McDonald’s Burgers Are Changing: Will They Taste Different?

McDonald’s Burgers Are Changing: Will They Taste Different?
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The beef in McDonald’s burgers are changing, but will they taste different when we sink our teeth into one?

Not everyone welcomes change but in some instances change is good. That certainly seems to be the case for McDonald’s burgers in Canada as they announce changes to where they source the beef for their burgers.

Changing to a much more ethical alternative, McDonald’s burgers will now contain beef that has come from farms that are certified and sustainable.

This means the beef has come from a farm that is environmentally friendly, the soil and biodiversity is healthy and remains that way, and all of the animals are kept in good health. The animals should also live in a good environment and in as much of a stress free zone as possible. And when it comes to the meat being produced, it has to pass several rigorous quality tests.

These changes are only going to affect the Angus burger first. So McDonald’s favorites like the Big Mac and Cheeseburger are unaffected for now, but they will be one day. Right now they are just focusing on the Angus range.

The big question now, will we, as the consumer, taste the difference?

I’m not trying to put the need for a better tasting burger over quality but if they taste horrendous after the change then nobody would buy them, McDonald’s would then go back to what they were doing before and nobody would benefit.

The good news is, we will either not notice the difference at all, or will find the McDonald’s burgers tasting better. You shouldn’t notice your burger tasting worse, and if you do, it will most likely be something to do with how it was made (undercooked, wrong dressing, etc) rather than where the beef came from.

What do you think of the changes? Do you think you will notice the difference in your McDonald’s burger?