"ios16" tasters can update ios16 public test now

The main machine has been updated ios16 public beta version to use 5 days, to say that my feelings of use, you can refer to the next to update or not!

Model: iPhone 13pro256

System: iOS16beta3 Public Beta

"ios16" tasters can update ios16 public test now

Pros 1: The overall smoothness of the system is very good, I personally feel that it is not worse than 15.6 to where.

Pros 2: What I like most is the lock screen interface, a variety of styles can be switched, different lock screens with different wallpapers, the style at your disposal, really good!

Advantage 3: When deleting SMS in bulk you can see which ones are unread, and the unread dots are still displayed. In the previous system, the unread dots were gone as soon as you clicked multi-select, and you didn't know which messages were unread.

Pros 4: The smart keying feature is really convenient, and it is simply too friendly for amateur artists like me.

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This version not only has advantages, but also many disadvantages

Disadvantage 1: the most focus is the range, claimed to be the best range 13pro (promax ignore), after updating the system range reduced by 2 hours, this bug is indeed a little big. I do not play games, so the game aspect is not to do a review.

"ios16" tasters can update ios16 public test now

Disadvantage 2: WeChat friend circle although the flashback is fixed, but occasionally stuck when sending a friend circle picture or video, a little affect the use.

Disadvantage 3: the desktop switch page when the following small dots indicate that the display is offset, although it does not affect the use, but look awkward.

"ios16" tasters can update ios16 public test now

Summary: The overall use of nothing major problems, like to taste the partners recommended to update, anyway, sooner or later have to be more, early with early enjoyment. The phone 100 to app, did not encounter the flashback problem, normal use, the bank app need to re-login. The game is not one of them, like the game of pals sorry!

All of the above is my actual experience, to give you a reference! The final rise or not you decide for yourselves!

"ios16" tasters can update ios16 public test now