Mila Kunis Divorcing Ashton Kutcher, Worried About Demi Moore’s Book? the Truth

If a recent tabloid report is to be believed, Mila Kunis is not having the time of her life right now despite being married to her hunky husband, Ashton Kutcher. The reason is that their marriage is reportedly having troubles at the moment, the kind of trouble that could only end up in divorce.

The latest rumor about Kunis and Kutcher came from the celebrity-focused publication Star, as reported by Gossip Cop. Star wrote that even Kunis’ pals are starting to get worried as the actress is now supposedly losing weight. The publication added that aside from her marital woes, Kunis is also dreading what Demi Moore might reveal in her upcoming book.

The report hinted that there’s a link between Kunis’ reportedly weight loss and Moore’s upcoming book. “She’s not eating much because her stomach’s been in knots,” Star quoted an unidentified source. “Mila’s obsessing over what Demi might divulge. Mila knew Ashton wasn’t an angel when she married him, but no wife wants to hear that her husband was a lousy cheat to his ex.”

However, fact-checking site Gossip Cop has debunked the rumor saying that the story is just a fabrication as there is no problem with Kunis’ health or her marriage to Kutcher. The site reached out to the actress’ rep, who confirmed that Kunis is “not having any marriage or health problems” or worried about what Moore might say.

However, Star’s story is not totally fabricated, especially when it comes to Moore. The “Ghost” star has a memoir set for release on Sept. 24, which will be titled “Inside Out.”

Originally, publishing firm HarperCollins announced a 2012 publication date. But for unknown reasons, the release was delayed for seven years. Naturally, it spawned speculations that Moore’s breakup with Kutcher might be one of the reasons for the delay.

While it’s true that Moore’s “Inside Out” is coming out later this year, that does not mean, however, that Kunis should be worried. Apparently, both Kunis and Kutcher already told each other everything there is to tell. “We went into this relationship super transparent with one another, so we knew 100 percent each other’s faults, we knew exactly who we were ... And we were like, ‘I accept you for who you are,’” the actress revealed.

Mila Kunis Divorcing Ashton Kutcher, Worried About Demi Moore’s Book? the Truth

Actors Ashton Kutcher (L) and Mila Kunis attend the 2018 Breakthrough Prize at NASA Ames Research Center on December 3, 2017, in Mountain View, California. Jesse Grant/Getty Images