Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's "Maybellene"

Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's

In the case of this 1958 Lincoln Continental Convertible it’s very clear that it wasn’t born with it, but came about through the amazing work of Kindig-It Design.

Not that a ’58 Lincoln Continental was anything to scoff at as just three years later a ’61 Continental would become the base for a new Presidential limousine. However, Dave Kindig and Kindig-It Design team would take this ’58 and turn it into a car that would make every president want to go for a ride. When Dave and his team would begin the build on this car it wasn’t your typical rust bucket or barn find, but rather a museum find. That’s right, it was a restored car straight out of a museum when they stripped it down to its basics. And when they put it back together it was far from the original.

The custom Continental dubbed “Maybellene” features a twin supercharged Falconer 9.8-liter V12 engine putting out an astonishing 940hp. It’s sporting a 4L80E automatic overdrive transmission to help deliver the near 1,000lb.-ft. of torque to the wheels. The car rides on a custom Art Morrison frame with an AccuAir adjustable suspension and custom EVOD wheels wrapped in Pirelli rubber.

On the inside the car is as bold as the Modern Classikk “Teal Later” exterior. It features Bentley Beer Foam leather seats, Dakota Digital instruments, Kicker sound system and Vintage Air. In short, all the modern essentials we’ve come to know and love. This truly amazing and award winning custom seeks a new home next week at the Riyadh Auction and Salon in Saudi Arabia.

[Photography courtesy of Worldwide Auctioneers.]