Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

Yesterday, I took my children on a trip to Shidu, which was a temporary decision, but also all the way to stop and play. Originally I was not planning to drive myself, because the little housekeeper and relatives both want to drive, but the little grandson looked at the two of them arguing around and said, "You two are not reliable, or grandpa to drive it."

"Your grandfather is over 60 years old? Aren't you afraid he'll get tired?" The relative asked the young grandson. The child said he wanted his grandfather to drive for safety's sake. Maybe after spending so much time together, I gave the child a better sense of security.

And I believe children are more perceptive, and this perception may diminish with age, or jungle immersion. So, since the child raised, I will go along with his intention to drive it

This is something I hope you can also refer to, it is the kind of temporary and sudden advice that you must pay attention to. For example, if your family is going to travel by plane, but suddenly a person says he doesn't think it's a good idea to fly, and he can't tell you why, he suggests taking the high speed train, so either take his advice or cancel the trip.

All for the sake of safety, some people will ask: "Shou, is there a possibility that it is safe to take the plane, that suddenly said to take the high speed train people feel wrong, the result of the high speed train instead will have problems?" This probability is there, but relatively small, because generally speaking this sudden advice, are here to help.

I remember an actor named Zhang Yi, he once said a personal experience, that is, he temporarily haunted the zoo, changing the original schedule. Later found that the boat should have boarded, sank, 172 people did not survive.

In 1985, a huge shipwreck occurred in the Songhua River, which killed a total of 172 people, when Zhang was 7 years old.

Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

People who have experienced this kind of thing must be afraid, but people will also change a lot, just like Zhang Ye once said that he spent all his life's luck this time, so he never complained in the rest of his life.

Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

It is indeed true, the great disaster will not die, there will be a later blessing, in fact, my understanding is also used up a lot of luck before, and where is the so-called blessing?

This kind of blessing is not luck, but after experiencing a great right and wrong catastrophe after the enlightenment, to cherish life, more tolerant of family and friends, I personally feel that the so-called blessing should be these, rather than have other shelter, even if there is, is the next slowly accumulate themselves again.

Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

On the way to Shidu, I first drove on the sixth ring road in Beijing, and then took the Jingkun Expressway, a road I have driven many times before. The road is also quite emotional, because things are different, once I came with Lao Zhong and the others, and I also brought my wife and son here. Thousands of thoughts, but could not anticipate that one day will take these three children on the same road.

As I drove all the way inside along the Rejects River, the road started to get heavily congested with single lanes in both directions, and I was stuck behind a bus.

"Boss, I want to ask a question, not that it is best to drive away from large cars? You have been following behind a big bus on this stretch of road, what kind of rhythm is this?" The little butler may also be too bored with the traffic jam and asked me casually.

"Take the normal urban road, or high-speed must be away from the big car, which is no problem, and can exceed as soon as possible, you see I just on the highway are immediately over to go. But now is a single-lane mountain road, and in front of a large bus will not be like a cement car falling objects. Anyway, it is also a traffic jam, can not drive up, follow it in front like there is a shield, all the opposite coming cars in the circling mountain road to see the big car will slow down, we are behind the big car, take the mountain road, but is an increase in the safety factor."

"People can really become elite when they get old, people have to be old, sick and dead, and young people really have no way out." The little housekeeper was still talking about something, so I didn't take it to heart.

The car, still stuck in traffic, is a picking garden by the roadside, with people selling plums, wood eggs and peaches by the roadside. Almost this location, the old clock once had to me to stop, and then bought a lot of specialties, he said looked at the girl selling things face good. He didn't have anything else in mind, and he didn't even ask for a phone, so he gave people a round, probably because he looked good.

Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

On the way, my relative kept comparing the mountains in Beijing with those in my hometown. I wonder if she is homesick, thanks to her help in taking care of her these two years. When we arrived at a spot we bought tickets to enter, the weather was not too hot, so we decided to climb up the mountain. I was still very determined, because the back pain has not been well, very worried about the recurrence, memory of this side of the mountain is not steep, also forced myself to follow them together.

Since it was in time for Saturday, the scenic spot was very crowded and there were many people on the mountain path.

It was at this time that something happened that I didn't expect, about a relative.

I don't know if you have that experience, is something destined, fate seems to have arranged a task line for everyone, follow different people will trigger a different plot. I once had a friend who was a good reciter, and if he wasn't there, I wouldn't have heard anyone recite poetry at a dinner party for a year. But when he was there, there was never a time when he didn't recite, and even if it wasn't him, someone else would recite.

I was going to take care of a small group of readers and didn't want to mention it, but yesterday some people said they wanted to hear it, so it's not really a big deal. At that time, the little housekeeper also took photos and videos, but she did not allow others to shoot, this child is still relatively strong in character.

We took the mountain road suddenly blocked, all the people in front of us do not go, but also heard a woman yelling, some even run in the opposite direction, but the opposite direction are people going up the mountain, so the crowd gathered here. The location of what happened, it happens to be a cave to pass, and now everyone is wandering at the entrance of the cave dare not enter, and the cave is dark.

Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

The young housekeeper asked a girl who was running back, "What's wrong up front?"

The girl trembled and said, "There are snakes, several, oh no, a dozen of them." Words have been very fearful, and the front gathered a lot of people, all dare not move, some girls buried their heads on the shoulders of men.

The three of us coincidentally looked at our relatives, she seemed to understand what the meaning, mouth muttered: "A few bugs only, what a fuss." As she spoke, she rummaged around in her bag and took out a plastic bag containing several bottles of water, she put several bottles of water into the bag, and then carried an empty bag to go forward.

