It's amazing how cells survive after a person dies! What happens to them?

Sperm cells in the human body 36 hours after death will still be alive, but also can pass genes, as long as the survival of the right, but also to produce a healthy baby, but after death, other cells do not have such a good life, they are busy "killing each other", but also busy to save you the golden father, after all, if you ga, they are also dust to dust, dirt to dirt. They are also dust to dust, dirt to dirt. Today we will learn about the life and death of the cell those things.

It's amazing how cells survive after a person dies! What happens to them?

The White Pony Cell

An average adult, there are about 13 trillion cells in the body, even if they are alive, the number of cells consumed by humans is very impressive, killing 70 billion of their own cells every day, but this is only 0.54% of the total number of cells. This, the survival time of red blood cells is about 120 days, but every second there are 1 million red blood cells are destroyed or die, responsible for the immune work of the white blood cells life, not as long as red blood cells, about 7-14 days, stem cells life span is relatively large, short days, long months, intestinal mucosa cells life is about three days, granulocytes worse, in the cell blood survival of less than 6-8 hours, which are These are regenerative cells, originally "the old does not go, the new does not come", but like nerve cells, it is not renewable, a total of 14-20 billion, that is dead a less one, then again, brain cells also have no regenerative capacity, every day can die 100,000 brain cells, if the brain is not used, the faster the death of more, so nothing Still need to use more brains, of course, you do not have to worry, the average person to death can not consume 10% of brain cells.

After the death of a person, all supplies cut off, the body cells do not pull the electric switch, like an instant flame out. A few seconds after death, the brain is still very active, when the body is depleted of oxygen, the brain instead scrambled to run fast, the temperature of the flesh is the first to drop, in dry temperatures, 10 hours after death, the body temperature drops an average of 1 ℃ per hour, 10 hours later, an hour drop of 0.5 ℃, until completely cool.

It's amazing how cells survive after a person dies! What happens to them?

After death, brain cells is the human body's number one "loyalist", not yet cold corpse, there will be shaking phenomenon, but this is the brain's self-help, want to activate the bioelectricity you send, to a heart defibrillation, rescue this fragile flesh, but unfortunately this is all in vain.

The cell of the loyalist

No cell wants you, the golden father, to die. When the heart stops beating and there is no power to pump blood, it means that death really comes, and the oxygen content of the blood that stays in each organ of the body becomes the last "food" for these organs, and the order of their death varies according to the oxygen consumption of each organ. Oxygen deprivation, the most dangerous is the human brain, although the brain accounts for a small proportion of the human body, but oxygen consumption occupies 25%, a quarter of human oxygen is supplied to the brain, once the brain is deprived of oxygen, brain cells in just five or six minutes will begin to die. Brain cells are part of the "starvation", part of the "fratricidal" competition for oxygen and nutrients casualties, so once the brain is deprived of oxygen for too long, even if rescued, after waking up will appear slow, slurred speech, paraplegia, and even vegetative The situation.

Of course, the cells in the body also have some other "loyalists", you die, but they try harder to divide, and 12 hours after death to reach the peak of activity, extremely hope that the golden father back to life, this violation of natural behavior, known as "zombie genes". In 2015, we confirmed from the study "elephants are not prone to cancer" that it may be because elephants have more of these "zombie genes". The reason for this is that elephants have more "zombie genes". Unfortunately, this self-help gene is also "powerless to return to the sky", back to the light, but also to cheat other cells in the body.

It's amazing how cells survive after a person dies! What happens to them?

After death, the corpse will appear "urine" situation, the missing are scared before death urine. Because the energy stored in the body will last for a few minutes, hormone depletion, cell death due to lack of oxygen, muscle relaxation, such as sphincter relaxation, also will be uncontrolled excretion. Unlike the brain cells that are busy saving you, some cells take on the guise of a death scythe, lest you die without enough penetration.

Catch and kill cells

Under normal conditions, cells break down sugar and release carbon dioxide. When people are cold, cells naturally cannot work, and waste products such as sugar and carbon dioxide are hoarded in large quantities in the body, and the pH of cells is severely imbalanced, acidity increases, and once acid breaks through the cell organelle membrane, it attacks surrounding cells indiscriminately.

The body has an autolytic reaction of lysosomes, which maintain the pH level while you are alive, assist in digestion, and act as "scavengers". But after the death of the human body, it is a different face, immediately appear in the same room behavior, lysosomes in the human body rupture themselves, decided to a "jade and stone". The ruptured lysosomes first kill the proteins, sugars and other nutrients in the human body, completely decompose the various membranes once used to imprison bacteria and microorganisms, and liberate the hordes of "microorganisms" from the army. At the same time, the product of lysosomal digestion is the favorite food of various microorganisms and bacteria, and the lysosomes become the king of the "compulsion", with a vast "army of death", and can't wait to rush into the cell group to kill and completely destroy the cells of your body. The "comfort zone", fighting to the last moment, until human beings become white bones.

It's amazing how cells survive after a person dies! What happens to them?

The life span of skin cells is very long after death, and hair and nails will continue to grow for some time even after they are buried. At this point, there may be one last living cell in the body - the symbiotic bacteria - that is tenaciously carrying out its own "life cycle".

You ask, there is no soul after death, the captain does not know, but these cells in a corpse staged "survival and demise", is indeed the final destination of life flesh, you see, after the big bang, the universe is expanding, expanding to the head will contract again, so the cycle of destruction and rebirth, our body is also quietly following this law.