No-Battery Radio: Be Seriously Prepared for Emergencies

Are you going out camping or hiking with family and close friends? Do you think that you might get stuck in an emergency scenario in the dark? Do you feel lost in the middle of nowhere?

Fret not; the no-battery radio can be your best friend and beacon of light to brighten the uncertainties of any dangerous situations. Be updated with the weather forecast with the special radio features.

Take this seriously - always be ready and prepared with the recommended no-battery radios from Amazon. Choose from the list of three.

RunningSnail NOAA Solar Weather Radio

No-Battery Radio: Be Seriously Prepared for Emergencies
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The upgraded version of RunningSnail is an NOAA solar weather radio with AM and FM stations that will keep you updated with the latest weather and hazard information.

The no-battery radio has a 1 watt LED flashlight and a 1000 mAh power bank where you can charge your smartphones via a micro-USB cable. The unit can be charged in three ways: solar charging, micro-USB charging, and a manual hand crank to wind the built-in battery. Get this Amazon Choice's item with a worry-free 12-month warranty.

FosPower Portable NOAA Weather Radio

No-Battery Radio: Be Seriously Prepared for Emergencies
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The FosPower portable radio is equipped with NOAA weather radio that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has AM/FM radio stations, and four LED reading light and 1W flashlight that sure makes you feel secure even in the dark.

Charge your mobile phones or small tablets using the built-in 2000mAh power bank with the USB cable so you will never have to worry if you need to make an emergency phone call. Charge the power of the portable radio with the crank lever or the incorporated solar panel.

As an emergency feature, you can use AAA batteries in case your regenerated power is insufficient. It also has an SOS alarm in case you will need it.

Solar Hand Crank Portable NOAA Weather Radio, 5-Way Powered AM/FM/SW Emergency Radio

No-Battery Radio: Be Seriously Prepared for Emergencies

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What is impressive with this product is it has seven pre-configured NOAA stations with stable reception on AM, FM, and SW stations. You can get a dose of the daily weather forecast fast by rotating the knob instead of tuning the dial. Its reception works excellent even when the antenna is put down.

It has five rechargeable ways to power it up - solar panel, the hand crank, micro-USB cable, internal Li-ion battery, and 3 pcs of size AAA batteries. Your gadgets and smartphones can be given more power with the 200mAh power bank.

Apart from the LED flashlight, it has six LED readings or a camp lamp. You will never have to grope in the dark with 3W LED flashlight. The compact radio has a loud SOS alarm and red SOS flashing beacon in case of emergencies.

The unit comes with a compass and nylon wrist adjustable strap and carabiner clip that you can hang on your backpack so you can easily carry it anywhere and has a one year warranty.

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