Jon Gosselin: Kate is Broke, Desperate and Lonely!

Death. Taxes.

And a feud between Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin.

Few things are guaranteed in life, but we feel comfortable including these three items on that list.

Jon Gosselin: Kate is Broke, Desperate and Lonely!

To continue along this theme, meanwhile, we may be looking more forward to passing on and/or to paying Uncle Sam than we are to report on yet another shot fired in the never-ending rivalry between these parents of eight.

Alas. It is our job to do so...

Earlier this week, TLC dropped the first trailer for Kate Plus Date, an actual reality show the network will be airing this summer that centers on Kate Gosselin basically acting as The Bachelorette.

She'll be out on her own, trying to find love with a handful of unlucky suitors.

Jon, for his part, certainly isn't jealous of these men.

He's moved on with a very steady girlfriend and we're pretty sure he got over Kate as soon as the divorce papers were signed back in 2009.

Jon Gosselin: Kate is Broke, Desperate and Lonely!

But he was still asked for his take on his ex-wife starring on yet another program during an interview with HLN and he responded with a bit of shade.

“Well, I guess, to each [their] own. Whatever keeps the lights on,” Jon replied, strongly hinting that Kate was in need of money.

She also seems to be in need of attention and perhaps even the gentle love-making of a man.

Asked what he thinks about Kate’s personal life playing out on television, Jon said in this same chat:

“I don’t know. I just work a normal job, so I haven’t really been on reality TV in about 10 years.”

Jon Gosselin: Kate is Broke, Desperate and Lonely!

It's true.

Who would have previously thought that Jon would be coming across like the mature parent between himself and his ex... yet here we are.

Gosselin has been outspoken of late about Kate's treatment of at least two kids, daughter Hannah and son Collin.

Both of these teenagers have been living with their dad for the past few months, with Jon even be awarded temporary custody of Collin back in December.

In a court filing at the time, Jon even said Kate was a danger to Collin, writing the following to a judge:

“It would not be in the best interests of the minor child…to have independent time with mother or to have mother share legal custody of the minor child."

Kate has not fired back in response, but rumor has it she hasn't even spoken to Collin since last year.

Jon Gosselin: Kate is Broke, Desperate and Lonely!

Kate Plus Date premieres on TLC on Monday, June 10, at 10/9c.

Jon would not sign the papers to clear any of his sexuplets to appear on the series, but twins Mady and Cara will apparently help their mom navigate her love life.

They joined Kate for a panel discussion about the show back in January.

“We’ve been nudging her to date for years,” Mady told the press members gathered at this event. “She deserves to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.”

Jon Gosselin: Kate is Broke, Desperate and Lonely!

As for what viewers can expect this summer?

Kate says she was filmed going on blind dates that were filled with "awkwardness," along with "uncomfortable [and] terrified reactions [that] came from the fact that they were hit or miss."

She also noted the show will be "G-rated" because she wants to "set an example for my kids."

We will not be tuning in for Kate Plus Date.

Will you?!?