Husband Who Accidentally Texted Another Woman Instead Of Wife Ends Up Marrying Her

Husband Who Accidentally Texted Another Woman Instead Of Wife Ends Up Marrying Her
Mary and Peter McTaggart met in a bizarre set of circumstances (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

A clumsy husband accidentally text another woman instead of his wife - only to end up marrying her.

Former security guard Peter Mctaggart, 46, met his current wife Mary, 60, in 2003 after repeatedly texting her number - thinking it was his wife's.

After receiving three messages from the stranger, Mary, who was also married to someone else at the time, responded to let Peter know he must have the wrong number.

But their relationship soon blossomed over text messages and the pair confided each about their failing relationships - until Peter travelled from Bolton, Lancashire, to stay with Mary and her then husband.

Husband Who Accidentally Texted Another Woman Instead Of Wife Ends Up Marrying Her
Mary and Peter McTaggart on the day they tied the knot (Image: Lauren Batey/ Kennedy News)

When Peter's wife found out about their friendship and Mary eventually split from her own partner, the pair realised that "fate had brought them together".

Despite the unusual method of meeting and the 14-year age gap, the couple claim their shared sense of humour ensures they are well matched.

Mary, from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, said: "It was fate that brought us together.

"When I first received Peter's messages, I just ignored them - I had no idea who they were from.

"I was receiving messages in the early hours of the morning because Peter worked at a similar time to me and thought he was texting his wife.

"Then one day I had the courage to say 'I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are' and he apologised.

"But we kept in touch on and off about our days after realising we both worked similar hours.

"We chatted about what was going on in our lives and eventually got round to talking about our relationships at the time.

Husband Who Accidentally Texted Another Woman Instead Of Wife Ends Up Marrying Her
Mary, 60, and 46-year-old Peter became great friends before their relationship moved to the next stage (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

"It turned out Peter was having the same problems in his relationship too and we used each other as a backbone really."

After over a year of texting and talking on the phone as just friends, Peter had a blazing row with his wife and came to stay with Mary and her then-husband.

Mary said: "Peter came up for a couple of days after an argument with his wife and he stayed at my house with me and my husband.

"Before he came to Newcastle he'd only sent me one photograph of himself and his son at his wedding - that's all I'd seen.

"But I knew he was in need and after talking to my ex-husband, he suggested he came and stayed with us. There was nothing romantic at that point.

"He tried to get his head together while I just got on with my normal routine."

After Peter went back to his hometown of Bolton in March 2004, he left his wife a couple of weeks later and went to stay with a friend.

In July, Mary left her husband and went to stay with her sister, while Peter decided to move up to Newcastle to be near her - although they insist they were only friends at this point.

It wasn't until later that year that the couple's friendship evolved into something more as they helped each other through divorces and decided to take a trip to Blackpool.

On their return, they finally decided to give their relationship a go.

Mary said: "We didn't decide what was going on until we went to Blackpool just to see if we could work as a couple.

"At first I thought the age difference would be an issue but it wasn't.

"We had a lot in common, the same sense of humour and most importantly I trusted him to keep me safe.

"It's been a lucky escape to a better place.

"People are always so shocked when we tell them how we met. There's a girl at work this week who asked Peter - she couldn't believe it."

In 2017, after 13 years together, Mary and Peter finally married at a low-key ceremony surrounded by close friends and family.

Mary said: "Everything was lovely.

"I didn't have a new dress - I had a dress that had been made for me previously.

"Peter had a kilt from his first wedding so we had that all dismantled.

"I made the flowers myself and all the button holes for the men. I also made my own wedding cake.

"Our wedding song goes back to the time we actually met - it was Daniel Bedingfield's 'I Will Never Leave Your Side'."

Peter, who now works at the same supermarket as Mary in Newcastle, split up with his wife after she reportedly became jealous of their friendship.

He believes they grew together because of their shared sense of humour and similar experiences.

Peter said: "I'd just bought a new phone so was saving my ex-wife's number, but must have typed in the wrong digit.

"There was one number different between my wife at the time and Mary's numbers.

"I'd sent a few messages and Mary eventually messaged back explaining I'd got the wrong number.

"She explained who she was but I didn't mention it to my wife because we were going through a bad patch.

"From the same day we started talking to each other. It was a case of messaging back and forth then.

"Eventually, my wife found out about Mary but I was still keeping in touch and ringing her.

"She didn't like that - you can understand why.

"One day it just got too much and I left. I had to find somewhere to live.

"I had to sleep on my friend's sofas for a couple of months until I could move up to Newcastle.

"I soon had a job lined up though and in July 2004 I moved up there.

"I was in the flat for about 18 months until 2006 when Mary and I got a house together.

"We've got the same sense of humour and in the early days we could talk about the things that were going on in our lives. That's how we grew closer."