López Obrador cleanses Mexico's Customs

López Obrador cleanses Mexico's Customs

For several weeks, President López Obrador's government has been implementing a cleansing operation in the country's customs. The first one on the list was the one located in Mexico City's airport, where a historical number of counterfeit luxury items were seized. Last week, federal authorities removed customs directors from Manzanillo and Pantaco. We've been told that these actions will continue to stop the criminal activities of officials who are allegedly linked to corruption. Now, the problem is that now there is a dispute between officials and navy officers, the institution in charge of security, for the administrative control of the customs. We've been told that it would be better if each of the authorities would assume their responsibilities, one in the administration and one in security tasks, as disputes only weaken the institution.

The miracles of the 4th Transformation

For those who don't believe in the miracles of the Fourth Transformation, you just have to see what's going on in some gas stations, where fuel prices have been dramatically lowered. This is the case of gas stations that sell fuel at a lower price than the one Pemex gave gas station owners. We've been told that the owners of these stations are in big trouble, as they will have to explain why are the selling fuel under its average price. Just as it happens with miracles, there won't be a rational explanation for this. Or are they buying stolen fuel?

The pharmaceutical war

We've been told that the federal government discovered that medicine distributors banned by President López Obrador for alleged monopolistic practices, Fármacos Especializados, Dimesa and Maypo, have sparked a war against the measure on social media, and among patients and doctors in order to push him to revert the decision. The strategy includes hiring pricey law first to file amparos, nevertheless, we've been told that they realized the next step is that some of the companies are willing to resell medicines for lower prices in the acquisitions organized by the Finance Ministry, worth MXN $20,000 million. In the government, they claim this won't be allowed. The thing is there is fear among investors from pharmaceutical companies because of this feud, which might turn into a war.

Javier Duarte's associate to lead the PRI in Veracruz

The PRI has a long story in the state of Veracruz but a large part of it is a dirty one. The terrible mark the former governor Javier Duarte left in the state and in his former party is quite public. Today, things haven't changed much and there seems to be a bad omen with the appoint of the new PRI president in Veracruz, Marlon Eduardo Ramírez Marín, who was the Under Secretary of Internal Affairs when Duarte was governor and is linked to another former PRI governor, Fidel Herrera. Tomorrow, the national PRI leader, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, will confirm Ramírez Marín as the new PRI leader in Veracruz. We will see if the PRI has changed at all.

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