Interesting Facts About UFO

Unidentified flying objects are obscure abnormalities that occur in the sky above our head. They can also be observed on the ground during their landing or take-off. For the first time, the term "UFO" was used in 1953 in the book by Donald E. Kihou (Keyhoe) "Flying Plates from Space". The modern era of the UFO began in 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arnold reported that he saw nine objects in the form of a disk over Mount Rainer in Washington. Arnold called them "flying saucers", and this term was rooted in the mass consciousness. Originally there were "flying saucers", and the neutral abbreviation UFO was introduced later by the US Air Force. This happened in 1953, and the term combines flying objects that had not only the shape of the disc. Most scholars, representatives of fundamental science, consider it unlikely, though not entirely impossible, that frequent visits by aliens to our planet and say that the UFO does not deserve detailed research. About half the reports of UFOs flying over the United States in the late 50's and in the 60's of the last century were later disclosed as reports of U-2, the world-famous reconnaissance aircraft.

Most of the films about aliens can be divided into two subgroups:

  • Pictures of the alien invasion, during which mankind has to repel the attacks of aggressive aliens, e.g. a film "Alien" in 1979.
  • Films in which friendly aliens try to do everything in their power to help earthlings, e.g. "Abyss".

The third type of film is rather rare, and it describes events in which earthlings help the aliens. One of the important components of ufology has become known during the science that is being studied by the ancient astronauts. The fundamental principle of this science was that "Vonfontavti" repeatedly visited our planet in the distant past. In 1967, the British authorities "gave good" to the study of six "flying saucers", which formed an ideally equal ranger over southern England. Later it turned out that this was a hoaxed game by students of engineering professions. In the Atlantic Ocean there is a place in which and over which there are usually unusual phenomena, and it is called the Bermuda Triangle. One of the popular explanations for this phenomenon was the rumors that there is a secret underwater base arriving at the UFO ground. The existence of this base explains the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle. Carl Jung interpreted the phenomenon of "flying saucers", which most often appear in the form of rounded discs, mandala symbols, reflecting the aspiration of the human mind to stability in this imperfect world. Although astronomer Carl Sagan was a prominent supporter of allegations of the existence of UFOs and other paranormal events, he enthusiastically participated in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), which was based on exploration of open-air radio signals.

In the late 1930s, Orson Welles's radio broadcast was so well interpreted by the "War of the Worlds" that hundreds of Americans believed that their country was indeed subjected to invasion of aliens. July 8, 1947, an information agency in Roswell, New Mexico, announced the discovery of "flying disk" fragments near a ranch not far from the city. Then the government hastily announced that it was an experimental ball that was part of the flight program. However, critics have long accused the government of concealing the truth about alien ships and its dead inhabitants. In the Soviet Union, evidence of UFO witnesses most often coincided with the trials of new types of military missiles. In a poll of the Gallup Institute of Public Opinion in 1996, 71% of Americans believe that they hide the whole truth about unknown flying objects. The first UFO photos were made in 1883 in Sacatecas, a Mexican astronomer named Jose Bonilla. The first allegations of alien abduction date back to 1961, when Betty and Barney Hill said they had been kidnapped by aliens on a motorway in New Hampshire. The UFO has been the cause of many clubs and organizations such as the UFO Network, the UFO Center and the UFO Research Foundation. On November 23, 1953, Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla Jr. was sent to intercept an unidentified flying object over Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan. After approaching the UFO, Monclo plane disappeared from the radar screens, and nothing more was heard about it.