Microsoft's Edge Browser Just Became A Dark Horse

Microsoft's Edge Browser Just Became A Dark Horse

Long has Microsoft Edge - and it's discontinued sibling Internet Explorer - been the bane of the internet browsing world. But a new version might just give it the edge it's always needed and it's using Google to make it happen.

Microsoft's new browser, Microsoft Edge Chromium, is set to be based on Google's open-source web browser, Chromium. That means we're essentially getting a Microsoft-enhanced Chrome due to be released on 15 January 2020.

Beta screenshots do indicate it will definitely still have that Edge or Internet Explorer feel but hopefully not its usability.

Microsoft's Edge Browser Just Became A Dark Horse

Image: Microsoft

The company also announced on 16 December it's opening up submissions for developers to introduce their extensions to Microsoft Edge Chromium extensions.

"In most cases, existing extensions built for Chromium will work without any modifications in the new Microsoft Edge," Microsoft's announcement read.

"We recommend that developers update your existing EdgeHTML extensions for Chromium and publish them via the new portal as soon as possible, so your existing customers will not face any interruptions when they update to the new Microsoft Edge."

If you can't wait until 15 January to try it out for yourself, you can give the beta a whirl by heading to the Microsoft Edge Insider page and hitting that Download Beta Channel for Windows 10 button.

Hopefully, it all means Microsoft Edge might finally move into the realm of the Firefoxes and Chromes. Alternatively, you can just rid of the damn thing and keep using Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft's Edge Browser Just Became A Dark Horse