Nanning riverside "villa mountain" beauty attracts netizens card, the reporter actually explored: part of the villa has been abandoned for more than 20 years

Polar News reporter Xiao Mingyuan Li Yang

From the earliest "rich area" to the present "forgotten corner", Guangxi Nanning Xianghulu Economic Development Zone's riverside villa group has once again sparked hot debate.

Recently, some netizens found a "villa mountain" in Nanning, Guangxi, saying that many of the villas on the mountain are vacant and abandoned. After the video was issued, many netizens felt sorry for this.

The reporter explored the villa group and found that although its location and environmental advantages are obvious, many villas are indeed vacant for different reasons, and some villa areas have also become a net red card spot because of the beautiful environment. Industry insiders said that many villas are vacant for historical reasons of early development chaos, but also with the late urban support has not kept up.

Netizens say a place "villa mountain" villa more abandoned

Recently, netizens posted a video on social media. From the video, a short mountain, there are villas densely built on the mountain. From some close up footage, there are many villas that are not inhabited: some have been built, but the surrounding weeds are overgrown; some are in a rough state, only the structure of the house is built.

The video sparked a lot of debate among netizens, with many of them feeling sorry for the abandonment of the villa. The video publisher posted that the video was shot on a "villa mountain" in Nanning, Guangxi, and although the mountain is near the water, many villas are rotten, some have been abandoned for more than 20 years.

Nanning riverside "villa mountain" beauty attracts netizens card, the reporter actually explored: part of the villa has been abandoned for more than 20 years

Many villas are in vacant condition

The reporter found that the video was shot on the northern slope of the Yongjiang River in Nanning Qingxiu District's Xianghou Avenue. According to public information, Xianghulu Economic Development Zone, with a total area of 75 square kilometers, was approved by Yongning County People's Government in April 1994 and promoted to an autonomous development zone in January 2001, and in 2002, real estate development became one of Xianghulu's development priorities, especially the development of high-end villas. A search of a real estate website by the Pole News reporter found that the price per square meter of villas in the area ranged from 10,000 to 40,000 yuan, with the total price of a villa ranging from 4 million to 30 million yuan.

And as early as 2010, there were media reports pointing out the existence of abandoned villas in the area. Since then, the villa area has been mentioned many times by major media due to the abandonment of villas, and many netizens have called it the "forgotten corner".

In 2020, a netizen left a message reflecting the existence of a large area of rotten villa area in Xianghulu land, Nanning Natural Resources Bureau replied that the netizen reflected the emergence of a large area of rotten villa area for the Riverside Villa Area A and B area. After investigation, the villa area is Nanning Xianghulu Economic Development Zone Management Committee in 1994 through the sale of residential bases to the public in the form of land purchase by the owners of land for the relevant land procedures and reported to the planning department for approval, the construction of their own organizations. The villa area is planned to have 344 villa residential bases, currently 339 buildings have been completed, and 5 buildings have not started construction, of which 251 buildings have been occupied and 88 buildings have not been renovated and occupied.

The "ancient morning" villa area has become a netflix spot

On October 31, a reporter from Nanning Qingxiu District Wanxiang City drove for about 20 minutes to Xianghulu Avenue Linjiang Road, where he could see the spectacular villa complex from afar. Most of the villas here are located on the northern slope of the middle section of Xianghou Avenue, arranged in a staggered manner upwards according to the mountain, lining up in a row. The villas are located right along the Yong River, with a riverside park along the river and a Lingguishan Park on the other side of the river, providing a beautiful environment.

Nanning riverside "villa mountain" beauty attracts netizens card, the reporter actually explored: part of the villa has been abandoned for more than 20 years

Nanning "Villa Hill"

As one of the largest villa clusters in Nanning, the not-so-long section of Riverside Road has many villa properties developed at different times. Many of the early villa area gates have been quite historical, and some of them are overgrown with weeds and look somewhat dilapidated. Some of the later large real estate enterprises unified development of the villa area, the villa facade is more uniform, property management is also more perfect. In addition, there are some villa areas under construction or not delivered.

