Lauren London Hospital Video Causes Controversy On Social Media

Lauren London Hospital Video Causes Controversy On Social Media

Nipsy Hussle’s girlfriend Lauren London has been on the minds of many after the rapper was shot and killed in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 31. London, who is the mother of Hussle’s youngest son, has not released a statement or posted about her boyfriend’s death.

On Monday, a video that shows a woman running into a hospital was posted on social media. Several people have claimed that the woman in the video is indeed London. Social media users say that the video was taken when London arrived at the hospital on Sunday afternoon after learning that Hussle had been shot. You can see the video in full by clicking here.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Woman Who Filmed the Video Said ‘That’s Lauren London’ as She Recorded the Heartbreaking Moment


Lauren London Hospital Video Causes Controversy On Social Media

2 kids from the same city Years later....

After the shooting, Hussle’s longtime girlfriend was notified of his death. In the aforementioned video, a woman, who is visibly upset, arrives at what appears to be a hospital. The video isn’t the best quality, but a woman wearing gray pants and an orange or pink top with her long, dark hair in a ponytail can be easily made out.

The woman who recorded the video can be heard saying, “that’s Lauren London,” while she filmed from her cell phone. The woman who is on camera is in a panic and seems very frantic. She can be heard screaming something while standing outside the door before running into the hospital. She can be heard telling the hospital staff, “that’s my husband.”

London and Hussle were not married — as far as the public knows. There were several rumors that the two were engaged following what appeared to be an engagement photoshoot back in January, but TMZ reported that the shoot was just for GQ Magazine. The outlet also reported, however, that “multiple sources” said that the two were engaged.

The Video Has Caused an Uproar on Twitter


Lauren London Hospital Video Causes Controversy On Social Media

My love and I did GQ In our city On slauson Thank you @gq Captured by: The amazing Awol Erizku Story by @markanthonygreen MU: @ajcrimson Hair : @maishaoliver Styled by: @madelineweeks

It didn’t take long for social media users to chime in on the video. While many have been posting about how heartbreaking the video is, many feel that filming such an emotional moment is a complete invasion of privacy.

“For the people who are sharing that video of Lauren London in her vulnerable and panicked state, please do yourself a favor and go get help ASAP,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Whoever took that video of Lauren London is disrespectful asf. And to post it is even worst,” added another.

“That post of Lauren London in the hospital is mad disrespectful, let that woman grieve in peace. That’s something that shouldn’t have been recorded let alone posted, that’s her life. People in this world is really f*cked up in the head,” echoed a third.

Another Video Surfaced in Which a Woman Addresses Hussle’s Murder & Many Think the Woman in the Video Is London


Lauren London Hospital Video Causes Controversy On Social Media

Welcome back

On Monday, another video surfaced of a woman addressing Nipsey Hussle’s murder. Several people have said that it’s London in that video as well.

“They don’t want none of us here, it’s all money. Cancer makes too much money. AIDS makes too much money. You a fool if you don’t think that sh*t ain’t f*cking manmade. Everybody wanna sit here and talk about the sh*t that doesn’t matter. Pay attention! Pay attention to what he was trying to teach y’all! Pay attention to what he was trying to put y’all on to! Look further into – it was an inside job! It’s the government trying to shut this man up because they know that we were listening! They know that he had power over the community. He was helping the community too much. Y’all gotta get your sh*t together. I need y’all to answer that he sacrificed himself to teach us so find that knowledge. That documentary, they’re not going to let that be released. Go find that knowledge! Go find that sh*t he was trying to teach you and change your ways. Don’t let them get you too,” the woman in the video cries.

The woman’s face is only partially visible in the video but her features do look similar to London’s.

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