Huawei caught cheating with their photos, again

Huawei caught cheating with their photos, again

You might remember awhile back when Huawei was caught in some hot water by passing off DSLR photos as images snapped with one of the company’s own phones. You’d think that getting caught once would be enough, but sadly, no. We’re back in the same boat.

Huawei cheating with camera samples?

So here’s the deal. Huawei ran a contest on Weibo that had users sending in their best photographs taken with Huawei phones. One user uploaded a photo shot on a Nikon D850 DSLR (which is a $3000 camera, by the way) which naturally looked really good. Huawei took that photo and ran with it, promoting their phones with the sample from the D850.

Huawei caught cheating with their photos, again

The photo in question, as seen above, looks fantastic. I’m not saying one of Huawei’s phones couldn’t capture this kind of image, but come on. The EXIF data also corroborates that it’s shot with a Nikon D850.

Huawei apologized, and you can try and slack off some blame by pointing out that it was a user that uploaded the image, not Huawei directly, but you’d think a big company like Huawei would do a little homework on uploaded photo, since the Weibo users were able to pretty quickly figure it out.

With Huawei’s cameras typically shooting some of the best photos on the market, it’s very strange to see them try and mislead potential customers on the quality of their phones. The drawbacks come from the lack of the Play Store, not from their image capabilities. If you’re going to lie about something, don’t try and dress up the thing that you’re already killing everyone else on.