Humiliation Becomes A Motivation To Lose Weight

Losing weight is not easy at all. It involves a lot of dedication and will power to lose that flab. Sometimes it takes a lot more to lose weight like in the case of Christian Hill. Besides pole dancing, humiliation in public became a motivation for Christian to lose her weight. Yes humiliation, I will tell you how!

Christian who hails from Orlando in Florida, age 34, weighed 169 kg( 372 pounds). Her visit to Atlantis Water Park in the Bahamas was the turning point for this size 30 frame figure. It so happened that while enjoying her water ride in an inner tube, she got stuck somewhere and it took 5 lifeguards to help her out of it. This entire operation took several hours and by the end of it, Christian was embarrassed and humiliated of her weight. It’s then that this 34 year old found the courage and determination to address and shed all that excess weight.

To do so, Christian had to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery and took pole dancing lessons daily. From size 30, she has worked indeed very hard and is now size 16, weighing 99 kg (218 pounds) .

As a nursing student, Ms Hill would hide in the locker room to escape bullies and would often chew on Cheetos. These habits continued to stay with her in to her adulthood too. She could gorge on a large pizza, bread sticks, cake and 12 cans of coke a day in one sitting.

To fight the depression that came along with her weight, she would often play video games like world of War craft for up to 24 hours and binge simultaneously.

She was also once thrown out of an online gaming center for playing nonstop for 24 hours and more. The gaming center people got worried thinking that she would develop a blood clot.

Quoted by the lady herself, “All I did was eat junk, drink sodas and play. There was nothing in my life that held interest, and that was the reason why I over indulged myself in this.”

She continued, “Every food item was with extra butter and was covered in Rance sauce as I went beyond any limits.”

In fact it started impacting her work as well. “I was taking training as a nurse and had stopped fitting in my scrubs. I had to order plus size clothes online. It was beyond mortifying”, says the now size 16 frame.

She further says, “my fatty frame made me sweat and wheeze and I couldn’t bend over as well, I had such a hard time moving patients because of the massive belt of flab that hung half way down my thighs.”

Her humiliation and dedication to pole dancing saved the day for her. She focused her life around pole dancing, which she does for a good 2 hours daily and kept a check on her diet to stay in shape. Besides this she also had 6 kg (13 pounds) of extra skin (left) removed from her tummy and also got a tummy tuck done.

The last straw to add to her humiliation was when Universal studios asked her to get off the forbidden journey ride owing to her big size. She couldn’t fit into seats designed for larger people too.

After which she underwent a surgery wherein the surgeons removed 80% of her stomach known as the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

In a matter of just nine months, Christian’s weight dropped from 169 kg to 95 kg. Though she was thrilled to have such a major weight loss, her body didn’t show the same. Her fat just seemed to be very obvious as it hung down and made her feel very uncomfortable. She quickly gained 25 kg( 55 pounds) again which prompted her to do something about it.

After that she took up pole dancing and never saw back again. Being an avid dance lover she enjoyed her sessions of pole dancing but again was very conscious because of being the biggest girl in the room, wearing a size 20 shorts.

Her trainers and colleagues were very welcoming and soon she overcame her embarrassment. She now confidently adorns crop tops and shorts and follows a good diet wherein her intake of protein is good to keep her body energetic.

Today she doesn’t feel sad for herself. In fact, she says every woman can do it!