Never-Seen Ocean Monster Washes Up On Shore

We all like a scary monster story every now and again – right? Something freaky that makes you question reality and maybe gasp in horror. Well, here is a monster story for you! The story comes to us from the beaches of Mexico. Scientists found the creature, and it is rather unusual – take a look at the photo!

The dead sea creature washed up on Mexico’s Laguna Ojo de Liebre and has some people staring in horror and others scratching their heads.

It looks like it has two heads and two tails! The mysterious creature measured seven feet in length. It had fins on both sides of its body and even had four eyes!

After some investigations, it turns out that the ‘monster’ was actually a pair of conjoined gray whale twins – which is extremely rare.

Scientists now believe it is possible that the mother whale had a miscarriage. It is also possible that the twins were born prematurely, most gray whales are born in late January or early February (the conjoined whales were found in December).

It is important to note that whales have two predators, man, and orcas.

Many species of whale are extinct because they were hunted for their bones and meat. For example, the North Atlantic gray whale went extinct in the 18th century.

But, on a positive note, the Eastern North Pacific gray whale is considered a species of “least concern.” So, this turned out not to be a monster story after all. But, it had you going for a while – right?