I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

I was naughty when I was a child, plus "childish", I ate a lot of mouth losses.

The most impressive one was at my grandma's 60th birthday party.

At that time, rural conditions are not good, every time this occasion is the most exciting time for children, because they can be a mouthful, flip open cheeks stuffed with food.

During the ceremony, grandma's grandchildren and grandsons and granddaughters wished the old lady a happy birthday.

Let me say, this is what adults do to children to amuse them, how beautiful and auspicious words can a child as young as a kid say.

My cousins, basically wishing grandma a happy birthday, the older the whole sentence long life, all the best.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

I was so focused on eating that when it was my turn, I hadn't thought of the whole word.

After being picked up by my mother, I don't know which tendon was wrong, I gave a sentence, "May grandma live as long as a king.

I just remember the loud laughter that shook my ears, and the caress on my buttocks from my mom's two fingers holding a small piece of flesh to the right at the same time.

I don't remember if my grandma was smiling or not, I just remember that when I went to my grandma's house again, the meat in my bowl was always more than my cousin's.

When I grew up, I looked back on it again, and I summed up a truth.

Others will, you do a good job can not pull the gap, only master some others will not, your own will, to be different.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

This is true in life, at work, and in the kitchen frying, it naturally applies.

The same is true of scrambled eggs, which ordinary people add a little salt to the pan and start scrambling.

Some people add a little water starch to make the scrambled eggs smooth and tender, while others add two drops of vinegar to make the finished product fluffy and textured.

Some people stew meat, the onion and ginger spices a slip thrown into the pot, some people stir-fry spices, stir-fry small ingredients, by the way, also choke soy sauce and then heat water to mix soup, stew out of the meat aroma doubled several times.

Cooking is a craft, as a craftsman, with a few masterpieces in his pocket, stir-fry is naturally more delicious than others.

If which masterpiece is practiced to perfection, it can become a family skill.

Without further ado, this article shares with you a few cold cooking skills, said cold is actually the majority of home chefs have not mastered the skills.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

01 "Less" soy sauce, "more" vinegar

When it comes to soy sauce, anyone who cooks regularly is good friends with him.

Freshness, color, aroma and so on endless advantages, stir-fry with, stew with, marinated meat with, cold dishes with, many friends eat dumplings have to dip in soy sauce.

According to unreliable statistics, every family now spends at least a third of its annual money on condiments to buy soy sauce.

This is not wrong, soy sauce "sauce, mellow, fresh, sweet, salty" of the original taste, is the excellent skills, is the sage helper of our cooking people.

Once you learn to use soy sauce correctly, you are ready to start cooking.

It is also because he is so capable that he overshadows vinegar and wine, which are also the main generals of the fermentation group, and makes us overlook that vinegar is actually a good tool that can be used in cooking with half the effort.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

I have a cheeky friend, often come home to dilly-dally, the reason is also particularly far-fetched, saying that I do the dishes are "drugged", so he was addicted, not a week to come on the body itch.

Cheeky especially fond of cold dishes, every time he comes, a cold dish has to do two plates, others eat a plate, he himself eat a plate.

Many people think that cold dishes are delicious and that the oil is the key, which is ostensibly true.

In fact, it is the vinegar that is most crucial to whether the gazpacho is good or not.

To be more specific, it is the ratio of vinegar and sugar in it.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

Let's take cold cabbage heart, the most homely cold dish, as an example.

Choose fresh cabbage hearts for the main ingredient. If they are not so fresh, soak them in ice water for a while and they will soon regain their crisp texture.

For the side, use some shredded bell pepper and cilantro, or you can serve it with some slightly sweet and slightly spicy shredded onion.

To make the sauce, put the vinegar in the bowl first, choose balsamic vinegar or sweet vinegar, the degree is best around 5 degrees.

Equal amount, or slightly less sugar, adjust salt to your taste.

Add good after stirring well, wait a while, wait for the salt and sugar fully dissolved, if because of saturation can not be completely dissolved put a little pure water.

Add a little soy sauce to increase freshness, no need to add MSG, the combination of sugar and vinegar and MSG does not quite match.

I love pepper more, so I will put a little pepper.

A drop of mustard oil, sesame oil and cooking oil, cooking oil is not necessary, if not, just a little more sesame oil.

If you can eat garlic, you can pair it with a little minced garlic, bared in hot oil, to smell not necessarily spicy.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

From the preparation of cold dishes, we cite a little bit of the opposite and a little bit of the opposite thoroughly.

Convert more vinegar and less soy sauce to more soy sauce and less vinegar for hot dishes, especially meat dishes, and fishy meat dishes.

For example, if bacon, animal offal and crayfish are the main ingredients of meat dishes, it is very effective to cook a little vinegar in the hot pan when stir-frying.

The original flavor of vinegar is "sour, mellow, fresh, sweet and fragrant", but the other flavors are obscured because of the sharp property of sourness.

When many people mention vinegar, they only think of the sour taste. If you take away the sourness, the basic properties of vinegar are not much worse than soy sauce.

The upside is that the acidity is not stable and can easily be whisked away with heat.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

When hot frying, dump a little vinegar on the side of the hotter wok, soon there will be a sour smell into the nose, once the sour smell goes away, the vinegar fragrance that follows up will make us feel comfortable.

If the soup stir-fry, such as crayfish, you need to add water to stew for a while, you can add the vinegar after the high heat, open the lid for a while, and then cover the stew when the acidity evaporates away.

The freshness and aroma of vinegar is not the same as the freshness and aroma of soy sauce because of the different kinds of fermenting bacteria.

The basic principles of cooking, flavor needs to be piled up and freshness needs to be matched.

