Mum's Pontins Horror As 'Exposed Electrics Were Inches From Kids' Ride'

The mum claimed 'dangerous' conditions 'aren't fair'

A mum-of-six has blasted Pontins for being 'dangerous and dirty' claiming she saw exposed electrics just inches away from the children's ride her son played on.

Andrea McDonald has said it's a 'bit of a joke' that she expects to clean her accommodation on arrival, but said "things being dangerous isn't fair".

Ms McDonald claimed crumbling brickwork around the socket revealed the metal casing and wires, close to to where her son Benjamin sat on 'one of the few rides that seemed to be working' at the Prestatyn holiday camp, Wales.

She claimed the chalet was 'filthy,' saying that a dirty toilet brush was left on the floor, the Daily Post reports.

The mum claims her son was sat inches from exposed electrics

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Ms McDonald also alleged that a chicken bone was left under a coffee table, grease was left in the grill pan, and exposed screws were sticking out a wardrobe door.

She described cupboards that looked like someone had "chewed the corners off".

Ms McDonald was visiting the site for the third year in row for one of her kids to attend a dance competition.

She said the family expected to have to clean their own chalet on arrival after previous years' experiences, but they were still shocked by what they discovered.

Pontins, bought out of administration by Britannia Hotels group in 2011, said they are "working continuously to make improvements" at their holiday venues.

Screws that were allegedly sticking out of a wardrobe

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Ms McDonald said: "We all expect to clean our chalets on arrival, it's a little joke between us all, that half the rides don't work and for the last few years, card machines haven't worked.

"However disrepair and things being dangerous isn't fair.

She said the family, who paid around £260 to stay on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 2,3 and 4), left on Sunday night.

A toilet brush that Andrea said was dirty

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Ms McDonald added her sister had complained to the company on behalf of all of them about the facilities.

Earlier this year former guests at the site claimed the accommodation was worse than jail and in September the pool was closed for short time by Denbighshire Council after complaints were made about its cleanliness.

Andrea's family claim they found a dirty grill pan

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A spokeswoman for Pontins said: "The Park sites are working continuously to make improvements across all areas, carrying out necessary repairs and upgrading new purchases made within the accommodation to ensure our guests are comfortable during their stay.

"Further work will take place during the closed winter months. We take all our guests safety very seriously and our central Health and Safety team will be investigating and actioning accordingly should any areas require attention.

"We would welcome the guest in question to contact [email protected] directly so we can investigate their concerns in detail."