NASA chief cries out as US fears China first on moon: the moon is ours, China stay away

Polar News reporter Song Qingying

According to German media reports, NASA Administrator Nielsen speculated that "China will take over the moon". 79-year-old Nielsen served in the U.S. Senate for 18 years, and Nielsen, who is well versed in the American political game, has previously stirred up the "China-U.S. space race He has also previously stirred up talk of a "U.S.-China space race," which has played up China's threat to U.S. space exploration.

NASA director: the moon is ours, China stay away

A July 2 report in the German newspaper "Die Presse" titled "NASA chief warns: Chinese want to take over the moon" noted Nielsen's displeasure with China's plans to go to the moon.

Screenshot from the newspaper "Kommersant

Nielsen said in an interview that the United States is engaged in "a new space race" with China.

On September 21, 2020, NASA released its "Artemis" lunar exploration program, which proposes that U.S. astronauts land on the moon by 2025 for a 30-day mission around the moon. However, according to the report, China's moon landing plan, which will be completed by 2035, will include a planned base on the moon, which means that Chinese astronauts will be able to conduct experiments on the moon from 2036 onwards, making China's plan a step further than the United States.

Nielsen was very upset about this, saying, "We are very worried that China is landing on the moon, (the moon) is ours now, you stay away."

U.S. media had speculated that China and the United States "moon race"

According to a report in the newspaper "Pictorial", the reason why the United States cares so much about China's moon landing program is that the word "profit" is inescapable. It has long been believed that the moon's south pole stores large deposits of rocket fuel. Whoever dominates the south side of the moon will have an important space base.

NASA chief cries out as US fears China first on moon: the moon is ours, China stay away

Nielsen speaking (Source: Politico)

In the Artemis program, NASA proposed the intention to begin mining water and other resources on the lunar surface in preparation for a long-term human presence on the surface.

Nielsen has long had experience speculating about the "race to the moon" between the U.S. and China, and in November 2021 Politico reported that Nielsen announced that NASA was delaying its plans to land on the moon for at least a year and that "the race with China has heated up."

"China is increasingly capable of putting Chinese astronauts on the moon much sooner than initially expected." Nielsen mentioned China's new space station as well as its Mars exploration mission, acknowledging that China's space program is "active and good.

Nielsen added: "They're going to the south pole of the moon. We have every reason to believe we have a very aggressive competitor. We want to get there first. We will be as aggressive as we can be in a safe and technically feasible way to beat the competition on the moon."

18 years in politics, led the U.S. moon landing program, several times into controversy

NASA chief cries out as US fears China first on moon: the moon is ours, China stay away

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson (Source: NASA)

According to NASA's official website, Nelson, 79, is a veteran politician who served in the U.S. Senate for 18 years. During his tenure, he became a leading advocate for the U.S. space program, participating in the drafting of several bills that further deepened the direction of NASA's commercialization. After leaving the Senate, Nielsen began serving on the NASA Advisory Council and assumed his duties as NASA's 14th Administrator on May 3, 2021.

Prior to his career in politics, Nelson was a space astronaut who flew on the 24th Space Shuttle Columbia mission in 1986, orbiting the Earth 98 times in six days.

But Politico reported in April this year that the moon landing is still 2 years away, but NASA has not only not done a special training program for astronauts, nor has it developed the equipment needed to live and work on the moon, not even the suits to protect astronauts from deadly radiation have been developed.

In May, The Hill also reported that 2021 Nielsen had been seeking $10 billion in funding for NASA, with about $5 billion for a second lunar lander, yet was strongly opposed by Senator Bernie Sanders.

According to the BBC, one of the research partners of the lunar lander for the U.S. moon landing program, Blue Origin, which was once the world's richest man, and SpaceX, which is the world's current richest man, Musk, have been selected as NASA's lander research partners for the Artemis program. Artemis) program lander research partner. Sanders believes Nielsen's money will go into Bezos' pocket.

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