If your cooking is not good, it could be because of these 5 "improper" cooking techniques, you still don't know?

We introduced you yesterday to the kitchen cooking is not good, easy to step on the 5 "cooking minefield", today we give you may not know, 5 "improper" cooking techniques;.

The so-called "unorthodox" cooking techniques, let's first talk about what is "unorthodox", in this case, we can understand that it is not the traditional cooking techniques, a little "side" meaning.

As an example to illustrate the "unorthodox" cooking skills I want to express, or some "side" cooking skills, just started learning cooking skills, we will learn to do so many home cooking: green pepper stir-fry shredded pork, braised pork, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, braised pork, for example, recipe books will teach us to cook braised pork, need to fry sugar, many partners in the process of frying sugar, can not master the trick, it is easy to fail, I have also encountered, but I through a "unorthodox" cooking skills, bypass the frying sugar, and the braised pork to do a very good color and flavor;.

I did this, the sugar color frying is not good, I simply do not fry, put a few pieces of sugar cane cut into small pieces, with the pot of pork stewed together, high heat boil and then slow stew, plus enough patience, finally, out of the pot, the color of red bright Q pop, melt in the mouth of the roast pork makes me proud for a long time;.

When my cooking skills were improved and my theoretical knowledge was well understood, I learned to make fried sugar color again, because after a long time of practice, I was able to think while practicing the process of fried sugar color, and after several failures, I was able to master the method of fried sugar color, and at the same time, I learned many ways to make roast pork.

do not taste good, may be the 5 "improper" cooking skills, what is "improper", here we can understand that is not the traditional cooking skills, a little "side" meaning, learning the traditional way is important, but when we can not learn, it is easy to lose confidence or motivation, through these "improper" cooking skills, at least let us still be interested in insisting on cooking in the kitchen, rather than the impact of failure, and no longer like this thing;.

Quickly enhance the level of cooking, the 5 "side" cooking skills, cooking with half the effort, through this article, its main purpose is to introduce you to cooking skills and cooking in the kitchen in some of the fun, the fun, only continuous practice and persistence will get, of course, in the process, we can also harvest a lot of similar to those I share with you today "improper" cooking skills;.

If your cooking is not good, it could be because of these 5 "improper" cooking techniques, you still don't know?

A, beer can replace water, Sprite can also replace water

Wine in our kitchen cooking process, often used, for example, will use wine to meat ingredients to deodorize, but I do not like the taste of wine, in order to play the same role, I prefer to use beer;.

Supermarkets often have promotions, especially in the summer, beer promotions are often very strong, a bottle of 330ML a can of beer, often only cost 1 yuan, whenever I see these discount promotions will buy a lot of beer, take home instead of water and wine, used to stir-fry some meat, fish and shrimp, of course, used to stew chicken and duck is also very good, beer instead of water, in addition to being able to remove fishy, but also to make the meat ingredients in the pot more delicious, killing two birds with one stone.

Using beer instead of water, I often make these dishes: crawfish will taste better when using beer instead of water for cassoulet.

Braised bream, braised sea bass, braised yellowtail, I will also use beer instead of water, the same will make the fish tender, without a hint of fishy smell, of course, to remove the fish, in addition to beer is far from enough, in the hot oil, the fish body fried until golden in color is the most important process to remove fishy;.

Beer instead of water, for most meat ingredients are more obvious effect, my daughter-in-law likes to eat pig feet and pig tails, in the process of braising, to remove the fishy and remove the odor is a very important link, using beer instead of water to boil, is really able to play a very good effect, of course, the pig feet pig tails blanching to remove the fishy is also essential, in the process of boiling, I will also add a small amount of soy beans, the addition of soy beans to bring the fresh taste, really than put chicken essence oyster sauce to the real and fresh;.

If your cooking is not good, it could be because of these 5 "improper" cooking techniques, you still don't know?

Sprite in our daily life, is a carbonated beverage, in fact, they can also be used to burn vegetables, or braised pork for example, will not fry sugar color, I will use beer and Sprite to replace the water, so that the braised pork, but also very delicious, and the whole process of frying is no longer necessary to put sugar;.

The main role played by beer instead of water in the searing process, my perception is this, to remove the odor and at the same time, be able to make the meat ingredients more flavorful and easier to taste.

If your cooking is not good, it could be because of these 5 "improper" cooking techniques, you still don't know?

Second, the importance of soy sauce and vinegar, the use of pepper

Soy sauce, especially soy sauce, besides coloring the ingredients, also has a freshness effect. We all know that the production process of soy sauce is fermentation brewing, in this process, a freshness substance "amino acid nitrogen" will be produced, this substance is the natural fermentation of soybeans produce freshness substances, so, when you buy soy sauce, you can check the text on the back label, the higher the content of "amino acid nitrogen", the more delicious this soy sauce.

Vinegar is also brewed, and the brewing process is similar to that of white wine, so it is recommended that you buy more brewing vinegar.

When it comes to this, you seem to feel that we are introducing you to old soy sauce and vinegar, but in fact, these two seasonings, when purchased properly, are also capable of making our dishes more delicious.

