My top three domestic flagships, the cheapest cost less than 4,000

In the past few years, domestic cell phones are getting better and better is an objective fact, compared with the benchmark iPhone in the cell phone industry, domestic flagships in the camera and charging speed and many other aspects of the latter, amazing, then, in today's domestic cell phone camp, which can be called the flagship? The following three cell phones old Yang think it can, the cheapest price is even less than 4,000.

My top three domestic flagships, the cheapest cost less than 4,000

I. Xiaomi 11Ultra

Isn't Xiaomi's flagship today Xiaomi 12 Pro? In fact, in Lao Yang's opinion, the last generation of the real flagship 11Ultra is more competitive, because it can be called a high-end work, the product power is extremely strong, the following details.

1, appearance: ceramic process body + large rear camera module, so that its high-end bit highlighted, this feeling you do not see on the Xiaomi 12Pro.

2, performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor + 8GB memory + 256GB storage, strong performance, although not equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, but the actual experience of Snapdragon 888 and how much worse than 8Gen1? They are a little bit hot ah.

3, screen: 6.81-inch resolution of 3200 * 1440 2K quad-curved flexible screen, the display effect is extremely fine, in addition to its refresh rate of 120HZ, touch sampling rate of 480HZ, the surface is also covered with Corning Victus Gorilla Glass, the overall quality is very good.

My top three domestic flagships, the cheapest cost less than 4,000

4, camera: 50 megapixel ultra-sensitive main camera (1/1.12″ custom super bottom) + 48 million ultra-wide angle lens + 48 million ultra-telephoto lens (5 times optical zoom), the camera configuration is very luxurious, even Xiaomi 12Pro can not be compared.

5, battery life: 5000mAh large battery + 67W wired fast charging + 67W wireless fast charging + 10W wireless recoil combination, in addition to the charging speed is not to the top, the other are quite powerful.

In fact, these are not the main focus is the current price of this phone is only 3,999 yuan, is also the old Yang think the most cost-effective high-end Xiaomi products.

My top three domestic flagships, the cheapest cost less than 4,000

Second, VIVO X Note

It is a product released in April 2022 and a top flagship. It is priced at 5,999 yuan for the 8GB+256GB version, which is not cheap, but there doesn't seem to be much to say when you think about the configuration.

1, appearance: high-end vegan leather material + MAX body, it looks very upscale.

2, performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor + 8GB memory + 256GB storage combination, optional 12GB large memory, it seems that all new Android flagships are this configuration.

3, screen: 7-inch resolution of 3080 * 1440 AMOLED screen, Samsung E5 material + 120HZ refresh rate + 21:10 ratio, excellent quality, is also the biggest highlight of this machine.

4, camera: 50 megapixel OIS super bottom main camera (GN1) + 48 megapixel super wide angle + 12 megapixel portrait + 8 megapixel periscope camera (5 times optical zoom), any scene can easily manage.

5, range: 5000mAh large battery + 80W flash charging + 50W wireless flash charging, whether the range or charging are good.

In addition, the VIVO X Note is equipped with 3D large-area ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, which is also a highlight.

My top three domestic flagships, the cheapest cost less than 4,000

Three, a plus 10Pro

Domestic cell phones, in addition to Huawei, one plus the high-end flavor is the strongest, the current one plus 10Pro is its highest-end products, the current price of its 8GB + 256GB storage version is less than 5,000 yuan, the cost performance is still there, the configuration is as follows.

1, performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor + 8GB memory + 256GB storage, there is nothing to say about this, the standard for Android flagships.

2, screen: 6.7-inch resolution of 3216 * 1440 AMOLED screen, PPI reached 525, 120HZ adaptive refresh rate, excellent overall quality.

3, camera: 48 megapixel main camera (IMX789) + 50 megapixel ultra-wide angle camera (JN1) + 800W pixel telephoto, Hasselblad involved in the tuning, the image quality is also very good.

4, range: 5000mAh large battery + 80W wired + 50W wireless, range and charging are no problem.

With ColorOS on board, the shortcomings of the system of OnePlus have also been made up, further enhancing its competitiveness.

My top three domestic flagships, the cheapest cost less than 4,000

Finally, to sum up, perhaps the product power alone, these three is not the highest domestic flagship, but those folding screen phones, co-branded products, very individual products of more than seven or eight thousand, these models I think will not go in volume, so not listed, the above three flagship products, in a comprehensive configuration in place at the same time have their own characteristics, even if you spend a lot of money will not buy back a pit machine.