McDonald's Has Completely Redesigned The McFlurry And It's So Much Better

McDonald's Has Completely Redesigned The McFlurry And It's So Much Better

McDonald’s is giving one of its most famous items a revamp and is showcasing a brand new look for the classic McFlurry. Introduced in Canada in 1995, the frozen treat made it to UK shores in 2000 and we haven’t looked back.

Following the introduction of paper straws to help save the turtles, the fast food giant is continuing its push away from red and yellow to be a little more ‘green’. McDonald’s has just announced the McFlurry will no longer come with a plastic lid.

According to Business Green, your McFlurry will now come in a cardboard box — similar to a Chinese takeaway. McFlurries will still come with their signature plastic spoon to help create the flurry effect, but you can’t win them all.

Elsewhere, the main meal and side salad menu items will be presented in a cardboard alternative that’s made from 50% recycled material. It definitely beats the plastic bowls they come in at the moment. The recent changes will apparently reduce McDonald’s plastic waste by a whopping 485 metric tonnes a year.

McDonald's Has Completely Redesigned The McFlurry And It's So Much Better

It’s great news for the McFlurry considering its chequered past. In 2006, there was a scandal where Ronald McDonald was accused of causing serious environmental harm with the McFlurry. Birds and other animals were becoming trapped in the lids, leading to a redesign with a smaller opening.

While I love McDonald’s as much as the next person, maybe there are some things you shouldn’t be ordering. One whistleblower revealed the inside secrets behind the golden arches.

Speaking to The Sun, a Maccies employee who works in a branch in Essex has shared their own tips on what you should and shouldn’t order from the restaurant.

This includes warnings against the ice machine which “isn’t cleaned as often as it should be” – which isn’t a great start considering I don’t think I’ve ever had a drink from Maccies which didn’t have ice in it.


McDonald's Has Completely Redesigned The McFlurry And It's So Much Better

McFlurry or Milkshake in winter. Yay or nay? | by @ajrulmail

Among the tips he offered, according to The Sun, were:

  • Order food at times when the menu changes – just after 8am, 10am, noon, 2pm, 5pm and 7pm
  • Ask for chips without salt in order to get a fresh batch
  • Don’t order milkshake
  • Avoid ordering ice in your drinks

Explaining his advice on the chips the employee said: “Order your chips without any salt because then we have to make a fresh batch of fries.”

The employee also added that McDonald’s milkshake is just made from the same mix that they use for the ice cream.

He said: “I just don’t see the point in paying for one or the other when they are literally made from the same thing.”

If you want to try out the new McFlurry, there’s even more good news. McDonald’s is apparently bringing back the Maltesers, Smarties, and Oreo versions. What a time to be alive. Sadly, you still can’t get your sundae fix after the menu staple was discontinued in 2018 – sob.