Motorcycle U-Locks To Help Give Yourself Some Peace Of Mind

Don’t let someone take off with your motorcycle. Help deter the thief by attaching a U-lock to your motorcycle wheel.

It sucks when you have had things stolen from you. You feel violated, uncomfortable, and angry. You feel as though you have to lock up all of your possessions in a bank vault in order for it to not happen again, but reality check: You don’t have a bank vault at your disposal and something as big as your motorcycle may not fit—at least not very easily—in your studio apartment. Into the apartment complex garage or on the street it goes. Oftentimes motorcycles have their own steering lock to help prevent the scoundrel from simply rolling your motorcycle away, but by adding a simple U-lock that gives them just another step they have to take if they want your hard-earned ride.


Motorcycle U-Locks To Help Give Yourself Some Peace Of Mind

This one provides security and an added perk is it doesn’t require a key to open. There’s one less key to worry about.

This UShake U-lock is a great candidate for securing your motorcycle for multiple reasons: It is durable, wide, and keyless. It is durable in that its 14mm hardened zinc alloy shackle is claimed to resist both bolt cutters and leverage attacks—thieves’ common tactics for breaking locks or chains. It has a 4.68-inch mouth that allows it to fit around a range of motorcycle or scooter tires. And finally, it is keyless. I liked the idea of a sturdy U-lock with a combination so much that I went ahead and bought this one for myself. No more additional key to worry about and no key hole for the burglar to try and pick.

Large Mouth

Motorcycle U-Locks To Help Give Yourself Some Peace Of Mind

Make sure the lock can fit around your tire, a 5.9-inch-wide “U” gives you more room to work with, plus you can loop a chain through it as well.

It is important to get a lock that will fit around your motorcycle tire, otherwise you might need to return it or use it on the bicycle instead. This 13mm-thick U-lock has a mouth diameter of 5.9 inches that makes it appropriate for thicker wheels/tires. This also comes with a cable that you could use to further secure your motorcycle to a stationary object like a pillar or in your complex’s garage or overhang. If you do end up using this on your bicycle, there is even a handy mounting bracket so you can be sure to have the lock with you wherever you go.

Prevents Scratches

Motorcycle U-Locks To Help Give Yourself Some Peace Of Mind

A 4mm-thick PVC coating will help keep the wheel rim’s paint intact.

This U-lock wraps around your belonging with a 16mm-thick bar making it the U-lock with the thickest shackle diameter in this list. Its PVC coating also helps protect from scratching your rims while the four-digit combo lock will avoid the scenario where you scratch your head wondering where you misplaced the keys to a standard U-lock. This set also comes with a steel cable and, for the bike riders out there, a mounting bracket for mounting to your bicycle.

Adjustable Length

Motorcycle U-Locks To Help Give Yourself Some Peace Of Mind

The manufacturer claims that this lock withstands up to 1,500 pounds of pressure.

Adjustability in a U-lock is a convenient feature not a lot of locks have. This one in particular is initially set at 8.5 inches long and can be extended to 11.5 inches making it a great option to stretch around different wheels. The width of the “U” is 6.5 inches. Storing your motorcycle outside? It is weather resistant. Worried about scratching? This also has a vinyl coating to protect against that as well.