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Live Maggots Found Wriggling In McDonald's Ketchup Dispenser

Live Maggots Found Wriggling In McDonald's Ketchup Dispenser

The idea of maggots existing within any part of any food-industry-related establishment is enough to instill a large amount of disgust in the average customer. This is normal. It’s only fair for a person to feel repelled when the word “maggot” is associated with a restaurant, even if it’s a hugely popular fast food chain that’s never presented such an issue before!

While no one altogether expects every fast food chain to be perfectly clean and 100% sanitary, the fact that these little creatures were discovered within a McDonald’s ketchup dispenser might weaken the desire of even the greatest McDonald’s lover to go get a Big Mac. But should a mistake made in one restaurant taint the reputation of an entire franchise? Maybe, but maybe not.

Is The McDonald’s Reputation At Stake?

Now, it’s nothing new to see McDonald’s fall under some scrutiny for sanitation or nutritional issues. For many loyal customers, this famous fast food chain is a favorite place to grab a quick, cheap, and flavorful meal, while to others it’s a greasy hangout spot that offers scary hamburgers and food poisoning for when you try to go the healthy route with a salad. Opinions are widely varied!

The truth is that some people love McDonald’s and will always remain loyal while others are skeptical, to put it kindly. No restaurant or fast food chain is perfect, and they certainly all have their own lists of pros and cons – as well as their lists of mistakes. As some people say, “Who doesn’t love a good McDonald’s, eh? Sure, it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but there’s a certain hungover spot that only a Big Mac meal can reach.” But is a mistake made in a single location bad enough to ruin even the strongest fast food cravings?

McDonald’s Maggot Mistake

There’s a video, originally posted on Twitter and now also on YouTube, showing a multitude of maggots squirming around inside the tube of a ketchup dispenser at a McDonald’s in Cambridge, UK. Bella Ritchie, the video author, explained her post by saying, “Never going near the ketchup in McDonald’s again. For those of you who can’t tell, those are MAGGOTS!” According to Ritchie, “I told one member of the staff and she literally just ignored me and carried on serving customers. We had to literally stop someone from eating it because they didn’t realize. It’s so grim.”

The average person’s immediate reaction to this scenario is obviously one of disgust, and a desire to avoid such a happenstance occurring to you. While we could certainly attempt to defend McDonald’s name by suggesting that this was a uniquely humid and badly-cared-for restaurant, the truth is that this particular McDonald’s is located in a city that is far from being grimy or unkempt! If such a thing could happen there, what’s to say it doesn’t happen everywhere?

We currently live in a world of information where “going viral” is easy to accomplish with the right content material, so seeing maggots inside a ketchup container isn’t exactly something the public will easily forget! Even though the McDonald’s in question isn’t necessarily your neighborhood McDonald’s, the truth is that the entire corporation’s reputation might be at risk in the minds of many Americans due to this solitary mistake. Nobody wants to risk dipping their french fries in maggots!


Maggots in ketchup is obviously gross, but just because such a situation was discovered in an international restaurant in no way means every restaurant is similarly contaminated. McDonald’s responded to Bella Ritchie’s video, apologizing publicly and saying the mistake made was far from acceptable or usual, and that it would be corrected. But what do you think? Will you go to McDonald’s again or are you planning to avoid them and their ketchup dispensers altogether?