Leukaemia Survivor Chokes To Death On KFC Double Down Burger

Leukaemia Survivor Chokes To Death On KFC Double Down Burger

A comic shop owner choked to death on a Double Down burger bought from KFC.

Simon Shaw, 40, who survived leukaemia 10 years ago, began to choke after munching on the snack as he waited for his bus.

He rushed to a local newsagent and bought a bottle of orange Lucozade, even giving the shopkeeper £1 to pay for it.

He was described as a popular and well-known figure in Halifax, West Yorkshire, ExaminerLive reported.

An inquest at Bradford Coroner's Court heard how Mr Shaw came into Rauf Raja's shop carrying a KFC bag.

He watched in surprise as he immediately opened the drink at the till and tried to gulp some of it down to clear the food blockage.

In his written statement to the court, Mr Raja said: "After two sips I could see he was struggling to breathe.

Leukaemia Survivor Chokes To Death On KFC Double Down Burger

"There was a squeak and Lucozade came back out of his mouth."

Mr Raja said Mr Shaw gestured at him to come around and slap his back and for him to try and squeeze him or do the Heimlich manoeuvre.

He did so and some food came out, but he was still choking and could not speak.

"I panicked," said Mr Raja. "He was struggling to breathe and it was getting serious.

"I told him to lie down and I went outside to ask for help.

Leukaemia Survivor Chokes To Death On KFC Double Down Burger

Huddersfield Examiner/MEN Media

"I rang an ambulance but he had gone purple."

By the time paramedics arrived Mr Shaw was in cardiac arrest.

After working on him for about an hour, they took him to Calderdale Royal Hospital where doctors treated him and he was put on life support.

But three days later doctors concluded he had profound brain damage and after discussion with his parents, Carol and Mark Shaw, it was agreed to turn the equipment off at 4pm on July 17.

Mr Shaw ran Legacy Comics and was well known at comic conventions, often travelled to the USA for the famous ComicCon where he met a host of celebrities.

Leukaemia Survivor Chokes To Death On KFC Double Down Burger

He was also a fan of wrestling and heavy metal and has been pictured with a number of superstars, including Hulk Hogan and Lou Ferrigno, the star of TV's Incredible Hulk.

His mum Carol Shaw said her son was a "great guy" who had opened up the comic book shop after surviving acute lymphoid leukemia ten years ago.

She said he was a "great guy, both as a mate, a great aficionado in the comic book world, a hang out for geeks, children, parents, misfits and anyone who had no one else to talk to or listen to them."

"He really was an all round unassuming fabulous son," she added.

"He really came into his own after battling leukaemia when he was 30.

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"Not only are Mark and I so devastated and distraught by what happened, but my family, his friends, customers, suppliers and contacts, have been hit hard and miss his smiley face and opening welcomes so much.

"His artist and poetry friends have been compelled to draw, paint and write about him.

"He was a small guy who took up a big space."

Senior coroner, Martin Fleming, told Mr Shaw's family that it was "no wonder he touched the lives of so many people".

He said the post-mortem had concluded he died from cerebral hypoxia as a result of choking on food.

Mr Fleming said: "To lose a son under these sudden unexpected circumstances must so hard to bear."