In addition we talk about pepper, we all think that pepper is used to remove fishy, in fact, its greatest use is to increase freshness, you can buy pepper, choose white pepper, simply put, a pot of bland tomato and egg soup, after the pot sprinkled with a little pepper, immediately make the taste of the hotel, this is the immediate effect;.

Soy sauce, vinegar, white pepper and other common seasonings, one is to know how to choose, the second is to understand that the proper use of these seasonings, to increase the freshness of dishes is also immediate.

If your cooking is not good, it could be because of these 5 "improper" cooking techniques, you still don't know?

Third, the importance of "vegetarian stir-fry" lard

A bowl of the most ordinary Yangchun noodles, in even the premise of no soup, even into the boiling water, but if there is a spoonful of lard in the bowl, the bowl of Yangchun noodles will immediately become delicious, this is the magical effect of lard, simply put, delicious vegetables, with lard and without lard, the difference in taste that is really a world of difference;.

My parents are older, but still retain the habit of eating lard, they also have a variety of concerns, now may consume the amount and frequency of consumption than when they were younger a lot less, but every now and then in fried vegetables, especially some leafy vegetables, or will use lard, fried vegetables with lard, the taste, immediately will be much softer, this is the magic.

Southerners eat dumplings, like soup and water, like eating a bowl of wontons in general, it must be delicious to be accepted by everyone, when you think about it, its seasoning process, probably because of the addition of lard to the soup, so that a bowl of frozen dumplings can also become exceptionally delicious;

If your cooking is not good, it could be because of these 5 "improper" cooking techniques, you still don't know?

Fourth, to meat ingredients to deodorize, this is the most effective method

Pork has a fishy smell, freshwater fish fishy smell is also heavy, scallops yellowtail and other sea fish fishy smell that is more flavorful, although pork can be blanched, the effect of deodorization can be said to have a certain role, but when we burn fish, fish can not be blanched, so, to fish deodorization we tend to use onion, ginger, garlic, wine marinade in advance for a while, and then cooked in a pot;.

In fact, in my opinion, to these meat ingredients to deodorize, there is a most simple, but the most immediate method, that is, frying, such as burning pancetta, meat in the pan more frying for a while, pancetta in the lard flavor is stir-fried out, its nasty meat smell is completely gone;.

Whether it is crucian carp, bream, perch, Mandarin fish, yellow fish, grass carp, etc., before braising, fry the fish in the pan for a while longer, fry both sides of the fish body until the color is golden, after not smelling the fishy smell, you will suddenly find that the fish becomes fragrant, it is the fragrance of the protein after frying in hot oil, which is very able to stimulate our appetite.

What is the fishest fish? Scallops are the most annoying to me, but the deliciousness of the fish makes me accept its fishy smell before enjoying its deliciousness.

If your cooking is not good, it could be because of these 5 "improper" cooking techniques, you still don't know?

Five, add these ingredients when cooking, instant freshness

above, we said that I will put soybeans when making braised pig's feet and roasted pig's tail, in fact, soybeans are a very amazing ingredient, the effect of freshness is satisfying, even the raw material of soy sauce is also soybeans;.

In addition to soybeans, you can prepare more of these ingredients in your daily life: dried mushrooms, tomatoes, shrimp oil, fresh pancetta, air-dried bacon, ham, shrimp skin and various small seafood.

But these fresh ingredients in the use of the process, need to have a certain target, you can be based on these can be fresh food materials, find the corresponding recipes, and then is the map, make the corresponding dishes, its fresh taste, will certainly leave a deep memory for your family.

To give you the simplest example, the supermarket live shrimp, buy home, we can remove the shrimp head, leaving the tail, but the shrimp head can be used to fry shrimp oil, shrimp head fried shrimp oil, and then to cook other dishes, the fresh taste, really can not be described in words, try to know;.

There is also pancetta, pancetta in our daily life is the most used meat ingredients, pancetta roasted potatoes, pancetta roasted beans, pancetta roasted cauliflower, etc., no pancetta, these vegetables do not seem to be very tasty, once added pancetta, immediately delicious;.

For a long time a, always thought that people like to eat meat, but when I use vegetable oil vegetarian roast potato cubes compared to pancetta roast potatoes, immediately after I can conclude that pancetta, in addition to being able to eat, the most important is used to enhance the fresh;.

Steamed pork is often eaten, I think we, like me, prefer the potatoes in the steamed pork, for the sake of simplicity, I omitted the pork, directly with steamed rice noodles accompanied by potatoes on the pot of steam, after steaming, the aroma is obviously not added to the pork steamed pork to the tempting, taste, let alone, far from it.

If your cooking is not good, it could be because of these 5 "improper" cooking techniques, you still don't know?

At the end of writing, I would like to say a few words, the most "improper" 5 cooking skills, learn, kitchen cooking taste is no longer a single, kitchen cooking, in fact, is a matter of practice, only we continue to practice, in order to have more insight, similar to today to introduce you to some "improper" cooking skills in general, is also my personal, practice out of a little shallow view;.

We try to be just right, through original illustrations, between words and pictures to share with you a dish that is delicious, beautiful and nutritious, what kind of food you want, here we hope we can give it to you!