Journalists experience the "See Shanghai, Taste Shanghai, Love Shanghai" theme series on the ground

Journalists experience the "See Shanghai, Taste Shanghai, Love Shanghai" theme series on the ground

What is the hottest thing in Shanghai's tourism industry right now? Naturally, it's the city tours organized by trade unions.

In June this year, the Shanghai Municipal Federation of Trade Unions actively practiced the "Shanghai Action Plan for Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalization" and launched 16 initiatives to care for and care for workers and help economic development. Among them, the "See Shanghai, Taste Shanghai, Love Shanghai" thematic series of activities, as a powerful means to promote the city's cultural, business and tourism consumption and high-quality economic and social development, has been launched for more than a month, and more than 100 distinctive city tour routes have attracted more than 90,000 workers to experience, pulling Shanghai's local cultural and tourism market spending of more than 67 million yuan. Shanghai "union tour" continues to heat up behind, in the end what wisdom and power? This reporter is divided into many roads to investigate the field experience.

Escalation of funding

Relaxation for anti-epidemic workers "plus" again

With the launch of the "See Shanghai, Taste Shanghai, Love Shanghai" theme series of activities of the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone Federation of Trade Unions, the "first group" of more than 60 workers was ready to go. "This is a real care and concern for the majority of workers, the city's tourism enterprises, it is a sincere act of sending charcoal in the snow." Zhu Debing, chairman of the Lujiazui Financial Trade Zone Federation of Trade Unions, said.

During the epidemic, the staff and union cadres of Lujiazui Financial City actively responded to the call of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and sank into the building enterprises at the first time, stayed at their jobs and assisted Lujiazui Administration to carry out daily nucleic acid testing and epidemic prevention duties for more than 2 months.

"The union was behind us when we were fighting the epidemic, and now it's providing us with valuable outings. The union's care is really everywhere." Ltd. Xu Renhua sighed, although working in Pudong for many years, but the "range of activities" is limited, this time finally can be a good turn.

During the interview, the reporter noticed that there were many front-line workers, medical and nursing workers and model craftsmen among the first group of "See Shanghai". For the "long-lost" travel opportunities, we are both excited and looking forward to.

With Shanghai ushering in a good autumn season, the Bright Food Group also organized a group of employees who held on to their posts during the epidemic to participate in four "union tour" lines, including the May 4th cabin, Bright Dongtan source, Chongming farm, and Bright Flower Expo Hotel. The group also formed a labor model advanced, trade union cadres delegation to experience and optimize the line, for workers to better enjoy the local tour escort.

In fact, this is not the first time the Shanghai Trade Union held a theme tour. As early as after the epidemic in 2020, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, together with the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, issued a notice on the activities of "Love Shanghai, Tour Shanghai", encouraging trade unions at all levels to give priority to organizing spring and autumn tours for employees in the city's attractions, at a rate of no more than 200 yuan per person per day.

"This year's 'trade union tour' compared with the previous, the biggest difference is the standard is raised, can stay out for one night." Shen Min, vice president of Jinjiang Tourism Co., Ltd. said that the "trade union tour" in 2020 was limited by the standard of no more than 200 yuan per capita, and travel agencies could only carry out some one-day tour lines. This year's "see Shanghai" standard reached 700 yuan, you can arrange a one-night stay, from a day trip into two days and one night, travel agencies to arrange the line of space greatly improved. And "Taste Shanghai" and 500 yuan standard, you can provide employees with some local specialties and other gifts, the purchasing power of the tour group has also been significantly improved.

Tailored to the needs of workers

Joint professional travel agency to create diversified lines

The "union tour" activity also got the positive response from the travel agency. Jinjiang Travel integrated the group's "culture, hotel, tourism, food" and other high-quality resources, and launched Jinjiang's unique tourism products, including a two-day tour to the J Shanghai Center Hotel and the Bicester Shopping Village, and a two-day tour to the Shanghai International Tourism Resort Fantasy.