Around the villa area, there are many self-built buildings for the residents. On the surrounding side roads, there are real estate agents selling the newly opened villa properties to the vehicles parked on the roadside. The real estate agent said that the newly opened villa there is cheaper, priced at more than 3 million yuan, which is more cost-effective compared to other properties.

The polar news reporter saw that many villa areas are gated and guarded by gatekeepers, but many of them can be accessed directly by car, without having to register at the gate. Walking into an earlier developed villa area, I only saw that the district was set up with a main road that winds upwards with a steep slope. The plot ratio is low and there are single villas and townhouses. The flower gardens in the common areas are neatly tended, but many weeds are born in front of the vacant villas. In the villa area, some villas were built in a more luxurious way, with a four-storey villa, garage and swimming pool all in place, and the door open, obviously occupied for a long time; some villas had closed doors, the facade was severely damaged, and weeds were growing in the private courtyard, which had not been inhabited for a long time; some villas had only built the building and had not been renovated.

Nanning riverside "villa mountain" beauty attracts netizens card, the reporter actually explored: part of the villa has been abandoned for more than 20 years

Vacant villa

Walking into an unfurnished villa, I found that the villa is set against the mountain, with a wide view of the Yong River and Guling Mountain in the distance. The wall of the vacant villa is painted with a large sales phone, but the reporter dialed, the other party said that currently no longer sold.

The Riverside Villa District was the first villa district to be developed in the area. There are more than 300 villas in the area, but the villas are of different shapes, mostly designed and built by themselves. Because of the geographical advantage of overlooking the river and the different styles of villa buildings, this area has become a "shooting mecca" for many young people, and is called "Nanning Gulangyu".

Nanning riverside "villa mountain" beauty attracts netizens card, the reporter actually explored: part of the villa has been abandoned for more than 20 years

Riverside villa area has become a net red hitting spot (web screenshot)

"We have lived here for more than 20 years and have gotten used to it." Mr. Li, who lives in the riverside villa area, told Polar News that many villas here are indeed vacant, some are not decorated, some are unoccupied for a long time, some are usually unoccupied, and occasionally someone comes back to live for a while. "Although this place is developed earlier, but the surrounding support is general, so many people choose to live and work in the city center on weekdays, and only come here on weekends for vacation."

Early development confusion and poor support lead to vacancy

Why is the vacancy rate of villas in the area high? The Nanning Natural Resources Bureau replied that the villas that have not been built or renovated are mainly vacant for the following three reasons: first, some owners feel that the community is far from the city, the supporting facilities are not perfect, especially the Xianghu area water pressure is low, the water supply is not normal, owners are not willing to start construction or renovation; second, some owners of the completed villas listed for sale, due to long-term unsuccessful sale And negligent management, resulting in the villa exterior wall dilapidated and surrounding weeds; Third, due to the lack of follow-up construction funds, resulting in the villa follow-up construction or renovation on hold. The Bureau said, for the above phenomenon, will urge the villa land (private homes) owners as soon as possible to start construction, change the vacant villa dirty phenomenon, to the surrounding residents to create a good living environment.

Not only the early villas have a high vacancy rate, but also the high-end villas developed in later years have a significant vacancy rate. A resident of a high-end villa area living in this section said that the daily occupancy rate of their villa area is less than half, many villas are vacant all year round. But the resident also said that although the villas are vacant, but not rotten, just the owners choose whether to live here according to their own circumstances.

"The starting point of Xianghuang is very high, initially everyone is very optimistic." The local property manager Du Wei (a pseudonym) told the extreme news reporter, the initial development and construction of the area, the use of land sales after the owners to build their own land development model, which also led to the early development of more chaotic, "with the rapid development of Nanning city, the late infrastructure of the area is not perfect, traffic, urban construction and other supporting facilities did not keep up, many villas are gradually vacant. Although many large real estate enterprises also joined the villa construction 'melee' later, but the heat is not very high."

Du Wei said that recently he was consulted whether the villas in Xianghou were worth buying, and he thought that if he had enough money he could still consider it, "the cost performance here is relatively high, the environment is beautiful, the scenery is open, it is only a ten-minute drive from the busy area of Nanning, and the supporting facilities are gradually being improved, so the sense of living is still good."

(Source: Polaris News)

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