How to Fax From iPhone

How to Fax From iPhone

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to send and receive faxes? Yes, that is true and there is no catch involved in it. You won't be needing those fax machines cluttering the office space or those phone lines that remain dead half of the time.

As the internet evolved, the ways of communication evolved with it. This also applies to fax as well. While fax is just as secure and reliable as you remember it to be, it involves a lot of convenience and comfort now.

Let us continue with this guide to introduce you to the concept of iPhone faxing. After that, you can decide for yourself about how awesome the whole idea is and whether you should adopt it for yourself or not.

Part 1: How to Send Fax from My iPhone

Sending a fax from your iPhone is not as hard as you think it to be. You might be wondering why haven't you seen a fax option anywhere in your iPhone so far? Well, actually, there is no inherent option in an iPhone to send faxes.

However, there is a special third party service that integrates with your iPhone, desktop, and any other device that you use to turn it into a high end fax machine.

1.1 CocoFax- The Only Thing Your iPhone is Missing for Faxing

CocoFax is an online fax service provider that lets you send and receive faxes from your iPhone and any other internet capable device. It is a very reliable and reputed fax service that is used by both- individuals as well as companies.

How to Fax From iPhone

Using CocoFax is simple and easy. In fact, it is similar to using email service, with the benefit that the other person still gets the fax on their fax machine. Further, people can send you faxes too on your own fax number. Now where will you get the fax number? CocoFax solves that problem as well.

Free Fax Number With CocoFax

You need a fax number if you want to receive faxes, no matter which fax method you choose. Fax numbers are generally provided by the telephone operator. However, we all know that landline phones are dead now and people rarely have a phone line to their home.

CocoFax understands this and this is why you can get a fax number totally free from CocoFax's website. You won't even need to provide your credit card details to avail it.

How to Fax From iPhone

You can use this fax number to send as well as receive faxes. However, this fax number is valid for a limited time only. If you would like to keep this number permanently, you can opt for CocoFax's subscription plans.

An added benefit of the CocoFax subscription plans are that you can even choose a fax number of your own preference. You hardly get this comfort anywhere else.

Part 2: How to Send and Receive Fax from My iPhone?

Now that you know what you need in order to fax from your iPhone, let us learn how to make this work. The process is very easy and you will get the hang of it on the first go. It can be done by two ways, both of which have their own benefits:

Fax Using Your iPhone's Web Browser

You can use your iPhone's inbuilt web browser or any third party web browser to send and receive faxes directly from there. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to CocoFax's website and register for a CocoFax account. You will get the free trial period for 30 days. You can also choose a fax number of your own choice.

How to Fax From iPhone

Step 2: Once you create an account, you will be taken to your dashboard. You can also login at any time later through your credentials. When you are on your dashboard, click on the 'New Fax' button.

Step 3: The New Fax popup will open. You can create your fax here.

In the 'To' field, you just have to enter the fax number of the receiver. You can also enter multiple fax numbers separated by semicolons.

In the 'Subject' field, you can enter any text that you would like to appear on the receiver's end.

The fax body is the cover page of the fax. This appears as the first page on the receiver's end.

Now, most importantly, you can upload the file that you wish to fax from your iPhone. You can also provide the cloud link for the same. If you do not have a softcopy of the document, you can even click pictures of the document and then fax it. You can also upload multiple documents as well.

You can fax a variety of formats, including: docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, png, and jpg.

How to Fax From iPhone

Step 4: Once you have entered the information and double checked, you can click on the 'Send' button. CocoFax will then transmit the fax to the receiver.

Within a short while, you will get a delivery report in your email inbox. You will know if the fax was successfully delivered along with the timelogs of the transmission.

Don't panic if your fax isn't delivered. That generally happens if the receiver's fax machine is busy, it is turned off, or you entered an incorrect fax number.

How to Fax From iPhone

Fax Using iPhone's Email Client

You probably have one or the other email application in your iPhone that your regularly use to send and receive emails. Well, you can even use this app for sending and receiving faxes too! That is made possible by CocoFax's email to fax technology. Here are the steps to send a fax using it:

Step 1: Create a CocoFax account if you don't have one already. Make sure that you use the same email address during signup which you want to use later for sending and receiving emails.

Step 2: Open the email app on your iPhone (or the email client's website in the web browser). Click on the option that you use to create a new email. The new email popup will open. You will draft your new fax here.

Step 3: In the 'To' field where you generally enter the email address of the recipient, you will have to input their fax number followed by ''. For example, if their fax number is 123456, you will need to input:

[email protected]

In the 'Subject' field, you can enter any note that you wish to appear on top of the fax document. This field is optional.

The email body is the cover page of the fax document. It will appear as the first page on the receiver's end. You can choose to leave this field blank as well.

Now you can attach the file from your iPhone that you want to fax. You can also upload pictures of the document as well.

Step 4: Once you have filled the details, you can click on the 'Send' button. CocoFax will receive your email and transmit it as a fax document to the receiver. The process is lightning fast.

When the fax is transmitted, you will get a delivery report in your email inbox. You will know if the fax was delivered successfully or not.

Receiving Faxes on iPhone

You can receive faxes on your iPhone by any of the two methods described above, or both. Whenever you get a new fax on your fax number (provided by CocoFax), you will get a notification in your email inbox. When you open this email and the fax you received can be seen as an attached PDF file.

You can also check all your received faxes at any time from the CocoFax dashboard. All you have to do is login into your dashboard and move to the 'Inbox' tab. You will see all your received faxes here.

Part 3:How to Fax from iPhone via a Faxing App

If you want even more options to fax from your iPhone, well you won't go disappointed from here. CocoFax offers you another way through which you can fax directly using your iPhone.

This is with the CocoFax's iPhone faxing application which can send and receive faxes right through a single platform. You just need to upload the fax document from your iPhone, or provide a cloud link for the same. All your received faxes can be read here as well.

Part 4: FAQs

Many people have certain doubts when considering faxing using the iPhone. Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions, along with the answers to each of them:

Q: Can I send a fax from my iPhone?

A: Yes, sending a fax from your iPhone is a very easy task. However, the use of an online fax service such as CocoFax is mandatory for this purpose.

Q: Will I know if the faxes were delivered?

A: Of course, once you send a fax from your iPhone, CocoFax will shortly send you delivery notifications in your email inbox about the success of the fax.

Q: Does this method applies to iPhone only?

A: No, you can fax from any device using CocoFax and the steps mentioned above. This can include your Windows computer, Mac computer, your Android phones, and any other devices. You can read this guide to know how to fax from computer.

Q: How do I get a fax number?

A: You can get a free fax number right from the CocoFax's website. You won't need to enter your payment details for it.

Q: Will I receive faxes if iPhone is switched off?

A: Yes, you will receive your faxes 24x7 whether your device is switched on or off. You can check your received faxes at any time in the CocoFax's dashboard or the email inbox.


If you were wondering how to fax from iPhone, this guide is more than enough to answer your query. Now all that is left for you is to try the steps yourself. In fact, I suggest that you try them right now to send a test fax to any fax number. After all, it is free.