The first batch of spring travel launched Chongming camping ecological tour, Fengxian photography tour, Shanghai fashion city tour and so on.

Jusco Travel has launched four series of thematic routes, including "One River, One River" Magic City Charm Tour, "City Archaeology" Industrial Civilization Tour, "Summer of Joy" Wonderful Carnival, "Exquisite Camping" ecological leisure tour and other four series of theme lines. Among them, the "city archaeology, industrial civilization tour" includes three popular industrial lines of industrial Yangpu, Jiading Automobile Museum and Zhenhua Heavy Industry. The "exquisite camping, ecological leisure tour" is based on five new cities as the main tourist content, covering the most popular camping and picking activities.

"Now our main focus is on union tours, which is also a great encouragement for many guides, and everyone is confident and ready to go." Wang Xin, general manager of the marketing department of Spring Tours, could not hide his excitement. Since the end of July, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions launched 2022 "see Shanghai, taste Shanghai, love Shanghai" theme series of activities, Shanghai "trade union tour" gradually heated up, is expected to usher in September, October travel peak.

Journalists experience the "See Shanghai, Taste Shanghai, Love Shanghai" theme series on the ground

(Changning staff visit the camping base at Yu Haitang Lake on Chongming Island)

The original familiar sights and routes are presented with a diversity of characteristics under the clever design of professional travel agencies. The call of the trade union organization has laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the activities.

In the Changning District Federation of Trade Unions "see Shanghai" in the first group, the reporter noted that most of the "tourists" are from the streets and towns (parks), the system (group) and directly under the non-public enterprise union members. As a "pre-war", the district federation of trade unions hope that through this trip, so that this part of the workers become "see Shanghai, taste Shanghai, love Shanghai" activities of tourism ambassadors, to mobilize more workers organizations.

A tent set up "poetry and faraway places", in the west of Chongming Island, Yu Haitang Lake camping base, in the evening, the evening sun rendered the sky into color, the huge canopy pockets all the sunlight, tree shadows gently sway, Changning District workers sitting around, drinking tea and chatting, camping rituals directly pull full.

Journalists experience the "See Shanghai, Taste Shanghai, Love Shanghai" theme series on the ground

(Staff visit the Pearl Lake Water Trestle)

"I didn't expect the tour organized by the union to be so close to our needs." Mao Lan, a worker of Unity Group, sent the camping photos to her circle of friends, which soon attracted the envy of the crowd. "Many workers sent me messages, urging the union to hurry up and arrange on!" Walking in Chongming countryside, tasting a mouthful of local specialties "bitter grass tea", listening to the senior guide explain Chongming people's "get rich experience", Li Shufen, deputy director of the trade union of Lingkong Park, exclaimed: "This tour is not only more comfortable, but also added a lot of personalized experience."

At present, in addition to the more than 100 routes launched by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Cultural Tourism Bureau of Changning District has also launched a cultural tourism route in the district with the theme of "Why Love Changning" to further showcase Changning's urban charm, fireworks routine, fashionable taste and landmark carrier. Minhang District Federation of Trade Unions has also created a series of activities around regional characteristics, net food and non-heritage culture, such as "See Minhang, Taste Minhang, Love Minhang".

A variety of union elements "join"

Injecting a more human touch into traditional business tours

The reporter found in the interview, in addition to the distinctive landmarks, natural scenery, the journey of the union elements also left a deep impression on the workers.

The first element is the labor movement. For example, the route is interspersed with red tourist attractions such as the Shanghai Artisan Museum, the former residence of Chen Yun, the sites of the First and Second Congresses of the Communist Party of China, and the Song and Shanghai War Memorial Hall. And the presentation of model labor elements is also a major highlight. For example, the Shanghai International Fashion Center in Yangpu Riverfront, its predecessor can be traced back to the Japanese-funded Yufeng Yarn Factory, which was started in 1921 and later taken over by China Textile Construction Company and renamed as "Shanghai Seventeenth Textile Factory of China Textile Construction Company". In 1949, the name was changed again to "Shanghai No. 17 Cotton Textile Factory", where Huang Baomei, a national model weaver, worked.

