How To Make Watermelon Water

Eating seasonal fruits has clear advantages, such as their quality and tasty texture. When grown naturally, without resorting to a greenhouse, the properties of the fruit remain intact. Likewise, it is much more natural and organic. Watermelon is one of the excellent summer fruits. You can have it raw or make delicious drinks with it. Another very refreshing and fast option is to make water with it, which you can drink or use to make another drink.

How To Make Watermelon Water


  •  1/2 a watermelon
  •  3/4 cup of sugar
  •  2 l (70.4 fl oz) of water
  •  Ice
  •  Lemon juice

Steps to follow:

Step 1

The first step you need to take in order to make watermelon water is to cut the rind from the watermelon, remove all the seeds and cut it up into small cubes. Chop the watermelon into small cubes so that it is easier to grind later. They don't need to be perfect squares.

How To Make Watermelon Water

Step 2

Now you have the option of dissolving the sugar to prepare a syrup or mixing it directly. If you prefer to dissolve it, just heat up a cup of water. When it's hot, add the sugar and stir until it's completely dissolved. Then, remove it from the heat and put it aside for later use.

Step 3

Put chunks of watermelon into a bowl with a high rim or a blender. If necessary, do it in two parts. Also add two cups of water and whisk until the watermelon is completely grinded. Add the remaining water and continue whisking.

How To Make Watermelon Water

Step 4

When you have it, add the dissolved sugar in water that you prepared in step 2 and do not stop whisking until you get the watermelon water. If you have not dissolved the sugar, add it directly and whisk until it is all totally liquid. Add the lemon juice and continue whisking.

Step 5

When you have all the ingredients well mixed pour the watermelon water into a jug and add some ice so it cools down. Excess water should be kept in the fridge to keep it really cold. As you can see, preparing this refreshing drink is very simple and quick to do. If you want a more liquid result, simply add more water. The same goes with the sugar.

How To Make Watermelon Water

If you like these types of drinks you should know that this drink is one of the most low-calorie drinks.