How to find wifi password on windows 10

How to find wifi password on windows 10

Windows 10 has tools that can satisfy any user. Whatever you need, you can find a simple and quick solution to use. One of these features, often requested, is associated with Wi-Fi networks.

Users want to know the network password set without having to use any app. There is a simple form that everyone can use.

Discover Wi-Fi Password

With the amount of Wi-Fi networks we access daily, it can be tricky to memorize all the passwords we have. These are registered in Windows 10, but we don't always know how to access them to share them. There is a simple way around this problem, certainly without using any apps.

To be able to access the Wi-Fi password, you must first log in to it. Once done, they should open Windows 10 Settings and choose Network and Internet.

How to find wifi password on windows 10

Within this area of ​​the settings, you should choose the Wi-Fi tab. Inside, and with the network connection, you should choose the Network and Sharing Center option. This is on the right side of the window.

A new window will open where you can see the connections made. They should choose the Wi-Fi connection, which should be on the right side of the window that has been shown now. Just click on the name of the network you want to consult.

Just need to connect to the wireless network

A new window will open again, this time much smaller. They can immediately see network data such as connectivity, SSID name, connection time and even connection speed.

To move forward you must click the Wireless Properties button. This is in the middle of this window, next to the Details option.

How to find wifi password on windows 10

This is when you finally have access to your Wi-Fi network password. This is on the Security tab in the Network security key field. They can also consult the security type and the encryption type.

In the field associated with the network security key will have the password. Click on the Show character's checkbox and the password will appear.

How to find wifi password on windows 10

Windows 10 gives you all the data

They just need to copy it or share it with anyone they want so they can access the wireless network. This can not be changed in this field, giving only the possibility to be consulted.

This is probably the simplest and least intrusive way to access this password. They may resort to other, more basic forms, but always within Windows and without extra tools.