In the past ten years, tourism has added to the good life of the people in this way

"Tourism is a comprehensive industry, an important driving force for economic development" "Tourism is an important channel for different countries and cultures to exchange and learn from each other, an effective means to develop the economy and increase employment, and an important industry to improve people's living standards"...

Longmen: Creation of 3 demonstration zones for rural revitalization

Promoting rich and prosperous village industries, building beautiful and happy villages, and creating demonstration belts for rural revitalization are the highlights of Huizhou's efforts to promote comprehensive rural revitalization. Nandu reporter learned from Longmen County that the county plans to build the "ecological field garden - quiet beautiful Yao township" and "three life experience - recreation and agriculture tourism" rural revitalization integrated demonstration belt this year, and start the "pleasant Longmen - industry, trade, culture and tourism" rural revitalization integrated demonstration belt. "Through the creation of the integrated demonstration belt for rural revitalization, the integrated development of one, two and three industries along the township and around the township will be realized, thus forming a fine line of rural tourism and promoting the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside with a point.