How to Score a Free Quarter Pounder From McDonald's Today

How to Score a Free Quarter Pounder From McDonald's Today

Tomorrow is International Burger Day. Apparently. To celebrate this clearly made up event, McDonald's is giving away a whopping 250,000 free Quarter Pounders. Here's how to claim your freebie!

The Quarter Pounder is Macca's best burger. This is objectively true. Cheeseburgers are too small, Angus burgers are too exy and the Big Mac has been coasting on its name for decades. (Seriously, what's with the sad, damp bit of bread in the middle? Eh? EH? Tch.)

The company has therefore chosen wisely with its free burger offer. At the break of dawn tomorrow - or 5AM AEST, whichever happens first - McDonald's will be giving away 250,000 free Quarter Pounders.

To claim your free burger, all you need to do is download the MyMacca's app on your phone and check the My Rewards section. There you'll find the free Quarter Pounder offer, provided that stock hasn't run out.

You don't have to purchase anything extra to get the free burger - but there is a limit of one Quarter Pounder per customer. As mentioned, there's also a limit of 250,000 burgers although we're not sure how this is being tracked across different outlets and franchisees. Presumably each store has been given its own cap number based on the number of customers it usually receives.

In any event, you should be fine as long as you don't wait until the late at night. To be on the safe side, you should probably order at lunchtime rather than dinner.

The mymacca’s app is available for download on iOS via the Apple App Store and Android via Google Play.