Old Xian in the 1980s, memories

Egret Bay, children playing. Near the Newspaper Grace Temple, carrying bought honeycomb coal. Outside the North Gate, an old man shows a phonograph he bought from a yard sale in the street. Ice Peak soda grew up with generations of Xi'an people.

In 1948, Chairman Mao stayed at Mount Wutai at night, but shook his head to the old monk after winning the top lottery: thanks for the kind words

In 1948, one month before the liberation of Yan'an, Chairman Mao took comrades of the CPC Central Committee to Xibaipo to prepare for a rendezvous with comrades Liu Shaoqi and Zhu De. Along the way, they visited many places and listened to the abbot tell many legends, however, just as they turned to leave to continue on their way, an old monk stayed with them and later let the chairman draw a lottery.

The 25-kilometer riverfront greenway will become a new landmark in Yichang, connecting the "first dam of the Yangtze River" and the ancient battlefield of the intimidation zone.

Soon, citizens and tourists can start from "the first dam of the Yangtze River" Gezhouba and travel all the way to the Three Kingdoms ancient battlefield in the intimidation zone. 25 kilometers of riverfront greenway strings Gezhouba Park, Zhenjiang Pavilion, Qu Yuan Square, World Peace Park, Natural Tower, Lighthouse Square, the Three Kingdoms ancient battlefield and other mountains, water, cities and scenery, will become a new landmark in Yichang.

A grain of sorghum's journey to shared prosperity

In the past, there was a local proverb that "the sky is not clear for three days, the ground is not flat for three feet, and people do not have three parts of silver". Want to develop a good economy in the mountains, from ancient times to the present is a problem.

Old photos: Shanghai streets in 1986 (39p)

This series will continue to showcase other cities in the country from that era. A couple posing for a photo at Yuyuan Garden. Old steam locomotive - en route from Shanghai to Guangzhou.

In the past ten years, tourism has added to the good life of the people in this way

"Tourism is a comprehensive industry, an important driving force for economic development" "Tourism is an important channel for different countries and cultures to exchange and learn from each other, an effective means to develop the economy and increase employment, and an important industry to improve people's living standards"...