrong with the car and you have something to do, it's not convenient to replace the car.


Today: just said that the car needs to be maintained and cared for, and many people say that if you take care of the car can also achieve fuel savings?

bobo: Yes, if you maintain your car on time, it not only has a guarantee for you in terms of safety, but secondly, you can know whether the fluids need to be replaced. The characteristics of the oil, it will be thicker and thicker, if the oil has exceeded the use cycle and then continue to use it, it may increase the car's fuel consumption; timely replacement of the oil is sure to allow the car to achieve better operating conditions, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?


Today: I wonder if the long-distance driving partners have found that the price of gasoline varies from province to province, and even sometimes the price of adding not pure gasoline, gas stations have ethanol gasoline or even methanol gasoline, etc.

bobo: ethanol gasoline has become popular in several provinces, once I went to Shandong from Shaanxi, know that Henan is using ethanol gasoline, I filled up in the last service area out of Shaanxi, ran out of the whole of Henan to Shandong in one breath, before continuing to add gasoline to avoid adding ethanol gasoline. Ethanol gasoline, which is filled with no more than 10% of ethanol in gasoline, is alcohol, because ethanol is a renewable energy, through corn, straw can be produced, unlike the generation cycle of oil to so long. So in the gasoline filled with ethanol is to reduce the use of gasoline, and ethanol is certainly more environmentally friendly than gasoline. Now the factory cars are after the oil adaptability experiments, whether it is a domestic car or plan to sell to China or imported cars, if the new car has been added to the ethanol gasoline or has been added to the regular gasoline, there is no problem for the car.

The problem is that if the car is often used in non-ethanol gasoline areas, filled with regular gasoline, when you run 40,000 or 50,000 kilometers, the car is very easy to produce carbon, this time suddenly add a tank of ethanol gasoline, because the cleaning ability of ethanol is very strong, it may bring these carbon to the oil circuit, may lead to some problems with the car, and even stalling. If you buy a new car and add ethanol gasoline, it is no problem, just add it normally. Some people may say that ethanol gasoline (E95 or E98) may consume more gasoline than regular gasoline and is not resistant to burning, right? There will be such a problem, but it is not particularly obvious, as long as it is a regular gas station, adding ethanol gasoline is no problem for the car.

Today: when I had to add ethanol gasoline, many people gave me advice, after adding a tank of pure gasoline, burn to not more than half to start adding ethanol gasoline, let it mix a few more times, you can avoid a lot of problems, there is no such reason ah?

bobo: Yes, in fact, the early addition of the oil equivalent to reduce the content of ethanol, mixed with regular gasoline in advance, so that the car's ECU trip computer on the fuel injection has a process of adaptation, but also has the benefit. Some cars need to be filled with fuel additives, will also play a role in some of this. In fact, there is no need to worry, unless the car is in particularly poor condition, carbon deposits, or never filled with ethanol gasoline, in the sudden addition of ethanol gasoline need to pay attention to. From the perspective of environmental protection, ethanol gasoline may also be better.

How much of an impact will the gas price adjustment really have on self-driving trips?

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