Only millionaires can afford Samsung's 292-inch 8K TV

Samsung has, for the first time, introduced a modular Micro LED TV for consumers.

Dubbed as The Wall Luxury, this ultra-luxe model offers a maximum resolution of 8K and can be customized all the way upto 292 inches.

The TV will be available globally in July but the company hasn't revealed its pricing yet (Hint: It will be insanely expensive).

Here's all about it.

Samsung The Wall Luxury: Features

Only millionaires can afford Samsung's 292-inch 8K TV

Samsung's The Wall Luxury is based on a scalable and modular technology wherein you can configure several Micro LED panels (like Lego) to your preferred size and resolution.

This new model, which is only 30mm thick and has literally zero bezels, can be customized to a variety of sizes ranging from 73-inches in 2K resolution to a maxed out 292-inch setup in 8K resolution.

But, what exactly are Micro LEDs

Micro LED is a new kind of screen technology that uses millions of individual self-emissive LEDs to create an image. Similar to the OLED technology, Micro LED displays offer perfect black levels but without the risk of burn-in.

Further, this technology allows for unprecedented brightness levels, wide-gamut of colors, and no viewing angle issues that we face on LCD or even some LED displays.

The Wall Luxury offers upto 2,000 nits of brightness

Only millionaires can afford Samsung's 292-inch 8K TV

In the world of modern TVs, The Wall Luxury stands out.

It has a 100,000-hour lifespan and offers a stunning brightness of 2,000-nits along with a 120Hz video rate.

The TV also gets Samsung's Quantum Processor Flex, an AI-based upscaling technology which calibrates the picture to suit the modular screen resolution.

There is also an Ambient mode that turns the screen into a wallpaper.

The Wall Luxury will have a seven-figure price tag

While Samsung hasn't disclosed the price of The Wall Luxury, we know it won't be cheap.

In fact, looking at the specs and sizes, the maxed out 292-inch model with an 8K resolution will have a seven-figure price tag in India.

For perspective, Samsung's 98-inch QLED 8K TV costs Rs. 60 lakh.