The more aromatic properties are piled up, the more aromatic the finished dish will be.

The alliance of different freshness factors will have the effect of one plus one or even more than three.

So when cooking, appropriately reduce the amount of soy sauce a little, and fill the empty part with vinegar, there will be an unexpected fresh flavor harvest.

The premise is that the vinegar should be less and leave room for the acetic acid to evaporate without affecting the overall flavor of the dish.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

02 Spicy and sweet

As a chef in Hebei, I can not hold my head up is the Hebei cuisine is not known, but I also have to admit that today, the hottest Chinese cuisine is still Sichuan cuisine.

There is a little jingle among the people, called "leave the Pauling vinegar, Sichuan cuisine without customers.

Szechuan cuisine, which is hot in nature, will become much tamer and less hot under the effect of vinegar.

In this section, I would like to share with you a more practical phrase called "A spoonful of sugar for Sichuan chefs".

With chili peppers for the company of Sichuan chefs, the most clear temperament of chili peppers, Sichuan and Chongqing love spicy, but also by the chili pepper arbitrary wild.

Under the chef's tutelage, the peppers were made to serve the nation's taste buds honestly.

The combination of sweetness and chili resonates better with the palate of diners than vinegar.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

Spicy, in strict terms, is not a taste, the tongue says he is a stimulation of the mouth, producing a slight burning sensation.

This slight burning pain keeps the taste buds awake at all times and does not make us taste fatigued.

Similarly, even a mild stimulus, if it works for a long time, can make the sense of taste lose control or even lose it under prolonged tension.

So, how to tame the prickly pepper becomes a technical difficulty in a spicy-based dish.

I have a friend in the northwest, the aquatic river food has an obsessive love, especially crayfish, every time we eat absolutely no less than the spicy fried shrimp tail dish.

This brother is still a heavy taste, bursting spicy to enjoy.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

Spicy to eat a bite, I can bite my tongue when I talk kind of.

But I am also a glutton for punishment, want to eat but also afraid of spicy how to do?

Serve in a small bowl, sprinkle with sugar, mix well and let the flavors blend for a while, the spiciness will be reduced a lot, the mouth slightly sweet and fresh taste of shrimp can still echo on.

The words have been rushed here, soon to go into the crawfish season, to share with you a home production method it.

Main ingredients: crayfish, or shrimp tails.

Accessories: potatoes, garlic cloves, bell peppers

Small ingredients: onion, ginger, garlic

Seasoning: beer, soy sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, hot pot base

  • Cut the onion and ginger a little larger, and the garlic a broken two.
  • Heat a pan with cool oil, turn on low heat, put onion and ginger and half of the garlic, slowly fry.
  • Under the hot pot base, fried under the crawfish, the family did not have to go through the oil, the shrimp tail, then blanching water.
  • Crawfish fried brown, out of the taste after the beer, the crawfish end over can.
  • Turn up the heat to cook out the fishy smell of shrimp.
  • Seasoning, salt, soy sauce, pepper, sugar for the first time and, depending on the situation, a little vinegar.
  • If you put vinegar, keep the lid on and cook for a while to cook out the acetic acid taste.
  • Taste the taste, not bitter mainly, the first time you put sugar to neutralize the bitterness of the beer.
  • Cover and simmer for five or six minutes and add sugar for the second time.
  • Add potato strips, continue to cover and simmer for five or six minutes, adjust salt, soy sauce and sugar according to actual taste.
  • When the soup is just about to thicken, put the chopped garlic and bell pepper into it.

High heat to reduce the juice sticky paste is good.

Put sugar in the middle two to three times, the first time the sugar neutralizes the bitterness of the beer. The second time the sugar, wait for the spicy taste to come out before putting it down to reduce the dryness and heat, and the third time, depending on the actual situation, you can make the overall taste with a little bit of sweetness.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

03 Acid minus salt

About half a month ago, my wife said she wanted to eat vinegar moo shu and asked me to show her a hand.

Such a regular dish can be fried with your eyes closed.

As a result, that day missed back to the big face, really with closed eyes fried similar.

Vinegar of the dish, to put down the vinegar twice, once is happening in the early stage, put vinegar can let the acidity into the near ingredients inside to, once is the late stage, let the acidity evaporate away leaving vinegar aroma.

As a result, the second time that day vinegar, a careless mess more.

Drown all the eggs, the acidity will soon go in, not good to drive out again.

I made an immediate decision to remedy the situation with sugar.

I picked up the spice box, a spoonful went in, and by the time I reacted, it had all been grilled and evened out.

It's not sugar that's put in, it's salt.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

When that plate was served, my daughter-in-law went from a mouth full of happiness to a mouth full of wishing me happiness in just one bite of the dish.

The twist of my ear, and now it still hurts.

Vinegar with salt, is a bitter taste, thief bitter bitter kind.

My wife said that my dish, successfully simulated the taste of lemon.

With a failed operation, I successfully verified the seasoning guidelines taught to me by my master, acid less salt.

Not only should acid have less salt, but fried dishes should also have less salt.

The reason is simple, fried dishes, to be charred and crispy, want crispy to drive away the moisture.

The dish contains less water, you have to reduce the amount of salt at the same time.

I learned a few "cold" cooking techniques, so I can cook better than others

This brings us back to the seasoning method I told you about in previous articles, the approaching salt method.

A small amount, many times put salt, after all, not enough to make up, more no way to choose out ah.

Instead of trusting your experience, trust your palate, always taste the dish and adjust it in place step by step.

This is not a sign of technical incompetence, but a rigorous work ethic.

After typing so many words, my fingers are sore again, so I'll write it here for now.

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