Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

Its founder is known as China Steve Jobs, in the domestic cell phone market, it was loved by young people, but now just two years but disappeared.

In July 2018, Xiaomi, which was established eight years ago, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and on the contrary, another domestic cell phone brand Meizu has been impacting IPO for 15 years and still failed, and the gap between the two is saddening.

In the past two years, the Meizu cell phone has been in constant turmoil due to store downsizing, massive layoffs, infighting and a serious decline in the quality and sales of the phone. Throughout the domestic market, on the extent of blind folding, can be comparable to it, should only be Lenovo.

This domestic cell phone brand, which once had a good reputation among young people by virtue of its beautiful appearance, is now struggling.

Under the siege of multiple forces, Meizu 16 can really rely on its excellent cost performance to make Meizu among the first-line cell phone brands again? Touch the quality and discover the future, please watch the 100,000 brand stories of Meizu: Where is the original heart now!

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

When you think of Meizu cell phones, you may think of its cool Apple-like appearance, or perhaps its very good Flyme system, or perhaps, the thin and stylish shape and the industry-changing Mback and dot design.

However, in the past two years, when Huawei's P series, VIVO X series and Xiaomi's MIX impressed people, whether PRO7, Meizu 15 and other high-end machine folding or follow the LeTV launch machine sea tactics, the Meizu once loved by young people almost disappeared.

On August 8, 2018, the configuration has long been dramatized by the founder Huang Zhang in the forum but still the much-anticipated Meizu 16 cell phone launch came as scheduled, perhaps because it was suppressed for too long, Meizu senior vice president Li Nan emotionally charged the whole launch.

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

The Snapdragon 845 chip, Samsung Super AMOLED screen, under-screen fingerprint recognition that is eight times more expensive than the rear fingerprint, front 20 megapixel camera + rear IMX380 + IMX350 dual camera, with the above long-announced luxury configuration officially unveiled one by one, the Meizu 16, known as the Meizu dream machine and the lowest configuration priced at 2698 yuan, only one dollar cheaper than Xiaomi 8, has reaped the unanimous praise of countless disappointed users of the Meizu previously.

If the first Meizu 15 no one asked for, Huang Zhang that 15 is just a small test, 16 is the full force of the work is seen as to their original threat Meizu 15 is the anniversary dream machine to find a step, then after almost two full years of silence, Meizu finally came back.

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

The millennium saw the rise of the electronics industry.

However, before entering this line, Meizu founder Huang Zhang was just a confused youth who was dropped out of high school and supported himself by manual work every day.

In 2002, Huang Zhang, who had been working for many years as the general manager of the Singaporean joint venture Aegean, left Shenzhen in a meeting because the concept of bombarding the Singaporean majority shareholder with advertising to market the product did not fit, insisting on excellence in design to win the reputation of consumers.

After that, he single-handedly created Meizu and became a great product manager, under his leadership, Meizu was also always one step ahead of other manufacturers in terms of early design concepts.

In 2003, Huang Zhang established Meizu in Zhuhai and joined the MP3 industry. Although they were not recognized by consumers initially, Meizu leaped to become the leading company in the domestic MP3 market when music card and miniplayer were launched.

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

In 2008, Meizu adjusted its strategic objectives and devoted all its energy to the cell phone industry.

After two years of research, development and testing, Meizu launched the M8 in 2009, which stood Meizu in good stead in the cell phone market as soon as it was put on sale.

Subsequently, Meizu successfully switched from WinCE system to Android system and entered the cell phone market in a big way, and the release of Meizu M9 also marked that Meizu cell phone MX series will start to show its frontier.

In 2012, Meizu MX dual-core and quad-core versions were launched one after another, and with the excellent performance and outstanding appearance at that time, Meizu cell phones established a good reputation among the young people.

In 2014, Meizu launched its own sub-brand Meilan, the positioning of cost-effective is deeply popular.

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

However, this also brings a problem to Meizu, that is, although the crazy sale of Meizu Blue ensures sales, but also to Meizu hit the student machine, low-cost goods label.

In the mid-to-high-end model market, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and other manufacturers under the impact , Meizu is suffering from the cold.

Putting aside these external reasons, Meizu is also in constant flux internally over the past two years.

And this, we have to mention Huang Zhang's attention to the degree of talent and selection mechanism.

