How To Download and Install The Latest Modded Versions of Popular APKs

Want to play the latest games from the Android store with modded APK versions? Here's how to download and install brand new games and apps.

Modded versions of APKs for apps and games bring the user huge benefits, allowing you to download games from the Play Store wherever you are in the world. Make sure to download your apks from a trusted database, such as TechBigs, where user ratings and a wide catalogue of apps and games make it easy to find the apk you're after.

How To Download and Install The Latest Modded Versions of Popular APKs

What Is An APK?

An APK (or Android Package Kit) is essentially an Android file, available from another source other than the Store. Think of the .exe file extension on a Windows computer, .apk is the file extension for Android files. You might have downloaded thousands of apps and games on your phone and never seen it mentioned, as this often operates behind the scenes on the Play Store.

Why Download A Modded APK Version Of An App?

Some APKs are modded with added unlockable features in game, or premium features on some applications. Downloading an APK also circumvents the geo-restrictions put in place on the Store, which means you can download them wherever you are. This is an easy way to play your favorite games without cost, customize your Android to your liking, and use premium features of many apps.

Plus, if an app or game has recently received an update which is not to your liking - added more adverts, installed some game-breaking bugs, or otherwise ruined the experience - you can use an APK file download website to choose an older version of the app or game.

How To Download and Install The Latest Modded Versions of Popular APKs

It's important to download your APKs from a trusted website, as they are not available through the protected downloads on the Play Store. Trusted websites, like, collate huge numbers of apks for apps and games, including some of the most popular. Downloading them is simple - simply search for the APK you want to download and then download the .apk file on your phone.

How To Install APKs On Your Mobile Phone

Once you've downloaded the APK you will need to Allow Installations to make sure the third-party app can be installed properly. You need to go to your phone's Menu > Settings > Security and then tick Unknown Sources. This allows your phone to download apps from other locations other than the Play Store, though you should untick this once you've finished installing your apk.

How To Download and Install The Latest Modded Versions of Popular APKs

Are APKs safe?

Downloading APKs from trusted websites - with user rating systems and regular updates - are safe, but no download (whether on Android or your PC) is guaranteed to be safe. Be careful to check before you download, and make sure to visit only trusted APK websites. Once you've allowed installations on your device, you should always revert your Android back to its original settings so illicit files aren't installed on your phone while you browse or use the Store.