Style Guide: How To Wear Dickies Chinos

The evolution of Dickies trousers is more complicated to get your head around than Darwin’s own. The U.S. brand has seen generations of construction workers, coal miners, soldiers and skaters (in that order) wearing their blue-collar trousers over the years. In 2018 we are amongst some of the strangest of trouser trends, with the inspiration of wanting to look like a 90’s rockstar who’s dressing like rappers who’s dressing like skaters. With this unpredicted trend, Dickies is coming out on top, the all-rounded trousers were made for the working world, so here’s how you can wear them off the construction site.

Skinny jeans are taking a step back and loose-fitting trousers are making a return. Throw away those spray-on jeans, because people want a little more comfort and luckily fashion is following them, with straight fitting trousers being the top choice. With this in mind, fashion is granting you a favourable boost to your wardrobe.

Born around the workwear trend which has been falling in and out of fashion for generations, not just a fashion style but also a way of life. Workwear is about the connection between hands-on labour and the great outdoors. Made to look like it wouldn’t matter if you got them dirty like the fisherman who wore them a few decades ago, is now the modern cool.

How To Wear Dickies Chinos

As workwear trends adapt, Dickies has always stayed loyal to their own style and practicality. Their trusted trousers have been to war and back, supplied for the U.S’s military in world war II, soldiers raved that their trousers were still in tack years after the war. Now making their way into streetwear hanging off the waists of hipsters, Dickies senior vice president of design, Brian Sheedy said, “it’s totally natural that people would start leaning into Dickies more than any other brand because we are the leader in workwear”. Their tailored chinos are easy to wear and can be worn diversly. If you are in need of a little inspiration then keep reading for tips on how to wear Dickies for workwear.


Let’s start this off easily, jumpers are a comfortable pairing with your Dickies chinos. If you’re looking for something that keeps you feeling warm in these autumn breezes but still smart enough for work, then a plain jumper can be an effective choice. Worn right, you won’t look like you’ve picked up whatever you had left out of your wash basket but will look like you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Pairing a neutral jumper with chinos is great as you can get away with a few different styles and textures. For instance, to get the most out of your look, a pair of black, navy and grey chinos can go along way. Using these as your stable colours with any look will give you solid foundations to build upon.

How To Wear Dickies Chinos


Recently taken the skaters sub-culture by storm, Dickies work trousers have an alternative reputation, different to your straight jeans, Dickies are the best alternative if you don’t want to live in denim. Structural tailoring on the trousers gives a sophisticated finish to the leg, meaning they partner with shirts very well, in particular over shirts.

The classic navy pair of Dickies from the chino collection is ideal for an everyday look. Offering more of a traditional trouser vibe means it’s easy to pair any colour shirt with them. To add an unusual twist on the workwear style the shirt created by YMC has a zip rather than buttons giving it an alternative appeal.

How To Wear Dickies Chinos

Unsurprisingly, the Dickes chino range has become their most popular line. Introducing their first line in between 1950-1960 which went down like a lead balloon, we thank them for never giving up and gracing our lives with their chinos to this day. The great thing you need to know at Dickies chinos is that they are a secure investment. Any pair of chinos which can hold themselves up proud after being around through 50 years of changing fashion, and has seen the multiple waves of labourers and sub-cultures wearing them, let’s just say that unfortunately there’s a decline in the traders to wear the work trousers but the trousers themselves are thriving.


Wrapping up is becoming a necessity as the temperatures quickly drop during autumn and into winter, so layering your outfit is soon to become second nature. Layering your Dickies chinos with a hoodie and jacket is a good call for casual out and about street style. When those sun rays give us less heat, we need to keep warm, so for those extra chilly days add a beanie to pull the outfit together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours, but try and stick to a rule of three, this will help you avoid looking like Joseph’s technological dream coat. A plain hoodie with coloured chinos can work nicely, like the black hoodie from Saturdays NYC with the olive chinos from Dickies.

How To Wear Dickies Chinos