How to break the ice with Green Mountain Nickel and forced positions?

The state reserves came up with 200,000 tons of goods, but the 200,000 tons is not delivery of 200,000 tons of green mountains, but in the high point of the forced short open 200,000 tons of short orders, you forced short I will physically deliver to you. You are not forcing short to $ 80,000? The national team contacted the four major banks and took out foreign exchange reserves to lend Qingshan additional margin to ensure that Qingshan's short positions do not blow up. As long as the margin is sufficient, the green mountain simply do not have to deliver, just wait for the national team to clean up the Canon single, nickel prices will naturally return to normal, then, the green mountain and then close the position, close the hands of the single. 3. some people worry about 200,000 tons of national reserves are delivered out of our own nickel how to do? In fact, there is no need to worry, 1. the national team to open the short, can not really dare to physical delivery, so the 200,000 tons just do a look, and will not really flow to the hands of the can. 2. on the real delivery, China and Russia's relationship, a large number of imported nickel to meet daily demand or feasible. 3. the worst case scenario, no domestic nickel available, but the Indonesian nickel mine in their own hands, the big deal, the domestic demand to stop a stop, there Production expansion, 200,000 tons of nickel, without a few months can also be produced. So as long as the national team, the giant predator can certainly be defeated, liquidation of this battle Castle Peak final profit rough calculation as follows.

Aoyama can win $3 billion at the closing price: 20WT*8w /160Y knife. Cost calculation 1W * 20. etc.: floating win 140Y knife.

If short orders are removed, 2.5W per order, the monthly term price is now 80,000. 8-2.5 = difference of 55,000 per ton. 5.5W * 20WT = 110Y knife. 140Y-110Y = $3 billion in real win. Short orders can continue to hold or close the position by the holder of the green mountain at their own disposal.