I Ate My Way Through All 11 Countries of Epcot

Yes, yes, I know you're sitting there wondering if I've even recovered from my great Wizarding World eating adventure (or even my Disneyland one before it) and before we go any further, I have to tell you my answer is "not really, honestly." But alas. I pressed on and am here to tell you about my latest feat: eating my way through every single country at Disney World's Epcot.

On a 90-degree day somewhat recently, I worked my way through the iconic park, slow but surely tackling anywhere from one-to-three treats, drinks, snacks, and straight-up meals in each country. After all 11 countries, I totaled at 23 items. Some stand-outs? China's (and Japan's) plum wine, Mexico's nachos, the U.K.'s fish and chips, France's macaron ice cream sandwich, Morocco's shawarma, Germa-you know what? Pretty much everything was delicious.

...Except for maybe China's lychee ice cream. Oh, and America's turkey leg. Like, the turkey leg was delicious, you guys, but it was was a lot.

I Ate My Way Through All 11 Countries of Epcot

Chelsea Lupkin

Anyway. Watch it all happen above and hopefully my perseverance and pain will serve as an ultimate eating guide to your next trip to Disney. Or, you know, some vague amusement for a good 16 minutes. Whatever works.