It's set! HTC will release its first meta-universe phone, the VIVERSE, on June 28

[Mobile China News] Earlier this year, HTC said it planned to launch a meta-universe phone in April this year, but for various reasons, it didn't go as originally planned. However, just last night, HTC announced that it will hold a launch event on June 28 to officially launch its first meta-universe phone, VIVERSE.

It's set! HTC will release its first meta-universe phone, the VIVERSE, on June 28

HTC will release its first meta-universe phone, VIVERSE, on June 28

Founded in 1997 by Chairman Xuehong Wang, Director and Chairman of HTC Foundation Huohu Tu Zhuo, and General Manager and CEO Yongming Zhou, HTC is a very famous cell phone and tablet PC manufacturer in Taiwan. Nowadays, HTC is a memory of a generation. As the "leading Android company", HTC launched the world's first Android phone in September 2008. After opening the market, it once occupied nearly 80% of the market share of Windows Mobile phones. But not long after, HTC began to gradually decline, just last year its official website in mainland China is no longer selling cell phones.

It is understood that HTC's core business is no longer cell phones, and the company pays more attention to VR (virtual reality) and the development of the blockchain industry.HTC built and launched a game platform Viveport in 2018 to lay out a VR content platform. At this year's MWC conference, HTC released a meta-universe world called Viverse, an open meta-universe platform that supports cross-platform access for smartphone, PC, tablet and Vive Flow glasses users to maintain identity and privacy security.