At this time we also followed behind her, the relative's back is very tall, about 175 she never wears flat shoes, she said, "There is nothing good about being tall, it gives people a feeling of not being too smart." On the contrary the little housekeeper wears shoes with soles everywhere she goes, she wants people to think she is not short.

As the relatives walked forward, a girl next to them said, "Don't go over there, Missy." The little housekeeper skipped behind and said, "Miss?" I heard that once the small housekeeper took a relative to do hair, the result is that someone and relatives want contact information, but not with her, and she has been feeling very surprised in her heart, is not their own temperament? She is a white-collar worker in a first-tier city. But relatives are not interested in these, and after coming to Beijing, all her thoughts are on her children.

Relatives walked to the mouth of the cave, the hole is actually very narrow, and not very long, vaguely visible across the light. This time around the people have formed a circle, due to the narrow mountain road, surrounded by people blocking the road, but the front of not a few.

Relatives carrying a plastic bag standing in the middle, the sound between the crowd is very noisy, someone said, "The scenic phone has not been able to call." Another said, "I did get through and said it was a while to find someone, and I don't know when."

There were three snakes coiled at the entrance of the cave, the number of which did not quite match what the woman had just said, and it was these three that blocked everyone's way. Someone said that there were really quite a few, a few of them went into the cracks of the rocks, and some went into the hole. While they were talking, relatives have squatted down to pick up the three snakes on the ground and put them one by one into a plastic bag.

The whole scene is like putting cucumbers into a fresh bag in the kitchen, with no expression on the face, but extremely skilled hands. Everyone was stunned and muttered, "What was that?" "Did you guys see that? What did she grab the snake with?" "It seems to be a hand."

But there was another voice in the crowd, as if it was a man talking to his girlfriend, who said, "This snake, at a glance, is non-toxic, no different from a large earthworm, and anyone can take it."

Relatives suddenly laughed, carrying three snakes in her hand is estimated to have five or six pounds, she turned her head toward the man, everyone took a step back, the man's face instantly white and said, "You you, you, what are you doing?"

The relative lifted the object in his hand upward and said to the man, "Take it. Two red-trained snakes, non-poisonous, and a short-tailed pit viper, highly poisonous."

This time the man has begun to move to the crowd outside, but the back of more and more people he is not easy to go down, but the people outside simply do not know what is happening, near the people to see a lively look, but also do not go, are watching.

Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

The relative took one look at the scene, and then at us, and couldn't help but sigh and turn around and walk towards the cave. Little housekeeper shouted and said, "Blue sister, take my phone, I'll give you a flashlight." Relatives said no, just that plastic bag filled with three has been full, relatives a reach out several people handed on the plastic bag.

I counted about a minute of time, relatives carrying two plastic bags out, heavy. Everyone was stunned, relatives pointed to the cave and said, "Go over, it's okay." A girl said, "Sister, just the gap next to the hole just went in a, I saw it with my own eyes." The relative turned her head and looked down, pointed her finger and said, "Is this it?" The other party nodded vigorously.

Relative figure belongs to very slim, thin and long arms, only to see her hand directly into the rock crevice, just right. I see some people have covered their eyes, and then look at her really pulled out a gray, together with put in the bag. The little housekeeper trembled and handed up tissues and said, "Wipe your hands, a hundred times better than a hundred times better than a hundred times better than a hundred times better."

Just when everyone was thanking the relatives, a woman said, "These are wild animals, do you want to catch them for yourself?" The relative said: "I release you dare to leave? If you dare I will immediately release, this kind of thing my home mountain than this hundred times, I do not care about it?" All the passers-by pointed at the woman and said, "People helped you, and you bit back."

I asked my relatives, "What do you do with these three bags? "Relatives said:" find a place where no one put it, there are plenty of such snakes in the mountains, usually avoid people, but I do not know how not to avoid people today, maybe there is a cave, they are inhabiting. "

Just when everyone has taken pictures, the little housekeeper spoke: "You better all delete, shoot this thing is not good, and ah, just my sister to help you when you also shot, take out and delete." In fact, there are only a few people in the front row with good vision, a person took a back, but also by the small housekeeper did not relent to delete.

At this time it was seen that the relative put her hand in the bag and touched it one after another, and the young housekeeper asked in surprise, "What are you doing sister!"

Relatives said, "It's okay, I'll just touch to see which belly has something in it, is not to be a mother." Once I heard this little housekeeper leaned directly on the rocks, took a fist position and said, "Convinced, convinced, put to death. Do not snakes bite you?"

"Isn't there still farming of this stuff? What is there to fear. The animals are spiritual, not everyone bites, they generally do not bite me."

The small housekeeper did take photos, but I will not put in the snake photos, to take care of everyone's feelings, after all, nothing to see.

There are many unusual people and things in the jungle, relatives are a special person, of course, this kind of thing is also very much.

Is there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long articleIs there a destiny in the world? A relative's incident, fate added a scene to her|Long article

Yesterday also saw a news, 12-year-old boy driving with his sister, sneaking on the highway for more than 100 kilometers, driving out of the province, the car speed reached 120 mph.

This is all beyond the understanding of ordinary people, but I can still accept, after all, the world is a big place.

At lunchtime, I treated everyone to the famous rainbow trout, and these two opened several beers seeing that they didn't have to drive. Just like that, we drank water as an old man and a young woman, and they both drank beer.

When I came back, the children and the little housekeeper slept all the way, while my relatives chatted with me, and I felt that she, who had grown up alone, was indeed very understanding and self-sufficient. It may also be because life is forced, after all, who has a haven, but also willing to bear the storm themselves.

From her, I also saw the shadow of my own once outside, the kind of unsupported past vividly.

The road to the jungle is far, it is a journey, I just hope that more interesting things, interesting people more thanks, it is good.

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