It is undeniable that at the beginning of the establishment, Huang Zhang is indeed a genius product manager, however, after retreating to the second line to indulge in forum posting can not be extricated, Huang Zhang itself comes from a poor background, not educated experience also let his mind inevitably be limited.

On the one hand, he weakened the power of Li Nan, who was once appreciated by Huang Zhang by an article on the study of Iphone design philosophy, and later became the founder of Meilan, the initiator of the "slow and ugly card, Xiaomi brown" bumper sticker marketing.

In 2015, he even helped Meizu to introduce Ali investment.

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

On the other hand, Huang Zhang tapped Yang Tuo, who had just left TCL and served as CMO of Huawei Terminal, to take charge of sales in May 2017.

Unfortunately, the latter is still not effective. In April 2018, Meizu 15 is about to be released, at this critical juncture, Meizu marketing department and staff infighting oops, some departing employees accused Yang Tuo of cronyism, to which, perhaps because the same interest in Buddhism personally recruited Yang Tuo is also half a day can not say a word.

In the case of negative news after negative news, Meizu again mass layoffs, both in the market and within the company, a lot of complaints.

In response, Huang Zhang said in the forum that he did not blame Yang Tuo, even though everyone knew it was his way of defending his face.

The CMO, who made a name for himself with Huawei and likes to take Huang Zhang's words and return them to him after processing, has still not been able to prove himself again in Meizu after stirring up TCL.

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

In fact, when Meizu first got Ali financing, PINGWEST had written an article called "Meizu is sick, Ali has no medicine", when some Meizu users said that if Meizu can sink, with this money to return to the original intention everything can still be redeemed, but unfortunately the basket is empty, just a few months later, leaving Meizu and Huang Zhang only a sigh of relief from the fans.

In terms of products, MX series is not high but low, a whole year down, sales performance all rely on Meilan series struggling to support.

In 2017, Meizu's offline channels were significantly reduced, the trigger was the Meizu PRO7 released in July 2017, as a flagship model, its price was unacceptable to consumers, and the double-sided screen design also defied the trend of full-screen and dual camera, which led to a price cut of 500 yuan soon after the PRO was launched, now priced at 1,299 on the official website.

If we calculate the cost of each phone at 1,000 yuan, the inventory pile of Meizu PRO7 reached a million at that time.

Xiaomi NOTE3 has also encountered the problem of inventory backlog, but Lei Jun launched a timely double 11 promotion, now the market, it is difficult to see Xiaomi NOTE3, but Meizu's sales staff is still trying to push the sale of Meizu PRO7.

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

After Yang Tuo did not open the situation, Huang Zhang reused Li Nan, who had been cut several times.

At the Meizu 16 launch on August 8, Li Nan was thrilled when he talked about Huang Zhang spending $6 million on the screen, because being stingy is one of the labels people put on him when it comes to Huang.

Due to internal turmoil and increasing pressure from external competition, Meizu has now been reduced to the leader of the second tier in the cell phone sales ranking, and although it still ranks sixth, it is also the only brand in the top six that has not sold more than 10 million units.

Before the information of Meizu 16 was released, many people said that they would buy Meizu again and chop off their hands, this cell phone brand has been completely hopeless.

This time, however, the Meizu 16 has turned a bunch of netizens into the iron-clad Wang Jingze.

Whether for phantom friends or ordinary consumers, the Meizu 16 is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise.

Although it came a little late, Meizu has offered almost everything that can be offered at this price point.

Meizu 16 makes people see the former familiar Meizu, with its own product insistence, with a unique and comfortable experience, distinctive and unique.

Meizu: From domestic conscience to domestic top, Meizu still has a long way to go

At a time when the internal adjustment has come to an end and the external situation has become more severe.

The sales gulf between Meizu and first-tier brands has been insurmountable, Meizu 16 lowest configuration can not earn money, the highest configuration and will not sell, although it can win back the word of mouth, but Meizu 16 can make this lost domestic cell phone completely turn around is still open to question.

However, the good thing is that Meizu hung back and ended its 2-year-long tour of thousand-dollar machines.

I hope that this once lost domestic cell phone brand, with the rise of Meizu 16 can re-find its position.

After Meizu 16 hit a bunch of doubters in the face, next time, please be more vigorous!