Journalists experience the "See Shanghai, Taste Shanghai, Love Shanghai" theme series on the ground

(Fengxian workers visit the simulated space suits displayed in the Shanghai Planetarium, photo by Fengxian District Federation of Trade Unions)

"Huang Baomei's name is familiar, but walking into the place where she had struggled and listening to her story is like traveling through time and space and having a conversation with her when she was young." Chen Guang, a state enterprise employee, listened to the explanation while writing down what he thought and felt. "Through this trip, I learned a lot about the labor movement and deepened my understanding of model workers and the spirit of model workers. I think this is the most exciting part of the trip."

The second element is union love, such as a surprise birthday party organized by the union during the trip. Earlier in the day, the labor union members of the labor newspaper were collecting information on the identity of tourists when they discovered that the day of the trip happened to be the birthday of the employee's mother, Huang Jiahui. After discussion, the union decided to quietly send a surprise to the birthday girl's family. Decorated with balloons and colored lights, the originally monotonous hotel room became cozy. When Xiao Huang and her mother entered the room, the union cadres shouted "happy birthday", but also out of the carefully prepared birthday cake, so Xiao Huang was surprised, aside of the mother is touched.

"The union has injected a more human touch to the traditional business tour." The head of the newspaper union said, "Taking the opportunity to take people on the tour, we also want to pass on the union's care and concern to more workers."

Today, the lack of opportunities to spend time alone with children has become a regret for many workers with children. Based on this, Fengxian District Federation of Trade Unions will be the second batch of "trade union tour" lines specifically selected in the Shanghai Planetarium and other places, so that workers with children can explore the mysteries of the universe together with their children.

"Mom, let me quiz you, do you know where China's first sounding rocket was launched?" Yang Yang, 8, asked excitedly before he got off the bus. "I really don't know that." Mom replied with a smile. Employee Qian Jie told reporters, usually busy work, it is difficult to find time to spend with children. "Now the union provides such a good opportunity, so we have a lot more parent-child time. Such a trip is an unforgettable memory not only for children, but also for us adults."

Journalists experience the "See Shanghai, Taste Shanghai, Love Shanghai" theme series on the ground

(Employees touring Shanghai Disneyland. Photo/Ling Rui)

[Employee Suggestions

For this "see Shanghai, taste Shanghai, love Shanghai" theme activities, the reporter also collected some suggestions and voices from workers in the process of interview.

Some employees suggested that the tour group can add some "see Shanghai, taste Shanghai, love Shanghai" activities brand logo. For example, clothing, hats, flags, etc. with the brand logo of the activity. The neat brand logo can not only better expand the awareness of the activity, but also can form a distinction with the general tour group, so that the workers have a sense of pride and belonging to join the union.

Suggestion two: explore more niche tour routes

Some workers suggested that more in-depth tour routes could be developed and niche routes tapped to meet the needs of workers of different ages. For example, some workers like to taste food, you can develop a food culture as the core of the line. For example, for the majority of workers with children, enterprises can develop some suitable "parent-child tour" travel routes.

Some employees suggested that some group building programs could be added to the itinerary as appropriate. For example, after the first day of the trip, many employees return to their rooms to rest, at this time, if you can arrange some interactive communication sessions, it can enhance the understanding between colleagues.

Some employees suggested that the city tour could become a regular activity. With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the spirit of many workers is tense. If there is such an opportunity to go on a trip to relax without delaying too much work, it may be worthwhile to solidify it, which is helpful for boosting consumer confidence and maintaining good working conditions.

(Header photo: Staff relaxing at Chongming Yu Haitang Camping Base)