McDonald's Releases A 15-Piece Cheese Share Box

McDonald's Releases A 15-Piece Cheese Share Box

Cheese fans, prepare to lose your sh*t because on Friday, McDonald’s UK announced that they would be bringing out a new 15-piece cheese share box.

The exciting new menu addition is also likely to stay around for a while, as it’s not hailed as a limited edition item, meaning you can have multiple opportunities to get your cheese sharing on, if that’s what you’re into.

Me personally, I’d have the share box to myself. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve finally made it the correct portion size I always dreamed it would be, but I’m also a bit of a greedy cow when it comes to cheese and McDonald’s.

The cheese bites come with a choice of three dips, and will actually be swapped every six weeks just like the normal cheese offering on a McDonald’s menu, but the share box concept will remain. It may be that you get Mozzarella Dippers in a box, or cheese and herb bites – as they are right now.

The share box comes a year after the fast-food chain trialled a cheese share box during the FIFA World Cup 2018, and obviously it was very successful because it’s officially with us now. Amazing.

The share box itself will be £4.99, which is currently the same price as a chicken nugget share box, however the nuggets DO have five more pieces inside. Granted though, you get three dips so that’s kind of worth it, especially when the cheese bites are as good as they are at McDonald’s.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself on down to McDonald’s and start offering to share your cheese up with your pals, or better yet take my advice and have a share box all to yourself. Go cheese wild!

[Featured Image Credit: McDonald’s]