Husband 'Forgets' To Tell Wife Her BFF's Child Might Actually Be His & Doesn't Think He's Wrong

Husband 'Forgets' To Tell Wife Her BFF's Child Might Actually Be His & Doesn't Think He's Wrong

Even the most magical of love stories can have a bump in th road. Often times our paths can split from our one true love, only to be united further down the road. But in order to stay on the same path, all parties need to be open and honest with each other... especially about the time spent apart.

One husband didn't think that was a requirement when he and his now wife had a full breakup a few years back.

"About 7 years ago, my wife's best friend and her husband split and it looked like they were headed for divorce," he began explaining.

About the same time, he and his then girlfriend (now wife) split too. They were officially broken up and he full believed that their relationship was totally over.

"So when my wife's best friend showed interest, I decided to sleep with her," he admitted. "We were never serious. It was purely physical. This went on for a few months, and then she broke things off with me because she and her husband had decided to give things another shot. It was not long after they reconciled that she announced they were expecting."

The husband claims that the BFF didn't ever indicate the child could be his, so he assumed she knew that they weren't.

He also added that he had no idea for sure that she was still seeing her husband, let alone another guy while they were together. He says about a year later after it all happened he and his wife got back together and never told her about the BFF because he wanted a "clean start."

"Everything was fine until her best friend and her husband starting have problems a year ago," he wrote.

"They have been going through a nasty divorce. At some point her husband decided he wanted a paternity test and discovered that his daughter is not his biologically. The best friend then admitted she was mostly sure it was mine. The husband then contacted my wife and told her what her friend had said."

Since then the husband has been dealing with the fallout.

"My wife think I was an [expletive] for not mentioning what happened between us, but I never had any reason to suspect it could be my daughter until now," he defends. "I don't think it would have made sense to tell her about something that I thought was low probability. It seems crazy to me to hold this against me when I never suspected anything."

So now he wants to know if he is in the wrong or his wife is overreacting.

Users had a hard time believing this man can't understand that what he did was wrong.

"It’s not unreasonable to think it would be best to disclose this to your wife once you got back together," wrote one user. "You also said you had no reason to suspect the child was yours, which I find laughable."

Though the husband added that they had an agreement to not talk about the lovers they took in the year apart, users still thought he was wrong.

"If it was some random woman you messed around it when you weren’t with your wife, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to tell her," one user admitted. "But her best friend? I think you are using that term loosely because my best friend would never not tell me she thinks her child may be my husbands. That’s actually ridiculous you both didn’t tell her if they still are friends."

Hopefully the husband wakes up and realizes he owes his wife a huge apology.