Multimeters For At-Home Motorcycle Mechanics

Multimeters For At-Home Motorcycle Mechanics

Solve your electrical issues with a multimeter.

As electric systems get more and more complicated on contemporary motorcycles, the prospect of working on them can be daunting. Fortunately, a simple multimeter is a great place to start, alongside your bike’s manual. Multimeters are electronic measuring units that take readings of voltage, current, and resistance. With any of these selected multimeters, you can work on your motorcycle by taking diagnostics of your battery, main fuse, regulator, and more.

Premium-Quality Longevity

Multimeters For At-Home Motorcycle Mechanics

Professional-grade tools for precise measurements.

This do-it-all electrical test kit contains not only a high-quality multimeter but also a voltage test and a receptacle tester. All three tools are professional-grade quality that combines an excellent mix of performance, durability, and precision.

Safety Protection At A Great Value

Multimeters For At-Home Motorcycle Mechanics

Easy-to-read LED display.

This digital multimeter uses a manual range to get precise readings. Measure current, voltage, resistance, and continuity. A rubber sleeve protects the multimeter from falls or scratches, while overload protection at all ranges prevents damage to the circuit, the multimeter, and to you.

Measure With Test Leads And Alligator Clips

Multimeters For At-Home Motorcycle Mechanics

Measure tight spaces with accuracy.

Thanks to included test leads and alligator clips, with this multimeter you will be prepared to take precise measurements, even in difficult-to-reach areas of your motorcycle. Features like a backlight LED, hands-free stand, and data hold function make this multimeter great for daily use.

Clamp On For Easy Measurements

Multimeters For At-Home Motorcycle Mechanics

Test leads and a clamp make this multimeter a great option.

Measure AC current with a clamp or use test leads for tougher-to-reach spaces. This multimeter has a helpful auto-range assistance feature, which will help determine the range you should measure current in for quick and accurate reading. An included carrying pouch makes this a great option for the mechanic on the go.