How To Do A Travel Itinerary

How To Do A Travel Itinerary

An itinerary is an ordered list of travel events and contact information for a trip. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images )

Creating a master travel itinerary for an upcoming trip can be an invaluable resource in case someone back home, such as a babysitter, needs to reach you or simply to help keep you and your traveling companions organized while you're on the road. Itineraries are also useful for handing off when you are charged with organizing someone else's trip, whether it be your boss or a group of friends. Taking the few extra minutes to compose a thorough itinerary can save hours or even days of headache down the line.

Step 1

Begin your itinerary with your first departure point. List your airline, departure airport, flight number and anticipated departure time.

Step 2

List the name, address and contact information for your expected lodging each night. Note check-in and check-out times if staying in a hotel. Attach directions to each location if necessary. Arrange for translations of directions ahead of time if you are traveling to a foreign country and will need a driver or taxi cab.

Step 3

Note any scheduled appointments along the trip, such as dinner with a business associate or a guided tour. List the meeting location and contact information for the location, such as a phone number, in case you need to alert someone that you are running behind schedule or need to call for directions.

Step 4

Note any special documentation, fees or other requirements necessary at particular stops. For example, if you are entering a new country that requires a $20 cash payment for an entry stamp or if you need to pick up a gift for a host family before arrival, add these details to your itinerary. Highlight or bold particularly important instructions.

Step 5

List optional or recommended activities along the side of your itinerary or at the end. Keeping these separate allows you to refer to them easily without cluttering up your mandatory scheduled events.

Step 6

End your itinerary with details on your trip back home. List your airline or cruise ship information. List your anticipated departure and arrival times and include a map of your route if you are driving back home.


  • Use a travel itinerary service such as TripIt, Knapsack or NileGuide to keep track of multiple reservations in one place or for stylish, professional templates you can hand off to others.



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