No water over the weekend. How's the tailgate?

Last Friday, the end of the bidding phase of the brokerage and real estate appeared to grab the phenomenon, there are rumors on the market that the weekend to release water, but the weekend did not move, resulting in the opening of today's financial real estate on a straight line down, but half an hour later the market gradually return to normal, can only do the market followers, can not do the market predictor, predict the market is basically dead.

Recently are talking about the impact of the Federal Reserve interest rate hike on our country, in fact, it is very simple, because the dollar is the world's currency, our country implements foreign exchange control, in this case, the Federal Reserve interest rate hike (we have not increased for the time being), the interest rate of the dollar deposit in the bank will become higher, there will be a part of the people to invest in other countries or our country's dollar out (take the circulation of the yuan for foreign exchange dollars), to deposit to the United States Bank, which in disguise led to the loss of foreign exchange in China, but also led to the circulation of the yuan less (for now), the impact on us is a disguised tightening (but there is a time lag effect), coupled with the domestic economic environment, so the market began to have a part of the masturbation to release water, but the specific release of water, the Fed's actions are only a reference, and is not the basis for deciding whether we release water, mainly or to Our own economic operation to say!

But this the first few days has basically laid the concept of the policy bottom, after the policy bottom will generally have a market bottom, the market can only be seen as a small rally in the short term, there will be a chance to find the bottom!

Must-have consumer goods like agricultural products are up better today, but the overall see-saw effect of the market is still quite pronounced, so chase the highs with caution!

Tongwei, Longyi and Hengdian were average performers but slightly profitable overall with positions at 17%, 15% and 9% respectively, no intention to transfer positions in the near future, keep them open!

No water over the weekend. How's the tailgate?